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This extension helps you quickly find the ASINs of products that are on sale. It’s simple to use and will help save you time, money and frustration!

The “sellerboard chrome extension” is a new tool from ASINspector Pro. This tool allows users to find and analyze Seller Boards on Amazon.

You know how crucial it is to discover the proper items to earn a profit as an online merchant. Every day, new things are released, and fashion trends shift. You must maintain your finger on the pulse and refresh your product line on a regular basis.

This is where ASINspector comes in. ASINspector Pro is a terrific tool for coming up with product ideas and finding things to sell, and it comes with a number of useful features to help you run your company more efficiently.

We’ll cover all you need to know about one of the most effective Google Chrome extensions for Amazon and FBA in our ASINspector review.

Continue reading to get the whole scoop and see whether it’s perfect for your Amazon company.

What does ASINspector Pro entail?

It’s tough to tell whether new product launches will be genuinely successful if you’re an Amazon vendor. ASINspector is a smart Amazon tool that may help you figure out which goods are worth selling and how to price them correctly. It’s a basic Amazon product research Chrome addon that shows you:

The most crucial aspect of ASINspector pro is the extensive and detailed product research it gives. Because it will automatically show you what’s in demand, you won’t have to conduct hours of manual research.

However, this program has a number of additional capabilities that can assist you in growing your company, selling more items, and increasing earnings, such as:

  • Reports on data trends
  • Products that are often purchased together
  • Obtaining products
  • Generator of Concepts for products
  • monetary resources
  • Discover goods that convert instantly.

We’ll go through the primary features and advantages of ASINspector in more depth in the following part, so you’ll know all this Amazon tool for product ideas has to offer.

Key Features and Benefits of ASINspector Pro

ASINspector has a number of features that might help you grow your Amazon or FBA company. Do you want to learn more? Check out the features that ASINspector will provide you below. Please keep in mind that certain functions are only accessible with ASINspector Pro.

Rankings of Best Sellers

This function may be used to locate the most popular and lucrative goods on Amazon at any given moment. It’s an excellent browser for finding the next big thing, allowing you to observe which goods sell rapidly and in large quantities.

Based on the performance statistics from this feature, you may choose which product to offer next.

Obtaining products

You can learn all you need to know about a variety of suppliers using ASINspector, making it simple to identify a reputable source for your product line. You may evaluate the prices and availability of several vendors to determine which is the best option for you.

Revenue Estimator with Accuracy

This tool allows Amazon sellers to see the monthly sales volume of current Amazon items. All of these information may assist you in determining how to earn a profit and avoiding selling things with poor sales volume.

Net Payout Right Away

The Net Payout Right Away feature is a handy way of tracking data points to determine what cost you actually need to source the products for, taking seller fees into account to sell the product for a higher profit.

Data on Sponsored Ads

This function enables you to examine all of the data points for every product and determine if spending more money on sponsored advertisements is beneficial.

Analyzer of Keywords

Keywords are what help Amazon sellers get their product listings seen. ASINspector offers an excellent Analyzer of Keywords among its features, enabling you to find the best keywords for your listings to increase conversions.

You may use Google Trends to design product descriptions that cover all of the relevant keywords in order to increase exposure and e-commerce sales.

Assister’s List

One of the best product research tools in the ASINspector toolkit is the Assister’s List. This feature helps you get the most out of your listings and build product descriptions to get your items seen.

Specialized Research

The ability to do specialty research using ASINspector pro is quite helpful. Use it to figure out which features to prioritize and receive assistance selecting your product line based on the needs of your niche and the most lucrative goods in that category.

Filters with Intelligence

If you’re selling products on Amazon, you need to make your searches as accurate as possible. With the Filters with Intelligence tool on ASINspector pro, merchants can use filters and columns to search for products. You can use this tool to eliminate products until you reach the specific parameters you need.

Quick View on Page

This feature eliminates the need to leave the product listing to check the essential data points. This results in a more smooth and straightforward experience.

Access to information quickly

It’s simple to load many Amazon search pages at once using ASINspector.

Scanner for Mobile

Scanner for Mobile lets you get instant access to key information about a particular product simply by scanning its bar code.

Importing UPCs

 Importing UPCss are handled easily with the Pro software. A report will be sent to you via email for all imports.

Opportunity Packages

This function allows you to discover what products are commonly purchased together, allowing you to tailor your product selection to maximum profit.

Variations / Child Research

You may use this tool to find the child/variations for certain Amazon items so you can check where they are listed in real time.

Generator of Concepts

Use the’magic light bulb’ function to come up with fresh keyword ideas for your field. This tool is designed to assist you in creating the best possible product listings and may be quite useful in avoiding keyword stuffing.

Stats on Star Ratings

You don’t want to sell products that people aren’t satisfied with. Use the Stats on Star Ratings feature to analyze the number of reviews a product has, understand how people evaluate the products you’re considering, and see whether the overall ratings are high enough to make it worth selling.

Pricing for ASInspector

It’s important investing in a tool that will guarantee you’re constantly presenting great sellers if you want to locate the best Amazon items to sell and develop the best listings possible. However, if you’re new to the game, the price involved with this software may be prohibitive.

Fortunately, ASINspector pro provides a 7-day free trial so you can determine whether it will benefit your company.

ASINspector offers a two-tier price structure beyond the trial period. Depending on your demands, choose between the ordinary one-time cost edition and ASINspector Pro.

The regular edition has limited functionality but includes a number of useful features for a one-time purchase of $97.

Meanwhile, the pro edition costs $147 + $10 a month and includes more in-depth and high-quality features.

So, what exactly is the difference? The pro version contains all of the features available with the normal license, as well as some of the additional features stated above, including:

  • For a product, open all child/variations.
  • Keywords for Amazon products
  • Scanner for barcodes
  • Featured Instruction
  • Importing UPCs / ASIN import
  • Profit calculator for Amazon
  • Favorite searches may be saved and accessed quickly.
  • Stores with reverse search
  • Data from paid advertising

If you want to grow your Amazon company, ASINspector Pro could be the way to go. If, on the other hand, you’ve just sold your first Amazon product and don’t yet have a lot of cash flow, the ordinary license may be sufficient without the monthly membership payment.

Jungle Scout vs. ASInspector

If you’re looking for the best product research tool, you’ve probably come across Jungle Scout, but how does it compare to ASInspector?

Jungle Scout was the first Amazon product research tool on the market, and it is ASINspector’s main competition. While they have many similarities, each has advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the distinctions between these Amazon tools:

  • There are no’reverse search’ options in Jungle Scout. You can reverse search on retailers like Home Depot and Walmart using ASINspector, which is essential if you sell on various platforms. If you just sell on Amazon, you’re probably not going to require reverse search, but it’s worth considering this distinction when making your decision.
  • Jungle Scout doesn’t provide Data on Sponsored Ads, so if this is important for your business, consider choosing ASINspector instead.
  • User reviews suggest that Jungle Scout provides more in-depth customer support services and Featured Instruction than ASINspector, should you require them.
  • ASINspector is much less expensive than Jungle Scout. The Jungle Scout starts at $228.
  • Jungle Scout does not provide a free version, but they do offer a 14-day money-back guarantee if you decide you no longer want to use their Chrome extension.

Why Should You Use ASINspector Pro to Research Amazon Products?

If you currently sell on Amazon, you’re already aware of how tough it is to get your items seen and sold in such a crowded market.

You can save hundreds of hours of research time by using ASINspector since it performs everything for you. Better yet, you get an advantage over your opponents by identifying what they’re doing well and defeating them at their own game. You may use ASInspector to find out:

  • How many units each month do competitors sell?
  • On Amazon, where they rank.
  • What their costs are, as well as other details.
  • How much money they bring in.

Amazon is a competitive marketplace, with many merchants selling the same or comparable items. Because trends change so frequently, you must keep up with them. ASINspector will offer you an advantage over your competitors and keep your company on track.

ASINspector Pro’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Despite the fact that ASINspector Pro is an excellent tool, not every Amazon FBA software is flawless. Consider the following benefits, drawbacks, and disadvantages:

ASINspector Pro’s Advantages

  • Flexible price options
  • Chrome addon makes it simple to use.
  • Data of high quality and simplicity
  • Prices that are affordable for small company owners

ASINspector Pro’s drawbacks

  • There are no product variants available.
  • You can’t search for several goods at once.


Have questions after reading our ASINspector review? Check out some of the most frequently asked questions below.

What is the procedure for installing ASINspector Pro for Chrome?

In this browser, installing a plugin for a website is simple. After you’ve downloaded the ASIN import, just click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button, and it will display on your screen while you’re using Google Chrome.

How can I save and preserve the results of my search?

You may export all of your data as a CSV file or an Excel document as frequently as you like with ASINspector Pro. You can conveniently manage data you’ve obtained about rival items since you can save all of your searches in one location and retrieve them promptly.

Is there a free trial for ASINspector?

By providing your name, email, website, and other basic information and choosing the free trial option, you may get a free trial of ASINspector. This free version is only available for seven days, but you should use it during that time to see whether this Chrome extension is perfect for you.

Final Thoughts on ASINspector

ASINspector offers easy Obtaining products and other exclusive benefits for selling on Amazon too. Keep track of your monthly sales, use the right keywords for your products, and find innovative new products to sell all in one place. ASPINspector is a must-have if you want to successfully sell Amazon products without having to conduct hours of research manually.

There are other tools that provide the same function (e.g., Jungle Scout). Nonetheless, ASINspector is one of the most reasonably priced Amazon research tools on the market, and it has a lot of features.

We strongly suggest ASINspector for your e-commerce firm if you want an easy-to-use Chrome plugin that won’t break the budget.

ASINspector Pro is a chrome extension that allows users to find the best amazon fba extensions. The extension has been designed for Amazon sellers and those who are looking for their next product to sell on Amazon.

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