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The “amazon product image size requirements” is a question that is asked by many people. Amazon has released a list of their product images sizes and what they are used for.

Traditional marketplaces have been displaced by Amazon Inc., which has created an online arena large enough to hold the whole globe.

The Amazon marketplace is the only surviving trading zone in a sector that was decimated by the Covid-19 outbreak. It is certainly a force to be reckoned with, having the potential to forever govern the e-commerce market.

Without a question, the aggressive work ethic of the merchants that sell their items on Amazon’s marketplace drives Amazon’s tremendous sales. The majority of sellers use Amazon’s FBA service, which transports items from companies to customers. 

Amazon has established a few principles and regulations that must be followed in order to command this large army of vendors. Before delivering their items to the chosen fulfillment center, Amazon FBA firms must accept and follow all packing and labeling requirements. 

Similarly, Amazon has established a few criteria that govern the process of adding a product to a seller’s inventory.

The images you give are one of the most important aspects of adding a product to your inventory. They are the first step in earning your consumers’ confidence and allow purchasers to test the goods before buying it.

Amazon has requested that its sellers use product images in a specified manner. Let’s look at Amazon’s product photo criteria and how a seller submits the required images.

Why is it critical to have high-quality product images?

product picture quality

When a buyer visits your Amazon product page, two factors influence their decision to buy: images and reviews.

Because vendors have no control over ratings, they strive to provide the finest photographs available. As a result, having high-quality professional images of your goods makes it easier for the consumer to press the “Buy Now” button.

Amazon has established a set of rules that sellers must adhere to for each goods they sell. These will be discussed later in this text.

These, on the other hand, are intended to provide the framework for all products rather than to exactly maximize sales. It’s critical to realize that high-quality, compelling images of your goods may skyrocket your sales. 

Within the business, there are a few tricks that go a long way toward making your product renowned. To begin, the seller must provide at least 5-7 images of their goods on the website.

Furthermore, these photographs must show the goods from every viewpoint that a consumer could desire to see. Customers will be able to properly inspect the goods before buying it, as well as enjoy the convenience of window shopping.

Finally, to generate more appealing photographs, experienced photographers should experiment with lines and spacing. These graphics may effectively advertise and push a brand, bring attention to a product’s specialization, or make a product seem visually pleasant. 

Some businesses or suppliers do not invest in high-quality product photography. However, allocating a portion of your resources to the creation of high-quality photos will significantly boost your sales conversions.

Products may seem acceptable when photographed on a smartphone, and they may even provide the required information to the consumer.

They are, however, often unattractive. They entice customers to consider purchasing your goods. The easiest way to increase sales is for buyers to notice how nice your product appears.

Remember that excellent performances need enough funding. As a result, you must make wise financial decisions.

Meeting Amazon’s product photo criteria is only the beginning of making your product stand out.

To interact with prospective buyers, you may do a lot more with your product photographs. Investing in a cutting-edge photoshoot for your goods can only increase sales. 

Amazon’s product photography standards

image and asin

To get your goods on Amazon’s shelves, you must adhere to the company’s product photography criteria.

These are straightforward procedures for putting your product into Amazon’s online stores. To begin, your goods must be shown against a simple white backdrop. That implies there must be no logos or markings on the background behind the goods.

After that, make sure the photographs you upload to Amazon are at least 1000 pixels wide and long. Finally, Amazon’s standards indicate that the image file must be in one of the following formats: TIFF, JPEG, GIF, or PNG. 

The product identification must be included in the file name of the product photo file, followed by a period, and then the file extension. A product identification is a 10-, 12-, or 13-digit code assigned to a product.

Amazon – ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) – or other worldwide identifier-generating entities may provide such code. The GS1 organization, for example, generates codes that are acceptable on Amazon.

These codes include UPC (Universal Product Code), ISBNs for books, and other GTINs (Global Trade Identification Numbers). Spaces, dashes, or extra characters in the filename of a product image will prevent it from reaching the product page, according to Amazon. 

Amazon has also proposed a few restrictions for its product images. Images of that product must be sent, with the product in focus and accurate color.

You may utilize additional items to display the size of your product if it takes up at least 85 percent of the frame. A merchant, for example, may utilize a one-foot item to notify clients how long their product is.

These additional items, however, must not lead the client astray from the initial goods. Vendors may also utilize cropped or close-up photos on Amazon. However, you must bear in mind that product designs and pictures are not permitted. 

The front cover art must occupy 100% of the product pictures for books, video games, music, and movie DVDs that are being sold.

In addition, the backdrop for any other product must be completely white (RGB 255,255,255). Amazon does not let merchants to incorporate extra photos in the product image, and clearly, sexual or objectionable material is not permitted. 

How can I post photographs of my products to Amazon?

product photo upload

We can now look at how sellers may add photographs to their Amazon product pages now that we’ve explored the value of having pictures and learned what kinds of pictures Amazon prefers.

You may upload photographs later or add them when establishing a new product in your Amazon Seller Central account. 

For existing items, follow these steps:

  • Go to Amazon Seller Central and sign in. 
  • Select ‘Manage Inventory’ from the ‘Inventory’ menu.
  • All of the goods in your inventory will be visible. Choose the item to which you’d like to add a picture.
  • Select ‘Actions.’ A drop-down menu will appear there. ‘Manage Product Images’ should be selected.
  • Click ‘Browse’ in the picture slot you want to upload. This will enable you to locate and upload the required file on your computer. 
  • This approach allows you to upload numerous photos. 
  • After you’ve picked all of your photographs, click ‘Upload Image(s).’ 

If you want to add photographs to a new product you’re selling or changing, go to your Amazon Seller Central account’s ‘Add Products’ area and follow the steps outlined above.

Remember that Amazon requires numerous images of your goods. Keep in mind that the ‘Main Image’ of the product is the first image you submit when uploading photographs to their corresponding boxes.

The picture that appears in the thumbnail will be it. It might take up to 24 hours for the photographs you submit to appear on the product page. 


Amazon’s marketplace is a fantastical retail area that serves millions of customers every day.

With the support of the millions of sellers that sell their wares on Amazon, it satisfies these outrageous expectations.

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a dependable service that allows merchants and providers to effectively deliver their goods to customers. In exchange for taking care of product delivery, Amazon just asks suppliers to follow a few rules on its online marketplace. 

These guidelines are basic and simple to follow. For example, Amazon requires its merchants to shoot the actual goods and submit the correct image when uploading product photographs.

Vendors must additionally save the picture with their product ID as the file name. Furthermore, the product being offered must take up a large portion of the photograph. Finally, there are a few confusing and subjective criteria, but suppliers must recognize that these regulations are in place for a reason. 

However, just uploading a single product photograph will not help you sell anything. Most Amazon goods include at least 5-7 photos that cover every aspect and side of the item.

Vendors may also enhance sales by investing heavily in product photography. It is well understood that visuals that attract clients or are attractive to the eye may result in sales.

Professional photographers that cover your goods from all relevant angles and use the area surrounding the object to its maximum potential would be beneficial to your revenues skyrocketing. 


Amazon has a lot of requirements for images that are used on their website. You can find the full list of requirements in this article. Reference: amazon image requirements 2022.

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