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Amazon’s next big push is to get all of the items onto one page for customers. The company has recently acquired PillPack and has plans on launching new delivery services, so this could be a good time to think about what you want from Amazon.

The “how long does preparing for shipment take” is a question that many people have been asking. The answer to this question is quite different depending on the company and their products.

There are few things more aggravating than waiting for an Amazon delivery. This is particularly true if it seems to be stuck in the ‘preparing for shipping’ stage all of the time. For days at a time, your Amazon purchase can be displayed as ‘preparing for shipping.’ It rapidly becomes exhausting.

We’ve developed a list of some of the most often asked queries, both new and old, to assist you with your delivery status issues. We’re certain that you’ll find the solution to your inquiry right here.

Why does it say “Preparing for Shipment” on my Amazon order?

This is one of the most often searched for Amazon delivery difficulties. It’s fairly uncommon for your order to be stopped while being processed for shipping. The longer this continues, the more aggravating it gets. No one likes to monitor the status of their package for days on end.

But what does it mean to “prepare for shipment”? It may signify a variety of things. The most common reasons are that your package is stuck in the packaging, labeling, or delivery arrangement process.

The term’shipment’ really refers to a number of stages, which is why it may seem like your purchase is taking forever to process. The number of stages your item must go through before it can be dispatched is most likely a major factor in the delivery time.

Checking on your delivery status on a regular basis might help you estimate when your item will come, but if you find yourself becoming addicted, it’s best to take a break. It’s not going to help Amazon send your order any quicker if you’re stressed! None of us would need Prime if it did.

How Long Should Amazon’s “Preparing for Shipment” Take?

This is a more difficult question to answer. Because there are so many factors that might speed up or slow down your purchase, setting a hard deadline is almost difficult.

However, depending on how you made your Amazon purchase, there are certain criteria to follow. Consider the following:

Of course, if you pay for same-day delivery as an Amazon Prime member, your new item should arrive within a few days.

Even so, anything might go wrong during warehouse delivery, resulting in delays. A lot of it boils down to where you get your new orders and what goes inside your shipment.

Amazon has two main methods to provide their shipment information:

  • Amazon fulfills orders (FBA)
  • Items that have been fulfilled privately

Needless to say, FBA stock is usually shipped much faster than Items that have been fulfilled privately, though your experience may vary. This is largely due to how the warehouse in question houses its stock.

For more information about your alternatives, see Shopify vs Amazon FBA.

Amazon’s own merchandise are subject to less constraints, allowing them to be sent as quickly as possible.

This is also how Amazon is able to dispatch items the same day, which means you won’t have to wait long. FBA, thank you!

My order is FBA, but I haven’t received it yet; when can I expect it?


FBA, like every other shipping service, isn’t flawless. This implies that even if you purchase an FBA goods, delays in shipping preparation are likely. They aren’t as often as when you purchase from a privately owned storage facility or a third-party logistics provider, but they do happen.

It typically implies that the item you bought is now unavailable, but that it will be dispatched as soon as it becomes available. You may cancel your order if you decide you don’t want to wait any longer.

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What’s the Difference Between ‘Shipping Now’ and ‘Preparing for Shipment’?

Congratulations if your order status has changed to “shipping now.” Your purchase has been dispatched after a long wait. This necessitates a few adjustments.

First and foremost, an approximate arrival date should be provided. You’ll also get a tracking number so you can keep track of your purchase.

Your card will be charged at this point, and you will be unable to cancel or amend your purchase until it has been dispatched. Any questions you have after you’ve been charged go under the’refund’ category.

Why is it still ‘Preparing for Shipment’ when I feel like I ordered my item years ago?

It’s most likely stuck in one of the many steps that all Amazon purchases must go through on their way from the warehouse to your doorstep. If you think it’s taking too long, go return to Amazon and contact customer service or the vendor you purchased from.

Unfortunately, you won’t have a tracking number at this point, so getting particular information will be tough, but it’s still worth following up on.

You may see ‘preparing for shipping’ for more than a week with online Amazon purchases. In this case, sending an email to share your experience is a good idea. Something may have occurred to your item that has prevented it from reaching you, and you have every reason to be concerned.

Amazon will almost always promise you that your package is on its way to you.

Is Free Shipping More Time Consuming?


In a nutshell, sure.

There may be exceptions dependent on your location and the type of your purchase, but your shipping will normally be prioritized based on the amount you spend. Amazon Prime will always deliver your product the quickest, but it will cost you more in shipping. The time it takes for a free shipment to arrive is generally between 5-8 days.

There’s nothing wrong with using the free service if you’re not in a hurry to get your food. It’s possible that your purchase may take a little longer to ship. Some Amazon customers claim that their package spent up to a week ‘preparing for delivery.’

If it takes longer than this, you should contact Amazon or verify what the vendor says about when your package should arrive. Because sellers cannot always be accurate, you may have to cope with tracking estimations, but this is still preferable to no online engagement at all.

Is it possible to find out what stage my package is in using the tracking number?

You certainly can! Once it has arrived at your location. Unfortunately, your package is merely prepared to be delivered until it has gone through the shipping procedure and is not given its own tracking number.

This does not preclude you from checking on its current status if you are worried that it will not be delivered soon. For further information, just contact the vendor. If you don’t hear back from them, contact Amazon directly since it might be a fake retailer.

Is it possible to cancel an Amazon order that says ‘Preparing for Shipment’?

Yes. You may cancel or alter your purchase until your credit card is charged. You may cancel or make modifications as needed as long as it doesn’t say’shipped’ yet, since this signifies that it is still in the fulfillment facility. If it reads “delivered,” the cancellation time has expired, and you will have to contemplate a refund if you are unhappy.

Is ‘Preparing for Shipment’ an indication that my credit card has been charged?

No. Once the item has left the fulfillment facility, your card will be charged. You may cancel or alter your order if it hasn’t departed yet, and your card will not be charged. Customers aren’t charged while Amazon prepares the goods this way. When your item is ready to ship, you will be given an estimated delivery date and your credit card will be charged.

Maintain your composure and patience!

You’ve made it to the conclusion of our tutorial! Hopefully, our responses have provided you with some insight into how Amazon ships its items. Don’t worry if your query wasn’t addressed above. Join the appropriate topic and a member should be able to assist you. It’s possible that your question has already been addressed in earlier postings!


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