Does Amazon Change Prices Based On Cookies?

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In the Internet age, companies use cookies to track customers’ browsing habits and watch for any changes in buying patterns. However, some believe this practice damages trust between consumers and brands because they feel like prices are changed without their consent or knowledge.

Amazon does not change prices based on cookies. The company has a policy that states that it will not do so for any reason.

Amazon has become well-known for its bizarre pricing practices, either dropping or increasing the price of a product for no apparent reason.

While it is normally a positive thing when an item becomes cheaper, Amazon has been known to hike the pricing of items in your cart by up to 25%. 

Dynamic pricing is a marketing strategy in which sellers modify the price of a product based on a variety of characteristics such as your browsing or purchase history, operating system, and even your zip code. 

But how did they find out so much about you? Cookies are the solution. Nowadays, it seems that you can’t visit a website without first clicking “accept cookies.”

When consumers accept cookies, they often have no idea what they’re committing to; it’s more of a nuisance than anything else. However, they may have a significant influence on your online activities, particularly when it comes to purchasing. 

Do Amazon’s pricing alter as a result of cookies? Read on to learn all you need to know about cookies, how Amazon may use them to alter pricing after you’ve looked at them, and how to prevent Amazon from changing prices after you’ve looked at them.

What Exactly Are Cookies? 

These cookies, also known as HTTP cookies, are necessary yet unpleasant aspects of the contemporary internet. They let web developers to provide you with more customized and easy internet visits by allowing websites to remember you, your logins, shopping carts, and other information. 


Cookies are text files that include little bits of data – such as a username and password – and are used to identify your computer when you connect to the internet. They’re utilized to better your online experience by identifying certain users.

The server creates the data in a cookie when you connect. This information is then assigned an ID that is unique to you and your computer or other internet-connected device. 

When your device and the network server exchange cookies, the server scans the ID and knows what information to display you precisely. 

Have you ever been on Amazon and then noticed that the same thing is being marketed to you on other sites, particularly social media? At work, they are cookies. 

What Can Cookies Be Used For?

The first is tracking, which we discussed before. Cookies are used by shopping sites to monitor products that the user has previously seen, enabling other sites to recommend goods that they would like and to store items in shopping carts while the user is away doing other things.

This is convenient because if your shopping is stopped or the page is accidently closed, you won’t have to reload your cart; everything will be as it was before. 

Cookies are used to personalize websites, which is why we get personalised adverts. Cookies collect information when you see a product on a website and use it to create targeted adverts that you will see on other websites. 

Cookies are also used for session management, which allows websites to identify and remember users’ unique login information and preferences. This is mostly used in news applications to display articles that users are interested in. 

Do Cookies Affect Amazon’s Prices? 

Although Amazon has never explicitly said it, it is virtually probable that the pricing of their items are affected by your cookies.


Amazon has enough data on you thanks to cookies to know everything about your buying habits and the price range at which you’re most likely to purchase. 

For example, if you often shop at higher-end, higher-priced online stores, Amazon will recognize that you have more money to spend and will boost their pricing in anticipation of your purchase. 

What’s even more bizarre is that this isn’t the first time Amazon use cookies. Amazon uses something called the “Anticipatory Shipping Model,” which forecasts whether you’ll purchase anything based on your online behavior.

They then transport this goods to a warehouse near you so that you may obtain it sooner if you decide to purchase it. 

But what can you do if you don’t want Amazon to have all this information on you and you don’t want them to keep adjusting their prices? Actually, quite a bit. 

How to Avoid Price Changes on Amazon 


Cookies are disabled. 

This one is simple. If you deactivate or delete your cookies, Amazon will no longer have access to the little bits of information that cause them to adjust their pricing. This will also prevent them and other online shops from targeting you with advertisements and adjusting their product pricing. 

Disabling cookies has no detrimental impact on your online purchasing experience and is typically relatively straightforward to accomplish; however, you must be cautious not to re-enable them while visiting other websites.

Incognito or Private Mode Browsing

The easiest option to disable dynamic pricing is to use this technique and delete your cookies at the same time. Your browser history is not saved on your machine when you surf in this manner.

Although each website you visit still has access to your IP address, this prevents online merchants from adjusting product pricing depending on your browsing history. 

Separate browsers for shopping and purchasing

To make this strategy work, you should complete whatever product research you desire on one browser (like Firefox), such as reading reviews and pricing comparisons, and then purchase it on another browser (like Google Chrome).

This makes shops believe you’re a brand new client with no browsing history, making them less inclined to hike the price. 

Please enter a different zip code.

This strategy will not work for everyone, since most internet purchases are delivered to your home. When retailers like Amazon create a pricing for a product you wish to purchase, they may use your zip code.

If you live in a high-medium-income neighborhood, you’re more likely to be charged more for things than individuals who reside in a lower-income zone. 

To see if this is happening to you, search for a product and Please enter a different zip code. during checkout. If the price lowers then you know they are taking your address into account. To try and overcome this there are only really two things you can do.

You may have your purchase delivered to an Amazon locker instead of your house, or you can ask a friend or family member who lives in a different area whether you can use their address. You must then go to the locker to get your package. 

Use Price Tracking Software

Price monitoring software can display graphs of prices over time, as well as show you when prices are at their peak throughout the year. You may get a decent indication of when the ideal time to purchase by comparing price monitoring programs like CamelCamelCamel and Keepa.

Is it possible to lower prices by leaving them in my cart for an extended period of time?

While Amazon has never stated it, there is a lot of evidence that implies they reduce the price of a goods if it has been in your basket for a long time.


While this strategy seems to work for many individuals, Amazon cautions that “Items in your Shopping Cart always reflect the most current price shown on the item’s product detail page.”

Between the time you add an item to your basket and the time you buy it, the price of that item may change.” Even so, you may as well try this technique to see whether it works.

Helium 10 Pricing — Within the Chrome extension, it uses a price tracker to indicate changes over time.


Amazon has been accused of changing prices based on cookies. This is a claim that Amazon denies, saying that they have no way of tracking customers through their device. Reference: do amazon prices change based on location.

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