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Amazon announces the release of their new “DS” line of shoes. At first glance, it appears to be a totally random shoe with nothing but your standard running sneaker design and colorways at an affordable price point. However upon closer inspection, there is one key difference: The DS range doesn’t use traditional shoemaking methods or materials that are harmful to people’s health such as toxic chemicals like PVC and lead-based glues.

DS Amazon Quick View is a new way to use the DS. This app allows you to quickly scan products and compare prices from your phone.

Quick Look at the DS on Amazon, Sellers that participate in Amazon’s FBA program have their items stocked, packaged, and sent directly to buyers. The method saves both time and money for corporations and individual vendors.

However, just because being an FBA seller makes it easy to distribute your goods doesn’t mean you won’t have to advertise it.

When rating items, Amazon’s algorithm takes into account a number of criteria. Knowing what elements impact the algorithm may help merchants enhance the efficiency of their marketing.

We’ll look over DS Amazon Quick View in this review, which is a chrome extension that adds ranking and seller information to your search page. You’ll have access to quick information on your rivals and their ranks.

What is Amazon Quick View on the DS?

DS Amazon Quick View is a Chrome productivity plugin that connects with Amazon and provides seller rating information on your search page. It’s a basic addon that enhances the appearance of your Amazon browser.


Quick Look at the Features of the DS on Amazon

While the addon doesn’t have much to offer, what it does have the potential to greatly boost the success of your marketing:

  • It is simple to use on your PC. There is no need to download or run a separate software.
  • From the search page, you can see rankings and seller details.
  • You may hover over product photos with DS Amazon Quick View to see the whole product information extract without leaving the page.

Amazon Quick View Pricing for DS

The free and premium versions of DS Amazon Quick View are both available. The following are all of the extra features available in the expanded version:

The Pros & Cons of DS Amazon Quick View


  • Simple to use
  • Allows you to assess the competition.
  • Premium graphs for price monitoring are included in the extended edition.


  • The free edition has a few limitations.

Amazon Quick View Users on the DS

Making the most of addons like DS Amazon Quick View and doing all you can to make Amazon’s algorithm work in your favor is key to being a successful FBA seller. Here are some pointers to help you be a successful FBA seller:

1) Improve Product Specifications

Over 12 million things are available on Amazon. Consumers are responsible for sorting through all of these options and making the best decision possible.

Amazon makes the process easier for consumers by enabling them to search for products based on their qualities.

For example, someone who is looking for a standing mixer for their kitchen would navigate to the “Home & Kitchen” category.

The goal for Amazon sellers is to have their items appear first on the search results page. DS Amazon Quick View shows you and other sellers where they rank.

Provide precise and thorough information about your items, such as names, product IDs, descriptions, colors, sizes, and more, to improve your ranking.

Install the DS Amazon Quick View extension and hover over a product on the search results page if you’re unclear where you or a competitive seller rank in a given category.

2) Be the first to appear in the Buy Box

The importance of appearing in the “purchase box” is well understood by all merchants. On the product information page, there is a purchase box. Customers may begin the purchasing process by adding products to their shopping basket.

If a product is sold by numerous vendors, you must compete with them for a spot in the purchase box. Low pricing, huge inventory, several shipping choices, high ratings, and favorable reviews are favored by Amazon’s algorithm.

Selling an item bundle increases your chances of being placed in the purchase box. To observe whether rival sellers show in a product’s purchase box, use the enhanced version of DS Amazon Quick View.

3) Use Product Reviews to Your Advantage

Product reviews may influence a seller’s performance in both good and negative ways. Positive ratings attract new customers, but negative ones cause you to lose trust and revenue.

You have no influence over what buyers say in product reviews, but you may carefully monitor these reviews and only supply high-quality items.

Send a follow-up email to your consumers quickly after they get their order to encourage further favorable feedback. Inquire if they are willing to provide a review to share their experience with other prospective consumers.

Don’t be embarrassed to tell them that the evaluations help you continue to provide excellent service and expand your company. The majority of people want to see you succeed.

Your seller rating is influenced by how satisfied your customers are with you. This rating will be visible to other DS Amazon Quick View users, perhaps causing rivalry. As a consequence, you should endeavor to gain favorable evaluations and be at the top of search results at all times.

Alternatives to DS Quick View

Looking for an alternative to DS Quick View but aren’t sure what else is out there? I recommend that you look at some of the most popular tools on the market, such as Viral Launch and Helium 10. If you want to learn more, we have some of the most recent discounts and discount coupon codes for Project FBA readers to save 50% on Helium 10 and Viral Launch.


It takes a lot of patience and attention to detail to be a successful FBA seller. You must utilize all available techniques to increase your rating and guarantee that Amazon’s system recognizes you.

Because there are so many items and sellers on the market, competing with the top-ranked products might be difficult. Make the most of the knowledge Amazon provides on how to improve your product pages.

Use extensions like DS Amazon Quick View, a simple Chrome plugin that provides you access to additional metrics on your Amazon search page. You may view how rivals rank on Amazon without leaving the page you’re on. By hovering over the search result picture, you may see all of a product’s information.

DS Amazon Quick View is a fantastic plugin to have, despite its restricted capabilities. We strongly advise you to give it a go. Try the expanded version if you wish to increase its capabilities.

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