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Amazon’s Choice and Best Seller badges are taking over the ecommerce market. But what is the real difference between these two types of product listings?

The “amazon choice vs best seller which is better” is a question that I get asked often. There are many different factors to consider when deciding what product to buy, but it all comes down to personal preference in the end.

When a client visits Amazon to hunt for something specific, badges such as “Amazon’s Choice” and “Best Seller” might make some goods seem more desirable than others. They provide a sense of authority and suggest that the product is superior to others, more reliable, or more popular on that particular day. They imply that the product has additional information to provide. Obtaining these badges as a vendor or organization might become a top focus. But what do these labels truly imply, and how does Amazon choose which products get them?

Use this Amazon Choice versus Best Seller guide to help you understand the confusing Amazon Best Seller and Choice rankings. If you understand how these badges function, you can simply get them for your new Amazon listings.

When an item is marked ‘Amazon’s Choice,’ here’s what it means.


Instead of the Best Seller title, which indicates that the badge is based on pure facts, the name of the badge makes it seem like these things are picked by some board of competent people at Amazon. As a result, the Amazon’s Choice title may seem a little more unclear at first look. Who makes this crucial decision, and how much of it is influenced by sales or search results?

The truth is that, like the Best Seller badge, the Amazons Choice badge is determined by an algorithm based on statistics. If you’re a seller, this is advantageous since you can modify your goods to be a contender for an Amazon’s Choice badge. The method goods are evaluated for the Amazon Choice badge differs in that it is based on keywords. When a term is searched, Amazons Choice for that keyword appears as the product with the most clicks and sales. While Amazon has yet to provide the specific criteria that their algorithm employs to generate Amazon’s Choice picks, this information has been obtained through observations.

The Amazon Choice Badge Doesn’t Always Indicate Quality

This emblem has nothing to do with the product’s efficacy. The item is picked only on the basis of its sales among goods with the same keyword. While the title suggests that the corporation used personal selection to curate the things that appear to Amazon buyers, this is not the case. Although the title is an accurate estimate of popularity within that term, it is critical to remember the conditions and metrics for assigning that title.

What’s the difference between Amazon’s Best Seller and Amazon’s Choice?

Use this tutorial to discover how these badges vary, whether you’re selling a new item on Amazon or just curious about the process as a buyer. Knowing the key differences between these badges will help you decide which is more lucrative to pursue if you’re selling on Amazon.

The most significant distinction is in how these badges are issued. Amazon’s Choice is determined by the number of units sold for each keyword. Best Seller is determined by a number of characteristics, including historical and current unit sales, as well as a few more. They were both chosen by an algorithm rather than by a human’s personal preference.

In addition, there are fewer Best Seller badges available than Amazon’s Choice badges.

What does Amazon’s Best Seller Badge stand for?


This emblem denotes a product that has sold the most in its category over a certain time period. Although the specific technique of Amazon’s lunacy has not been divulged, many people have made educated assumptions about how the system works based on their observations. As a seller, you may use this information to boost your product’s ranking within its category.

For best accuracy, the Best Seller Rank within categories is updated hourly, but what information does Amazon utilize to generate this recommendation? The Best Seller (BSR) label on Amazon is awarded to items that meet a number of criteria. These elements include:

  • Data about a product’s previous sales
  • Data from a recent era of sales
  • Case-by-case considerations

Data from Previous Sales

The history of how these highly rated, low-priced, ready-to-ship items have sold is an important component in earning the Best Seller label.

Recent Sales Information

Amazon also looks into the product’s recent sales statistics. This is done to assess the item’s market demand.

Case-by-Case Information

Surprisingly, Amazon considers more than simply how well your book has sold when determining your Best Seller rating. The corporation is looking at every part of the product, including restricted rights and motivating sales via promotions and incentives. To offset the benefits of discounts, any product that looks to provide a good deal will not raise its rating using this strategy.

Scroll down to the product details section of each listing to see the Best Sellers rank. Because the ranking is divided down by category, it will most likely read “#300 in Electronics.”

Pros and Cons of a Best Seller

Having a buyer notice your product’s Best Seller label is undoubtedly beneficial. Is it, however, worthwhile for you to concentrate your efforts on achieving it? Examine the benefits and drawbacks to determine if this badge is worthwhile.


  • Best Seller is a clear and definite title. It means that the product is popular and effective since it has sold successfully among people. This has been proved time and time again to be a beneficial marketing method for merchants looking to increase product awareness and credibility. The Amazon’s Choice logo is less clear, making the BSR (Best Seller Rank) label more tempting to shoppers right away.
  • You may modify your Best Seller rating at any time; it is not based on the opinions of others and is solely based on sales success. The same is true for vendors aiming for the Amazon’s Choice badge.
  • Regardless of the keyword used to generate it, this badge will stay on your product.
  • Your product will be included in the website’s Best Sellers area, which may be seen on the main menu.


  • There can only be one #1 place per kind of item since the Best Seller badge is granted based on popularity in a category rather than search phrase. There aren’t an infinite number of badges to be given out. Each department has just 100 people.

FAQs about Amazon Choice vs. Best Sellers

How Can I Make My Products Best Sellers?

To increase units sold organically, first ensure that you provide excellent customer service, concentrate on obtaining favorable reviews, and publicize your listing. You may also make qualifying for the badge simpler by categorizing your item correctly. While candles may fit into a variety of categories, you’ll want to choose one with the least amount of competitors. Specificity is the key to selecting appropriate new categories.

How Do I Make My Products Amazon’s Choice?

Amazon has been tight-lipped regarding its algorithm, but from what is known, keywords are crucial. Look for a phrase that people will search for but that has little competition. Conducting market research is an excellent method to start since you need to know that anybody who enters this search phrase will want to purchase your goods.

What Does “Amazon’s Choice” Really Mean?

These badges show which listing and order are the most popular for that term. Consider the following scenario: When a consumer searches for “drip coffee maker” and then purchases your product, you enhance your score for that one search term. When that phrase is searched, numerous things may show, but yours will have the Amazon’s Choice mark.

Is Amazon’s Choice Reliable?

When you initially view the badges on a listing, they seem to be tied to value, but they are really correlated to units sold per term. This indicates that if you choose broad keywords, Amazon’s Choice badge is a good measure of popularity when compared to other goods in the search results. Check out the reviews to discover whether those people were happy with their purchase.

What is a Best Seller on Amazon?

Amazon ranks items inside their respective categories using a combination of historical (previous) and current sales data, as well as a few additional data factors. All rights reserved. For instance, if your product has a high rank, such as #25 in Books, it implies your listing has the 25th highest BSR for goods in that category. A high ranking and the label of Best Seller may promote sales while also increasing awareness and validity.

The Best Seller rankings are updated every hour, not simply every day, so trends may shift quickly. The website even has a Best Sellers button in the navigation. The visibility of this menu item is excellent.

What Does #1 Best Seller on Amazon Mean?

The Amazon #1 Best Seller emblem shows on a product if it has sold more units than any other item in the category (based on current and historical data). Outselling inside a narrower specialty or particular grouping can help you obtain this title quicker and faster.

Without having to promote your listing or work on search optimization, the title may help you attract more customers and improve exposure.

Conclusion – The Final Word

The Amazon’s Choice and Best Seller badges are a terrific place to start if you want to keep up with the latest trends and promote your items in front of more buyers. You’ll see that each of them has advantages throughout our study and advice. The Best Seller label, on the other hand, offers obvious financial benefits that Amazon’s Choice just cannot match. These benefits also include visibility and predictability. Because the qualifications for Amazon’s Choice are so broad, chasing the title may be tough and time-consuming. The BSR is more reliable and may help you get more customers.

The “best seller vs amazon choice reddit” is a question that has been asked many times. The difference between the two is that best sellers are products that have sold more than one million copies, while Amazon Choice products are those which have received 4 stars or higher from customers.

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