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Feedback Genius is a software for building your own mental health plan that helps you address problems with self-care, mindfulness and sleep. With complete online access to the toolkit, it’s completely customizable to streamline your process into actionable steps so you can focus on doing what matters most – living well.

Feedback Genius is a tool that helps sellers to get reviews from their customers and also gives them the opportunity to give feedback. Feedback Genius has a promo code for 20% off at the moment.

Look to Feedback Genius if you’re trying to expand your Amazon company but aren’t sure what tools to utilize. Feedback Genius is an Amazon automation service that lets you automate your feedback, send emails, use email templates, and develop a brand for yourself and your business.

You may use Feedback Genius to send customised emails to each customer’s email address. This encourages people to provide useful feedback on your goods without making them feel like a number.

Signing up for the tool may seem to be a costly investment, but with our Feedback Genius coupon code, you can help your company grow without spending any more money. Read our full evaluation of this product, including all of its greatest features, and save money with our Feedback Genius discount code!

Feedback Genius Features & Review:

Automated Email

With Feedback Genius, you can schedule your emails to be sent out depending on a fair purchase period. For example, a consumer who buys anything from your Amazon shop is unlikely to write feedback right away since they haven’t gotten or used it yet. However, if you don’t send that email right away, you risk forgetting about it and missing out on critical product feedback.

Using Feedback Genius to automate the emails and deliver them on a timely basis enables them to experience and test what they bought. If customers purchase the product on the 5th of the month, you can set up Feedback Genius to send a follow-up feedback reminder on the 7th. Your automatic email encourages customers to submit product feedback and directs them back to the site while their feelings about the product are still fresh. Again, acquiring software to utilize this tool might be costly, but we have Feedback Genius discounts available to help you save money. Use a coupon code from our website to save a lot of money!

Hundreds of Templates are Available

It’s difficult to know what to say in a feedback request email without coming off as demanding. When you consider the emails you’ve gotten from other Amazon sellers who don’t utilize Feedback Genius, you’ll see that they may be aggressive and full of mistakes. Instead than encouraging you to submit feedback, these mailings make you feel harassed.

Hundreds of feedback request email templates are available on Feedback Genius. These templates have been developed and vetted by writing specialists multiple times, so they’re light and encouraging rather than forceful. In addition to seller comments and a product review, you may include product details in these emails.

With a little effort, you may discover free templates for this internet. The quality of these templates, however, cannot be guaranteed. With our Feedback Genius coupons, you’ll have access to expert-created templates that you can use to encourage consumers to leave reviews. Save money by using a Project FBA promo code.

Analytical Reports

Knowing what works and what doesn’t when selling things on Amazon is one of the most important components of the process. You may get extensive email metrics using Feedback Genius. You can remain organized, connect with the ideal customers, and enhance your email open rates without learning difficult coding or building a website.

Some specific software and tools can run and show these metrics for you, but they aren’t as good as Feedback Genius or as distinctive. This implies that if you utilize all of the options accessible to you, it might become pricey, therefore you’ll need a discount code to save money. To save money, use our Feedback Genius coupons and discount codes.

Build Positive Relationships with Your Customers

Customer service is critical as an Amazon vendor. Positive customer service aids in the development of a brand with loyal consumers and a solid reputation among Amazon sellers. You may even include a discount coupon for loyal clients in these emails to encourage them to keep purchasing from you.

Creating these good relationships helps you to get repeat clients who will not only buy your items again, but will also tell their friends and family about them. There is no way to place a monetary value on these bonds. Using a Feedback Genius coupon code to buy the tool and utilize it to sell your Amazon items, on the other hand, may save you time and money! Project FBA includes a code for everything an Amazon merchant will require.

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Feedback Genius Pros & Cons:

Feedback Genius, like any other program, has several shortcomings. Here are some of the software’s advantages and disadvantages that we’ve discovered.


  • Custom email choices are many.
  • Interface is simple.
  • Even when sending thousands of emails every day, it’s quick and dependable.
  • For minimal traffic, there is a free plan option. Sellers on Amazon


  • Customers’ local time zones are not calculated.
  • Without a promo code, paid programs may be rather costly.
  • Customer service is only available on weekdays.

Even with its disadvantages, the benefits clearly exceed the disadvantages in this case.

Alternatives with Brains

  1. Whiz Coupon Feedback
  2. Follow-up tool for Helium 10
  3. FeedbackFive
  4. Launch of Jungle Scout

Questions Frequently Asked

Are there any coupons or discounts available for Feedback Genius?

There are several Feedback Genius discount codes available on the internet. Project FBA includes Feedback Genius coupons for all of your needs. If you’re searching for discount codes to help you expand your Amazon FBA company, Project FBA is the place to go. It includes a promo code for practically every useful software option on the market. There are also promo codes available that allow you to get your first month for free! For additional promo codes, coupon codes, and discount choices, visit Project FBA’s website!

Is Feedback Genius simply for sending emails with feedback?

It’s not! You may create and personalize messages that include any information you need to convey with the consumer. Some users utilize the feature to build their brand by including their name and logo in their emails. If you bought Feedback Genius using one of our discount coupons or a coupon code, we encourage that you use it as you like! Project FBA’s website has all of the promo codes you’ll need.

How can I make room for returning customers?

Feedback Genius may give recurring customers bespoke templates and block them from getting emails intended for first-timers. This feature isn’t available in many email feedback platforms, so make the most of every Feedback Genius promo code, discount, and other deal you can discover. These discount coupons may be found in abundance on Project FBA!

Alternatives with Brains

Feedback Genius alternative tools for Amazon Automated Email would be Feebdback Whiz with the added bonus of being able to add GIF imaged to your email templates.


Feedback Genius is one of the best email feedback and Amazon seller analytics solutions available right now, and we strongly suggest it. We understand that using tools like this may be costly, so be sure to take advantage of our Feedback Genius coupon code to save money on this excellent product.

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