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A series of Amazon inventory management tools have been launched in the recent months. Now, people who are looking to hire a supplier or start an Amazon FBA business can take advantage of these new options and see how they stack up against each other.,

“Amazon FBA” is a new way to sell your products online. It’s called “Project FBA”. Project FBA allows you to create an Amazon seller account and start selling items on Amazon.

Because online marketplaces like Amazon have grown overcrowded with sellers, and customers want verified brands at the top of the food chain, merchants need online feedback mechanisms. Amazon provides a number of tools that may assist sellers in determining what actions they should take to make their items popular. These techniques enable small businesses to compete effectively in huge markets.

Jump Send is a popular Amazon feedback request tool for getting feedback on the items and services you offer. It isn’t, however, the only alternative worth examining.

If you’re on the fence about Jump Send, here’s everything you need to know about it, as well as seven additional Jump Send options to consider.

Why Are Amazon Feedback Tools Required?

These Amazon technologies, among other things, leverage keyword searches to make goods seem more relevant. If you’re a seller, you’ll have access to information on current trends and why some are no longer popular. This may also help you figure out what your clients like and dislike, which can help you improve your items.

Above all, these web tools may assist you in developing a connection with the consumers. You may gauge their interest in your goods by sending them personalized emails and questionnaires to complete.

There are other Jump Send competitors, and given that it is regarded as one of the greatest feedback systems, you are unlikely to find a better one. But first, let’s go through all you need to know about Jump Send to make sure you don’t want to use it.

What exactly is Jump Send?


Jump Send, which was developed by the same team as Jungle Scout, has over 100,000 Amazon users. It also has an autoresponder, which enables customers to contact with the merchant after making a purchase.

Overall, the technology greatly simplifies communication between buyers and merchants. The program is also compatible with markets like Souq and Alibaba.

Jump Send Options

Product promotions such as discounts, appealing offers, and web campaigns to draw people to Amazon are just a few of Jump Send’s capabilities for increasing sales. It also increases product sales by using precise keyword searches.

Here are the three key advantages of utilizing Jump Send:

Accessibility to Customers

The major benefit of utilizing Jump Send is that it gives you access to a big marketplace of around 100,000 buyers looking for the seller’s services. You may sell your items at a discount inside the vast marketplace, and the resulting purchasing by a large number of purchasers makes your product popular.

This method also raises the likelihood of customers writing product evaluations, which you may examine to boost your product trend.

Tools for Email Marketing

Sellers may also choose from a variety of email themes to personalize their product promotion. These email templates may be more successful since they are more likely to be opened and read by consumers than ordinary Amazon emails.

Natural Customer Reaction

Customer feedback on what they like and hate about your product might help you improve it and extend your market. Because the Jump Send tool does not edit or erase unfavorable evaluations, it allows for more natural development.

Pricing for Jump Send

Jump Send’s yearly price is expensive, and their monthly options are considerably more expensive. If you’re only checking out the product, the monthly subscriptions are the best option, since they provide inventory protection that yearly plans lack. The tool is divided into four sections:

  • Beginner tier: The starter tier is $19 per month and includes unlimited email campaigns, premium analytics, limitless coupons, and access to 100,000 customers. It is, however, restricted to three goods.
  • At $39 per month, the Entrepreneur tier allows you to promote up to 10 goods.
  • $69 per month for the business tier.
  • $139 per month for the enterprise tier.

Alternatives to Jump Send

Jump Send is inexpensive and gives you access to a large consumer base. However, when you add more things, it will get more costly.

For a same fee, you may have access to unique services not available with Jump Send alternatives. Here are seven possibilities to consider:

1) Launch of Jungle Scout (The New JumpSend)

Jungle Scout Launch is one of the Jump Send alternatives you should learn about if you want to sell your goods and services on Amazon effectively. It provides important Amazon data insights, allowing you to walk away with successful company plans. The application may also assist new vendors in finding new ways to expand their enterprises. It may be used as a Chrome extension or as a website.


Product research is one of Jungle Scout’s most critical responsibilities. The tool keeps track of product sales as well as consumer feedback and ratings. It also helps in determining the success of each product you sell, as well as the performance of rivals in the market. To better your company, Jungle Scout Launch can help you discover your strengths and limitations.

You don’t have to spend days researching acceptable items because of breakthrough technologies in database analysis and administration, which enables you to detect which products are in high demand. You may acquire sales statistics by simply searching for the product. You may also get information on your suppliers and most loyal consumers. You can keep track of most elements of your company this way.

Email advertising and product manufacturing are also significant components of Jungle Scout Launch. Email campaigns allow you to communicate with your consumers on a regular basis. Because the emails are individualized, you may learn things like if the consumer has got their goods and whether they like it or not. Product promotions enable you to highlight reduced items, potentially increasing sales. This is an excellent approach to improve your Amazon product and service rankings.


Jungle Scout Launch price begins at $49 a month, however it varies depending on the number of orders placed each month.

2) WhizFeedback

FeedbackWhiz is similar to the higher Jump Send levels in that you must pay extra to gain access to endless campaigns. It’s still worth a shot, however.


The most significant advantage of adopting FeedbackWhiz is that it enables you to sell your items over an infinite number of platforms. On every tier, it allows sellers to conduct limitless campaigns and emails, which is more than Jump Send allows.


The entry-level tier is $15. You can only start 10 email campaigns, but you can send limitless emails and advertise items on an infinite number of marketplaces. Basic, Professional, Premium, and Ultimate levels are available for $30, $60, $100, and $200, respectively. The distinction between these categories is that Amazon Standard Identification Numbers are rising, which you can track.

3) Follow-up on Helium 10

The Helium 10 Follow-Up tool is a completely automated email solution that helps you create a fantastic client experience. This technology enables you to concentrate on enhancing your product and services while the automated email sequence handles event triggers and order fulfillment.


The application offers a user-friendly dashboard that helps you to manage all of your activities, including viewing orders, automating tasks, managing items, and creating email templates.

You may save time by using these interfaces. Its automation also enables for rapid responses to any client complaints and concerns. It can also track orders, which improves the seller’s reputation and leads to additional sales.


The Platinum plan is $97 per month, while the Diamond and Elite plans are $197 and $397 per month, respectively. You may also sign up for the free Basic plan. The Basic package, on the other hand, offers restricted access to most Helium 10 features.

4) Genius of Feedback

Feedback Genius is an excellent piece of software for Amazon merchants. It uses automated emails to communicate between the buyer and the vendor at predetermined periods. This aids the seller in increasing the number of reviews received. Seller Labs designed the application, and it is one of the top solutions for sellers seeking for a marketplace management platform that provides value.


  • Notifications on Seller Feedback

One of the most impressive features of Feedback Genius is that it notifies the seller immediately whenever a customer writes feedback. If you have a lot of visitors and don’t want to be told about everything, you may configure the notification to simply tell you when you get bad feedback.

Filtering alerts for just bad reviews might be a good way to prevent spam and focus on the ones that need to be addressed right away.

Feedback Genius’ comprehensive email automation enables vendors to:

  1. Request evaluations within a certain time frame after the buyer receives an order.
  2. Solicit feedback from customers reporting any difficulties with their purchases, which will assist to lessen the quantity of bad reviews.
  3. Use emails as a marketing tool by cross-selling or upselling a product to a consumer who has previously purchased a comparable product on the platform.

Although Feedback Genius lacks the range of segmentation and A/B testing options seen in other email automation systems for marketing, it is adequate for review management. It also includes a comprehensive set of email templates that have been proven to drive the greatest levels of interaction.

An analytic part of the program enables you to examine previously sent emails and check for indicators like unsubscribe rate, open rate, and click-through rate. These statistics might assist you in identifying areas where you need to improve. Monthly reports with relevant data are also available.


Feedback genius has a reasonable pricing structure, with a free package allowing you to send 100 emails to one marketplace. The complimentary bundle is an excellent chance to try out the service. Other subscriptions with 3,000 emails for $40, 10,000 emails for $80, and a high volume plan with over 60,000 emails for $250 per month are available.

5) Going Viral

Viral Launch is a market research tool that may assist you in finding lucrative items to source and sell on Amazon. It shows you historical product trends, monthly sales, and income, as well as the total number of sales for the year. It may also be used for Amazon’s scanning page of search results and keyword research. Our readers may save 40% by using the Viral Launch promo code.


There are several advantages to employing Viral Launch. First, because of the insights supplied by their data science teams, you can make better business choices sooner. The organization processes more data points per data point than any other marketing firm.

You won’t have to constantly creating spreadsheets for analysis since viral launch is an all-in-one solution. You’ll save time and concentrate on increasing your earnings.


The product is highly effective, but if you want to test it out first, you may use the free version before upgrading to a paid plan. Beginner ($50 per month) to Kinetic ($166 per month) payment options are available.

The cost varies depending on how many tools you use every month. When you pay yearly, you also receive two months free.

6) AMZ Locator

Another Jump Send option to pave your route to Amazon success is AMZ Finder. The application comes with a variety of configurable email layouts, order filtering options, and a blacklist function. The components work together to provide automatic email template matching that may be delivered to specific clients. This automation enhances both customer service and the purchasing experience for your customers.


AMZ Finder offers a mechanism for properly managing your reviews and orders. This approach provides an overview of the Amazon shop that saves time. Positive and negative ratings are automatically vetted and provided, improving customer service response.

AMZ Finder also includes an automated invoice generator that enables for the automatic input of client data based on customisable invoicing criteria.


AMZ Finder provides a variety of monthly subscriptions ranging from $49 to $799. The prices vary depending on the number of tracking ASINs and the number of monthly emails delivered. When you pay yearly, you get a discount on each plan.

7) Mailer Sage

Sage Mailer, like Zonmaster, is a product that helps merchants enhance their Amazon sales by generating more organic feedback and reviews using automated email campaigns.


  • Managing your Amazon Reputation — With Sage Mailer, you can keep track of your Amazon feedback and ASINs without having to go into your Seller Central account. You’ll get alerts whenever someone leaves bad feedback, so you can respond fast and delete it to keep your best-selling goods at the top of the rankings.
  • Customize your emails — Use Sage Mailer’s pre-made feedback and product review templates or create your own by adding logos, product photos, and other details. You may also target your consumers using the tool, which improves customer response.
  • Create creative letters – You can enhance review conversion by experimenting with various variations of letters to see which one works best. Instead of relying on guessing, Sage Mailer’s A/B Testing helps you make better decisions.
  • Get instant results – Sage Mailer lets you submit requests to orders that were made 30 days before you joined up. You may also begin getting feedback right away, rather of having to wait weeks for the first review, as with other autoresponders. Because you contact your consumers when they are most likely to receive your emails, the technology also helps you to be punctual.


Sage Mailer comes in three different versions: free, basic, and pro. You get 200 emails each month and one marketplace with the free plan. The basic and pro subscriptions, on the other hand, provide extra features like A/B testing, review monitoring, and VAT invoicing, among others.

The basic and pro plans are respectively $10 and $25. For new consumers, this product also provides a 21-day free trial.

Last Thoughts

Based on the comparisons above, these seven tools are excellent Jump Send alternatives. Before deciding on the best one for you, compare each one based on price and characteristics.

The “jungle scout product launch” is a service that allows you to find products that are selling well on Amazon and then sell them for a profit. This is one of the best ways to make money on Amazon.

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