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This article will teach you how to fix the problem of your Amazon images not showing up and missing product photos.

The “amazon website not displaying properly” is a problem that many people have been having. Amazon has released an update to fix the issue.

It’s never been simpler to become an Amazon seller.

People that desire to sell on Amazon may benefit from the brand’s resources. Amazon is a gold mine if you get the hang of it. You are free to mint as much money as you choose. 

To become a seller, you must undertake certain procedures. Amazon will accept your request if you meet all of the requirements. Each vendor is given access to their own account.

After that, go to Seller Central and list all of your items. Each item’s title, description, characteristics, and other data must be filled in by the seller.

The picture is one of the most important parts of a product listing. Customers buy things based on their appearance.

When it comes to photos, Amazon demands a particular level of quality. You must post a high-resolution photograph that is not deceptive. It should depict the thing in its natural state.

You also have to deal with certain additional issues. A vendor may overlook a single detail at times. Amazon will not display your picture on the product page in such situation. 

The lack of an image may be quite harmful. Customers will not buy your goods if they can’t see a visual of it. As a consequence, your sales may suffer significantly.

Amazon has also established certain product image criteria that merchants must follow. If you don’t follow them, Amazon may refuse to display your product picture.

During an upload, certain photos are eliminated. After you’ve submitted your photos, Amazon may delete them. Furthermore, merchants often confront challenges with product image.

Why aren’t Amazon pictures showing up?


For a variety of reasons, Amazon does not display your product picture.

These factors might be small or major. Let’s look at some of the possible causes for your Amazon photos not appearing.

Image Requirements for Amazon:

  • Your product picture may not appear if it does not match the product title.
  • 85 percent of the photograph should be covered by the item for sale. Amazon will not display your picture if it is less than that.
  • Your picture must be in a certain format. PNG, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and GIF are all supported by Amazon. Animated GIFs are not supported by Amazon. So be careful not to post it. The most used picture format is JPEG. Amazon will not display your images if you submit them in any other format.
  • Customers should have the option to zoom in on things. The file should be zoomable up to 1600px. 1000px should be the minimum zoom size. 
  • Sellers must provide a high-resolution photograph to Amazon. Amazon accepts images up to 500 pixels wide. Make sure the photographs you post are the correct size. Failure to do so may result in the seller’s image being hidden on Amazon. The image’s longest side should not exceed 10,000 pixels.
  • You must also ensure that the photographs are not fuzzy. Pixelated or jagged edges are not acceptable. These photos may or may not show up on the product page.
  • Sellers must ensure that the image’s logos do not resemble those of Amazon. Amazon will not show your product picture if the e-commerce business discovers any similarities.
  • Sexually provocative imagery should not be used in your product photos. There must be no nudity in any of the photographs. It is strictly enforced by Amazon. 
  • If you’re selling multi-packs of clothing, you should shoot them flat. Multi-pack accessories follow the same rule. Amazon will reject your product picture if you don’t shoot the MAIN image correctly.
  • Every picture of your goods should be shot by a professional. Graphics, images, placeholders, and mockups are not accepted by Amazon. If you submit such a picture, it will not be shown on Amazon’s website.
  • All photographs must be taken against a white backdrop. Amazon has certain color codes that must be adhered to.
  • You can’t employ a human model to advertise children’s swimwear, leotards, or underwear. Your picture will be rejected by Amazon.
  • Amazon gives their items unique badges. Amazon’s badges include ‘Premium Choice,’ ‘Amazon’s Alexa,’ ‘Best Seller,’ ‘Top Seller,’ and ‘Amazon’s Choice.’ Any of these photographs will not work as a product image. Your photo’s logos should not be comparable to these badges.

Troubleshooting suggestions


Product picture troubleshooting is straightforward. You may either use Seller Central or Inventory Files to troubleshoot photos.

Let’s take a closer look at both ways. If none of these work, you may request more technical assistance.

Using Seller Central to Troubleshoot Images

To add a picture, choose Add a Product from the drop-down menu. After pressing the button, you must complete all of the product information.

After you’ve filled in all of the data, go to the Manage Inventory section and add more photos. The actions listed below must be followed by sellers who utilize the aforementioned functionalities.

Logging onto your seller account is the first step.

Step 2: Select the Inventory option. Following that, you must select Manage Inventory.

Step 3: Next, you must look for the missing picture. Go ahead and click on the product name after you’ve found the product with the missing picture.

Step 4: On the product page, the picture you’re searching for should show. If you are unable to view the picture, please contact technical assistance.

Step 5: You must wait 10 minutes after submitting the photograph. If it’s been more than 10 minutes and your picture hasn’t shown, you should contact technical support.

Step 6: You must re-upload your picture if it does not comply with Amazon’s Product Image Guidelines. Re-upload the picture after making the required adjustments.

Step 7: Go to the Enter Product Information area once you’ve fixed your picture. Now press the Submit Image button. After that, submit your new picture to this page. If your picture has been changed and uploaded but still does not appear, you should contact technical support.

The inventory files may also be used to troubleshoot. Let’s look at how to accomplish it step by step.

Using Inventory Files to Troubleshoot Images

Amazon uses the inventory file to find your product file. It defines where all of your product photos should be stored. Sellers who do not follow all of the guidelines may make mistakes.

You must rectify any errors that appear in your inventory files. You may be able to recover your product picture by fixing these issues. These difficulties often prevent Amazon from locating the correct product file.

As a result, correcting these inaccuracies is critical. Follow these easy steps to recover your product picture.

The Inventory file processing report is the first place you should look. These reports will show you whatever issues are preventing you from seeing your photographs.

Step 2: After you’ve located the report, look for mistakes. The next step is to correct these mistakes.

Step 3: After making changes to your report, you must re-upload it.

Step 4: Sellers must continue this process until all of their files are error-free.

Step 5: Now you must wait for your picture to appear for 24 hours.

Should I call customer service?

The first step is to attempt the troubleshooting procedures listed above. You’ll need to contact technical support if none of these work.

You must contact support if your picture does not display on the product page. Let’s say you’ve been waiting 10 minutes for the picture to arrive and it still hasn’t. Then you must contact customer service.

Assume you have corrected all image flaws, but the picture still does not appear. It is recommended that you contact the technical support staff.

How may this problem be avoided in the future?


The first step is to determine the source of the mistake.

Then, make certain that the identical error does not occur again. Log on to www.sellercentral.amazon.com to learn more about Amazon’s product image rules.

All of the information about product photos may be found there. The regulations of Amazon are pretty clear. Sellers that adhere to the rules will avoid similar problems in the future.

If this is the case, please contact the technical support staff. Click on Amazon Seller Support to get started.


Your photos will appear on Amazon if you meet all of the aforementioned requirements.

These requirements have been introduced for a purpose. Every hour, eight individuals apply to sell on Amazon. So you can see how many merchants are likely to use each day.

All of these apps must be closely monitored by Amazon. That is why these rules have been placed in place. Product visuals are very important to the company.

So make certain you follow all of the guidelines. All of your product photographs will be available on Amazon if you follow their terms.


The “these images are currently used by amazon as part of this product listing.” is a problem that has been present for a while. Amazon has released a fix to the issue.

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