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Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder is designed to help you ship your product. If a customer doesn’t want to wait for their item, they can request an Amazon Prime One-Day Delivery Service or the same day pick up at a local store. You don’t need any fancy equipment; all you have to do is package it and send it!

Project FBA is a freight forwarding company that can help you get your product to market. It is a great option for those who are not in the position to ship their products themselves. The best freight forwarder for amazon fba is Amazon’s own Fulfillment by Amazon program, which offers free shipping and storage on all orders over $40.

Finding the correct freight forwarding business may be a difficult task. Many Amazon merchants are put off by this arduous effort and opt out of FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). 

Shipping containers being lost at sea, hidden costs eating into your profit margin, or documentation errors creating problems at customs are just some of the things that can go wrong while moving products and cost you a lot of money.

Setting up a robust supply chain is critical for any organization, particularly for international shipments, but it is sometimes disregarded in favor of increasing sales. However, it is pointless to achieve high sales statistics if you are unable to fulfill orders owing to supply chain issues. 

Many merchants utilize package delivery services since they are comfortable with them, and who wants to change? However, when you have huge things or a significant amount of freight to carry, these services are not cost-effective.

You’d be better off using a freight forwarding business in such cases. That isn’t to argue that employing a freight forwarding business is without risk; there are a number of issues that might arise. 

To make it simpler for you to operate your company, we’ve put together some information on how to choose the finest Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder.

We’ve also included some suggestions to assist you get started on your search for the best firm for you and your organization. 


Restrictions  when shipping to Amazon

Before you contemplate international shipment, be sure you understand the customs regulations. Is it possible for you to import your goods into the chosen country? Are there any extra costs associated with the goods you want to ship?

You’ll be shocked to learn which goods include hidden fees and which don’t. You should also think about the product’s packaging — a leather bag for jewelry would have different rules than the jewelry itself.

The size and weight of the products are also affected by the packing, which might affect the freight cost. 

Another item to think about when exporting internationally is patents and copyright. Make sure you have the proper permits and licences to sell the goods, or you might face unexpected expenses. 


Freight Forwarders Pricing

Many sellers may be enticed to go with the freighting firm with the lowest upfront fee, but this can be misleading.

There might be hidden fees later on, and some firms will attempt to keep the seller hostage by withholding the location of their products until the secret fees are paid. This may be stressful, create delays, and end up costing considerably more than you anticipated. 

A reputable freight forwarding business may provide a larger price up front, but it will be thorough and spell out all of the fees and how they will be paid.

It’s far preferable to know upfront how much everything will cost so there are no unpleasant surprises along the road and you can be certain that your things will arrive securely. 

Transparency is essential; the organization should be able to properly explain each fee and why it is required. Make sure you conduct some background study on customs duties so you can check the quotation more closely.

If they believe you are dumb, they may attempt to take advantage of you and extract more money. You may use an online duties calculator to obtain an estimate of how much you should be paying so you can determine if the quotation is realistic. 


Even if you choose a reputable freight forwarding business, there will always be an element of uncertainty and unpredictability in E-commerce and overseas shipping. It may be hectic, and unanticipated complications might create unexpected delays.

It is critical that the freight forwarding firm you choose keeps you informed at all times and communicates effectively.

Best Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder

Inquire about the tracking mechanisms used by any potential company so you can be certain that your products are in excellent hands. 

When choosing a firm to work with, pay special attention to how they communicate with you, even on little issues such as quotations and meeting scheduling. This will set the tone for their customer interactions.

Check any firm you’re contemplating dealing with for a worldwide presence—will they be able to connect with you directly across time zones, or will they need a middleman?

This may have a significant impact on the entire Experience and how well the process runs. It’s not necessarily a negative thing if there are any more partner firms involved, but you should be aware of them. 

You have the upper hand since you are the customer and have a variety of firms to choose from.

Set clear communication expectations from the start to ensure that the firm understands the criteria that must be met in order to keep your business. Clear communication benefits both parties. 


Online shopping is getting more popular, and it is shaping up to be the retail industry’s future. You should engage with a freight forwarding business that has recognized this trend and is proactive in staying on top of the ever-changing industry.

They must be well-versed in all aspects of e-commerce, particularly Amazon’s rigorous FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) rules. 

Choosing a firm that understands the criteria, such as packing and delivery restrictions, can save you a lot of time and effort.

They’ll already have an excellent understanding of your selling objectives and how to work with you to ensure that they don’t get in the way.

Find a business that will assist you in reducing your door-to-door rather than port-to-port charges. A qualified firm will be able to explain how they can assist you. 

Terms of Carriage

Terms of Carriage, or ‘Incoterms’, will determine what liability you hold and what falls on the freight forwarding company. There are various setups to choose from depending on the company you decide to work with.

To choose an alternative that works for you, you’ll need to think about your budget and profit margins. If the corporation collaborates with partners at multiple international ports, some of the expenses and liabilities may be shared as part of the agreement.

This can sometimes save you money, but make sure you have a good understanding of the process and the supply chain. Regardless of which Terms of Carriage you choose, the most important thing is that you are confident in your knowledge of where your responsibilities begin and end. 

Air, sea, or courier?

There are many options for transporting your products, and the most cost-effective one will depend on the size of the cargo. It is widely agreed that shipments weighing less than 150kg should be transported by courier. A courier is no longer cost effective if the weight exceeds 150kg.

Courier, Air or Sea for Amazon

If the cargo weighs between 150 and 500 kg, it should be sent by air. If the shipment weighs more than 500kg, ocean freight is the best option. 

You should also consider the timeline, since shipping items via ocean freight takes much longer than shipping by air. Some items, such as lithium batteries, cannot be delivered by air because they are prohibited aboard flights. 

Top Tips

Many vendors may wish to palletize their product, however this might lead to complications. Pallets may greatly raise the cost of an air cargo, and wooden pallets may need fumigation, which can create delays.

The best approach is to palletize the package once the items have passed through customs. 

International shipping is not always a smooth ride, and some items may be damaged in transit. To decrease the amount of breakages and protect your profit margin, make sure delicate products are packaged correctly with additional support. 

The difference between under-marking and over-marking your shipments is subtle. Depending on the size of your cargo, it may be merged with another’s, so make sure your items are readily recognizable to avoid any going missing.

However, if the contents of the package are too visible, robbers may be enticed to take it. Avoid using any marking that might attract thieves to your package. 

Companies that handle freight

Top Companies that handle freight

Flexport is a forwarding firm with a fresh perspective. They intend to replace the outdated, paper-based freight forwarding processes with a more strategic, transparent, and efficient business model.

This will increase their revenues as well as those of their clientele. Modern technology, which integrates all aspects of the business, from importers and exporters to customs and ports, allows them to accomplish this ambition.

They have a strong infrastructure and are supply chain management specialists. Extra services such as customs brokerage and cargo insurance are also available. 

Freightos is an interesting business that works with Companies that handle freight to get their clients the best deals. By working with a range of companies, and multiple clients with varying sizes of cargo, they are able to achieve pricing often reserved for sellers with bulk cargo.

This also gives sellers the option to switch Companies that handle freight for different shipments, which allows for much better flexibility. This is a great option for smaller businesses who are just starting out with freight forwarding. 

First Choice Shipping has been working with Amazon since 2015, so they have the necessary knowledge to make the process go as smoothly as possible for you. They also assist with Amazon seller accounts, VAT registration, invoicing, tax calculators, and numerous warehousing services, in addition to shipping.

This isn’t just a freight forwarding firm; it’s a full-service solution that will relieve sellers of a lot of stress. 

Shippo is a freight forwarding firm that attempts to make an otherwise complicated procedure easier for sellers and business owners.

Their website is a veritable encyclopedia of information about shipping, customs, importing, and much more—a model of openness! They also feature client testimonials, so you may be certain that they are a firm you can trust. 

M.E. Day & Co is a long established company with a reliable global network. They can help businesses with all aspects of international trade, with in-house specialists on a range of topics including logistics, customs brokerage, import/export and compliance.

As a customer, you will have 24-hour access to the progress of your cargo through their online tracking tool, which will provide you with piece of mind.

Respect, honesty, integrity, and professionalism are basic characteristics of the company, so you can rest certain that your cargo is in good hands. 


Nobody understands your business like you do. It might be difficult to decide which firms to collaborate with, but if you do your homework and follow your intuition, you should be able to make an excellent choice. 

Before approaching a freight forwarding business for a quotation, study up on your items, any applicable constraints, and the estimated customs and duty expenses.

To guarantee you’ve picked the most cost-effective way of transportation, consider the weight of the products and the size of the cargo. Make sure you understand every aspect of the quotation and that there are no hidden fees.

You also need to ensure that you familiarize yourself with all elements of the contract so you know what to expect, and what will be expected from you. And finally, make sure the Terms of Carriage meet your needs and fit with your budget. 

Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder is a project that allows users to find freight companies and ship their items. It’s very easy to use, and it has an affordable price. Reference: amazon freight companies.

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