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Feedbackwhiz is an online tool that helps customers send product feedback to businesses in order to improve their products. Coupon code 40% OFF [May 2022] gets you 40% off your first purchase.

The “feedbackwhiz reviews” is a website that provides feedback to companies and individuals. Feedbackwhiz offers a promo code for 40% off of the purchase of their services in May 2023.

Feedback Instruments

Every Amazon seller needs an automatic feedback system to keep track of their consumers and communicate with them more. Positive client feedback is very beneficial to growing sales and generating income. Even if there are bad feedbacks, you can manage and set up immediate notifications using FeedbackWhiz to instantly eliminate them with a single click. You may also use the tool’s clever data analytics to find the most successful campaigns for attracting potential clients to your items. These data analytics may also be utilized to generate successful email content and distribution strategies to increase favorable response.

The Feedback Repair Management tool provides you with all of the information about people who have given your items a bad rating (1 star, 2 stars, or 3 stars). You may choose those consumers and send them an email from a list of various templates you’ve created to find out why they’re unhappy with the product and either fix the problem or ask them to erase the bad feedback.

You may send personalized, professional, or personal emails to your customers at any time. Automating your Amazon marketing will send emails in response to a certain event or time.

Some of the primary features of the Feedback Repair Management Tool are listed below:

  • Notifications of negative feedback
  • Email feedback removal requests
  • Keep track of the emails you’ve sent.
  • Notifications of neutral feedback
  • Easily keep track of all feedback.
  • Quick links are supported by Amazon.
  • Notifications of feedback removal
  • Only 1–2–3 star feedback should be filtered.
  • Analytical feedback

The application provides filtered results for 1, 2, and 3-star feedback, as well as negative and neutral feedback alerts. Negative feedback should be prioritized to satisfy dissatisfied consumers and to preserve a positive reputation with little effort.

Product Evaluations

Managing products reviews effectively is one of the most important aspects of Amazon business. FeedbackWhiz comes with an all-in-one Product Evaluations that help you in managing, repairing and analyzing the Product Evaluations which are seamlessly integrated into a single platform/screen. You can either view them individually or group them by product. Use filter and search option to get the reviews you are looking for instantly. You will get an instant notification for all the unfavorable Product Evaluations through email so that you can immediately respond and resolve the situation.

The Product Review Tool has the following essential features:

  • Notification of negative feedback
  • To see trends, look for keywords.
  • Comment on customer reviews.
  • Notifications of positive and negative reviews
  • Tool for choosing products
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Search engine for advanced reviews
  • ASIN product review grouping
  • Notes may be added to reviews.

With the Product Review Manager tool, you can monitor any ASIN you want on Amazon. Suppose you want to track and analyze your competitor’s products and feedback, you just have to import your list of ASIN and you will get access to dive into all your competitor’s data. You can filter your Product Evaluations by star ratings and verified purchases and can also add your personal notes any product review you want.

You may also get reports based on orders, purchasers, or feedback reviews via FeedbackWhiz’s Reports option. By simply submitting the CSV report to your audience area, you may utilize this information to launch bespoke audience campaigns on Facebook. This is an excellent alternative for companies who are releasing a new comparable product and want to re-target clients who have previously bought related items.

Automated Email

This application helps you save a lot of time while composing emails. The email builder on FeedbackWhiz is incredibly easy and straightforward to use, allowing you to produce beautiful and effective emails in just 5 minutes. It produces and sends emails for you, and you don’t have to bother about the format or test checks. The program includes an easy-to-use email builder that allows you to create your email by just dragging and dropping variables. You may get a live preview of your email and compose a beautiful email for your customers.

Aside from that, you have an endless number of Amazon email templates to use for anything you like. You may also use the live preview editor to develop effective custom templates that include custom variables, emojis, animated gifs, file attachments, custom HTML, and more. You can also use the tool to manage and track data for all templates and campaigns, allowing you to evaluate and determine which emails are the most successful and which are not. Increase your conversion rates by using click-to-open rates and A/B testing statistics.

Here are some of the key features of Automated Email and Analytics Tool:

  • Personalized email maker
  • Test your emails
  • Only target orders that are on sale.
  • Variables may be dragged and dropped.
  • Send emails depending on their delivery status.
  • Campaign information
  • Text and links about customs
  • Emails should be sent at certain times.
  • Open email statistics
  • Uploading a logo and a file
  • Orders should be targeted.
  • Blacklist of international buyers
  • Add product images.
  • Orders should not be solicited.
  • Buyer unsubscribe information
  • Order email preview in real time
  • Orders that have received feedback are excluded.
  • Detection of duplicate emails

Feebackwhiz’s Amazon follow-up email template

Campaigns is a solution for people who wish to send emails to their consumers. You may either develop your own templates or utilize the pre-built Amazon follow-up email templates. You may simply filter your emails by categorizing and labeling them. The tool has a live email preview feature, which allows you to see how your email will appear as you write on the right side of the dashboard. You may utilize the tool’s animated gifs and emojis, as well as input relevant photos, to make your emails more interesting. Once you’ve finished your email, you may send it as a test email to your chosen email address to see how your final email will appear. If you know how to code, you may utilize the HTML email format to generate more appealing and interesting emails than the generic text emails that people find tedious to read.

The Automated Email functionality lets you set targets for each campaign which triggers the email once that target and scheduled date is met. For example, you can set a campaign for people under shipped, delivered, returned, positive feedback, negative feedback, repeat buyer, and product review categories. So once the customer meets the target, your email goes straight into their mailbox. Amazing, isn’t it?

This method of scheduling your emails also helps you avoid receiving negative feedback from consumers. For example, you may send an apology letter to customers who have returned a product. Also, if someone has given great feedback such as 4-star or 5-star but hasn’t submitted a product review, you may send them an email asking them to do so so that future purchasers can make the best choice possible. If you wish to collect feedback on items bought in the past 60 days, you may send emails to orders from the last 60 days. Some individuals prefer to create email sequences that start as soon as someone places an order and continue with emails at each level.

To improve your open and click rates, employ the A/B split testing strategy. So, depending on how many alternative subject lines you want to attempt, you may break up each campaign and send an equal number of emails. This will show you which subject lines are genuinely successful, as shown by higher open and click rates. Your statistics will be more trustworthy if your sample size is large or if you get a large number of orders. As a result, you won’t be blindly sending out emails without knowing whether or not your consumers are really opening, reading, and leaving reviews.

You may add up to 5 email accounts to get alerts from FeedbackWhiz, and you can pick which sort of notifications you wish to receive. They will soon provide an admin solution for large firms with several accounts, allowing them to have one master user control 10-20 accounts.


By allowing you to concentrate on intelligent insights that guide crucial choices, the analytics tool helps you boost profitability. It allows you to do A/B tests on your ads, evaluate email open rates, and extract historical customer data to build a bespoke audience or run lookalike campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook to retarget your consumers.

Notifications and Monitoring

With FeedbackWhiz, you get a 24/7 feedbackwhiz product monitoring plan which will be the monitoring of your seller feedback and Product Evaluations. It can monitor seller feedback, Product Evaluations, buy box changes, listing title changes, listing hijackers, order returns, etc. It gives you complete control over exactly which products you need these alerts for so that you can take quick actions.

Profit and Loss Calculator

Feedbackwhiz have added a new Profit and Loss Calculator to the suite. Now you can track your profits with ease. Get a glimpse into how your Amazon FBA business is really doing. It’s a quick win for Amazon sellers to boost their amazon business by having a better understanding with real data at their fingertips.

Feedbackwhiz is a popular online service that helps you get feedback from your customers. They are currently offering 40% off their promo code for May 2022. Coupon expires on May 22, 2022. Reference: jump send alternatives uk.

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