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Feedback Five is a platform that offers an app and website to help people track their moods, eating habits, physical activity. Feedback Genius provides users with a one-time consultation via video chat. Though both have the same goal in mind—helping you live healthier—the two are not identical and each has its own strengths as well as weaknesses.

The “feedback five review” is the latest product from Feedback Labs. It is a new device that allows users to track their sleep, heart rate and body temperature. The device also has an app that helps users manage their health data.

Customer feedback is essential for everyone who wants to run a successful company.

Seller feedback, like product evaluations, tells you what’s working and what’s not in your company. It enables you to enhance and expand your shop. With seller feedback, you’ll be able to make smarter selections that will aid your long-term success.

However, receiving this feedback from clients isn’t always easy. That’s where computer software comes in.

The best approach to see how your consumers are feeling is to use simple feedback tools. You’ll be a selling pro in no time if you make good use of the goods.

We’ll compare and contrast two popular Amazon seller feedback tools: Five-star feedback and Genius Feedback.

With Amazon being the world’s largest online store, looking at the software used by the vast majority of the greatest Amazon sellers can put you in the correct way.

If your organization or business wants to sell things on Amazon, you’ll need to leverage consumer feedback to help you stand out from the competition.

Choosing the Right Amazon Feedback Software

A successful firm must be customer-focused, according to successful entrepreneurs. Prioritize feedback from individuals who have bought your goods or services to establish a customer-centric strategy.

Using a feedback tool to analyze reviews and feedback gives you information you wouldn’t have otherwise. This tool will help you arrange vendor feedback.

Check out: to see which tool is best for you.

  1. Pricing varies widely amongst applications, even among software that performs comparable functions.
  2. Easy to Use: Having software with a high learning curve tends to benefit rather than damage an Amazon seller. That’s why finding user-friendly feedback tools is a primary concern.
  3. Included Functions: Your program should have several essential features. Consider data transmission, templates, a CRM system, and the questions the software asks clients when they make a purchase.

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, let’s look at two popular Amazon seller tools: Feedbackfive and Genius Feedback.

Five-star feedback

Five-star feedback lists its major selling point as notifying your customers about various deals and products and walking them through the entirety of the order process — from ordering to shipping.

Five-star feedback vs Genius Feedback

It promises to be the most reliable source of Amazon seller feedback, much like its rivals.

Pricing of Five-star feedback

In the tier levels of Five-star feedback vs Genius Feedback, the former is cheaper. However, their free plan seems to be a worse deal. With Genius Feedback, you can send 100 emails, but FeedbackFive only allots 50 emails per month. The full tier break down is as follows:

Free Plan – $0 Per Month: Per Month Free Plan:

  • 50 emails
  • two different campaigns
  • 1 user
  • One shop was featured.
  • Center for assistance

$10 Monthly Basic Plan:

  • 250 emails
  • two different campaigns
  • Users indefinitely
  • One shop was featured.
  • Advanced assistance

$30/month for the Pro Plan:

  • 1,500 emails
  • ten different campaigns (per store)
  • Email tracking
  • Users indefinitely
  • Two shops are included.
  • $10 additional shop charge
  • Overage cost of $0.0075 email overage fee.0075 per email
  • Advanced assistance

$50 Monthly Enterprise Plan:

  • Email powers are limitless.
  • Countless campaigns
  • Email tracking
  • Users indefinitely
  • Included were five shops.
  • $10 additional shop charge
  • Advanced assistance

Features of Five-star feedback

Five-star feedback is full of key features that’ll help your Amazon store grow.

You may, for example, ask your customers for Amazon product reviews. Within their email templates, you may tailor your request.

You’ll also get alerted of Amazon feedback, so you’ll know right away what your customers think of your company.

Users are not limited.

There is no limit to the number of users authorized on the interface, from one to a hundred to a thousand. Except for the free tier, every plan has this functionality.

Various Market Places

With FeedbackFive, you can control Various Market Places and sell your product on various websites. The versatility will help your business excel in niches without an Amazon presence, giving your business an edge above the rest.

Amazon Review Notifications

Product reviews are among the most important pieces of data for your company. You may choose to get notifications regarding bad reviews using FeedbackFive. It allows you to execute real-time review management harm control.

You can ensure exceptional customer service with this response time. You could even persuade angry customers to change their unfavorable ratings. You’ll build a feeling of trust between yourself and your buyer community by immediately resolving complaints, which will only lead to more purchases.

Beautiful Designs and Templates

With FeedbackFive, you may receive some of the top templates and designs. They’re ahead of the game when compared to Genius Feedback.

The email templates are easily customisable and require little work to design. To increase interaction, deliver personalized material to your Amazon customers.

Customize the name, topic, and content of your buyer’s email. You may also ask for Amazon reviews. Such a plea will go a long way.


FeedbackFive’s UI has received the most criticism from its users. It’s a true criticism, since this program has a steep learning curve for novice users.

Although FeedbackFive is not difficult to use, it might be difficult for newcomers to grasp without assistance.

Incentives for loyalty

FeedbackFive’s loyalty program is well-liked by its customers. Loyal vendors might benefit from customized campaigns to market their goods. This capability is not available in Genius Feedback, providing FeedbackFive an advantage over its competitors.

User Product Reviews On Five-star feedback

Five-star feedback reviews are pretty positive! Their customer base seems satisfied with their product and the services offered.

FeedbackFive cost is acceptable, according to customer reviews, and utilizing the goods on Amazon is a generally nice experience.

The majority of negative reviews reflect dissatisfaction with the difficulties of usage. Learning takes time, which may be frustrating for new users. Even good feedback will highlight this one key flaw.

Overall, the program has proved to be one of the most effective feedback systems on the market.

You may learn more about them by visiting their website.

Genius Feedback

Genius Feedback stands to be the top-used buyer-seller messaging service. If you’re an Amazon seller, you’ve most likely heard the name.

Keyword research, managed services, inventory management, product discovery, sponsored advertising, and other functions are included.

The product exists under the parent company, SellerLabs. Genius Feedback offers a free 30-day trial. Once the free trial ends, you can subscribe to any of their premium plans.

Five-star feedback vs Genius Feedback

Pricing of Genius Feedback

Genius Feedback starts with a free trial period that allows one marketplace and 100 monthly emails. It’s not as in-depth as what Feedbackfive offers with its free plan, but it still gives a nice introduction to the overall product.

However, after the free trial, the price jumps dramatically. The following is a breakdown of the general tier:

Free Essentials Plan:

Monthly Startup Plan – $20:

  • 1,000 emails
  • $10 for each extra market

Monthly Growth Plan – $40:

  • 3,000 emails
  • $10 for each extra market

Monthly Premium Plan – $80:

  • 10,000 emails
  • $10 for each extra market

$250 per month for high volume

  • 60,000 emails
  • $10 for each extra market

The prices aren’t outrageous, but they’re definitely not the lowest. If you’re an Amazon seller with a small or medium business, the premium package will suffice. This system still comes with several excellent tools. Simply ensure that your costs do not eat into your earnings.

Features of Genius Feedback

When an Amazon customer’s purchase is verified, shipped, and delivered, the program allows you to send them an email. It’ll also send a thank-you email in response to favorable comments! Their statistics are simple to understand, and you’ll learn what your consumers like and when to send emails.

This Amazon seller software allows you to send and edit purchase confirmation messages. After shipment, it includes emails with tracking information.

Grouping Multiple Amazon Marketplaces

Genius Feedback lets Amazon sellers group marketplaces together, which includes both North American and European marketplaces. The full grouping extends to Canada, Mexico, the US, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

You may tailor the emails you send to a certain area. As your shop expands, you may take use of this functionality.

Notifications of Negative Feedback

Genius Feedback emails feedback alerts for negative reviews. Any recent posts of a negative Amazon review will never go unnoticed again.

You may go through the comments and fix any issues your consumer has. Your prompt answer might turn a bad review into a favorable one.

Email tracking

Before starting a comprehensive email campaign, you may try out several ideas. You can see which one gets the most attention.

This tool will also show you which consumers respond to your emails, as well as which customers provide Amazon feedback and when they do so. When you know what your customers are likely to connect with, you can personalize each email and deliver it at the appropriate moment.

Additional Emails do not need an upgrade.

This program has a unique feature where you can add emails every month without having to upgrade.

Instead of needing to upgrade your account entirely, you may pay a premium to send more emails.

Additional Features

With this software, you can view an unlimited amount of your sales history, and you have Countless campaigns for your products.

Integration from prior platforms is simple if you’re transferring from another Amazon feedback system.

Easy To Use Genius Feedback

In terms of Genius Feedback vs Five-star feedback, Genius Feedback is way more user-friendly. This Amazon feedback tool is perfect for new online Amazon sellers.

On the homepage, your sales progress will be prominently shown. You will also be given simple instructions on how to manage your campaigns. With all of this in place, you can focus on boosting your sales rather than attempting to figure out what to do next.

SellerLabs’ YouTube channel will lead you through the process. In no time, you’ll be a pro.

User Product Reviews on Genius Feedback

Despite the abundance of functions, consumer feedback seems to be mixed—some individuals adore it, while others don’t.

Excellent customer service, higher consumer ratings on Amazon compared to other tools, and overall outstanding service are among the positives.

Other user reviews, on the other hand, have criticized the customer service and indicated that the integration of their services is unstable. Isn’t it a little hit-or-miss?

Their pricing method is another item that their clients criticize them for. You might receive more bang for your money when compared to other Amazon feedback schemes.

User reviews say that Genius Feedback is exceptionally user-friendly and easy to learn. The features, especially automatic email messaging, are all useful and save sellers time.

For additional information, see their website.

Additional reading:

Genius Feedback vs Five-star feedback – What’s Better?

After weighing the two software, Five-star feedback seems to be the better Amazon feedback tool. It has a better value and more features for its pricing system.

Although product reviews dislike the difficult user interface, it’s still clear that Five-star feedback is the superior system.

It may seem frustrating having to work to understand their system, but this in-depth knowledge will only serve you better in the end. You want a program that’ll benefit you and your Amazon marketplace above one that is easy but lacks essential features, which is why Five-star feedback reigns supreme.

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Feedback Five vs Feedback Genius is a comparison of two different fitness trackers. They both offer similar features, but the feedback five offers Amazon Prime memberships for $0. Reference: feedback five amazon.

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