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FeedbackWhiz vs Feedback Genius is a battle for the top spot in Amazon review automation software. This article will provide you with all of the relevant information to make an informed decision on which product to use and why (as well as how).

FeedbackWhiz vs Feedback Genius – Amazon Review Automation. FeedbackWhiz is a software that helps you automate your feedback on Amazon reviews, while Feedback Genius is an automated review tool that can be used to find out what people say about your product.

Obtaining an Amazon review is critical for improving exposure, cultivating a devoted following, and raising conversion rates. A favorable review may boost your profits, while a negative one might be difficult to overcome.

You can keep your reviews under control and reduce the effect of negative reviews with the correct tools. Feedbackwhiz and Genius Feedback are two online tools for Amazon merchants to manage their reviews. They don’t end there, though:

  • Email templates may be created and managed.
  • Schedule emails so you may individually ask consumers for feedback.
  • View detailed data analysis of emails, reviews, and other sources.

These products are quite useful for expanding your Amazon FBA business in general. What’s the difference between Feedbackwhiz and Genius Feedback?

We’re here to assist you. We’ll go through the specifics of these two products and how they may help you manage reviews and become a significantly more lucrative Amazon seller in this article.

What Is Whiz of Feedback All About?


With Whiz of Feedback, you may get all the capabilities you need in one easy-to-use Amazon feedback review management program. As an Amazon seller, it will save you time so you can go back to planning and spend less time seeking for data.

This app has about every functionality you could possibly need to manage your Amazon feedback. It delivers a concise summary of information and fast numbers in the dashboard, as well as very extensive data throughout in-depth reports.

With a single click and quick warnings, Whiz of Feedback, for example, makes it simple to submit bad reviews that violate Amazon guidelines. You may, however, access all of the Product Evaluation statistics you need. Get instant statistics and interactive reports to see when your items need care.

While a free trial is available, there is also a free plan that allows you to send one email campaign each month. To enjoy the simplest functions, you don’t even need a paid membership!

Sellers, on the other hand, are more than prepared to pay the price for this program because of its wonderful extra features, excellent customer service, strong tools, and simple automation.

Features of Whiz Feedback

Let’s look at the aspects of Whiz of Feedback that are either comparable to or different from those of Genius Feedback. These tools are meant to make it easier and faster for a seller to reply to consumer Product evaluations.

Order Processing

You can truly manage your online purchases while obtaining information about your consumers and vital data all in one spot with Whiz of Feedback!

However, you will get more than one report. You may search and filter relevant sales information and download what you want. The Whiz of Feedback program saves time by allowing you to handle any Amazon purchase and provide precise information instantly.

View all details, such as whether the consumer is eligible for shipping or item discounts. Get complete shipping and delivery details as well as comments and Product evaluations for the purchase.

Email Administration

Whiz of Feedback’s Email Administration tool will help you organize all your customer emails. Control what automated emails are sent to your customers and easily manage your email campaigns.

View active campaigns to see who they’re targeting on Amazon. You may, for example, assess which orders are targeted and whether you have recurring customers.

This solution will not only save you time in organizing your email marketing, but it will also provide you with crucial data on recurring customers. When you know who is more open to your goods and more likely to offer the greatest feedback, you can better target prospective clients.

Whiz Search for Feedback

The custom search option will wow you with its sophisticated search capabilities. You may search for feedback using various time ranges and criteria. This is also helpful in determining the relationship between feedback and promotions.

Direct Match Reviewer will show you whether consumers post reviews using a code. Users’ daily sales are also shown.

With the search option, you can quickly get the precise information you need—filter by just about anything, including FBA or SKU.

This feature is one of our favorites since it is so basic yet saves Amazon merchants so much time. We could all use more of this!

Email Calendaring

With its Email Administration, you can control and quickly see exactly what emails are being sent out and your active campaigns. But Whiz also gives you the power to schedule your emails all in one place!

Analyze buyer behavior data to determine when you should send emails to distinct consumers. Then utilize the scheduling feature to send emails without having to perform any more effort. As a vendor, automated emails will save you a lot of time.

In Whiz of Feedback, you can also create and utilize templates. Automated email templates may be sent to clients to follow up on certain actions right away. Not only does the system support text, but also attachments, animated gifs, and more!

Connect with your consumers by using your Amazon seller name and logo. Using automated templates, address each consumer individually. While performing less effort, make an impact that will be reflected in your Product evaluations!

You may obtain limitless email campaigns for your company depending on the cost of your package. With the limitless campaign cost option, you may have an unprecedented influence on the market.

Data from Analytics

The program will provide you with the most comprehensive reports.

It’s at your fingertips to filter metrics depending on FBA or to obtain every measure accessible. To learn how to improve as a salesperson, look at your sales performance and corporate analytics.

Take use of analytics on anything, including:

  • Campaigns for A/B Evaluation
  • Customer conduct
  • Product evaluations

Make more strategic choices, such as:

  • FBA to Amazon
  • Creating advertising strategies for various products
  • Understanding your existing business to determine future goods

Take the guesswork out of statistics and learn how your firm reports. Learn how your consumers react to your company and how you may improve using simple analytics.

Integrating the Marketplace

The software’s connectivity with Amazon markets all around the globe is a huge plus.

Send emails in a variety of languages depending on the client marketplace. This increases your chances of receiving the good Amazon feedback you need.

You may use this tool with the following Amazon markets to get input from people all across the world:

  • Amazon United States
  • Canada’s Amazon
  • Mexico’s Amazon
  • Amazon.co.uk
  • Germany’s Amazon
  • France’s Amazon
  • Spain’s Amazon
  • Italy’s Amazon

While it does not offer translation, it does allow you to submit Amazon feedback requests all around the globe.

Monitoring and Notifications

The program does more than just track bad ratings. To make things simpler and prevent bad criticism, get alerts on practically every aspect of your company.

Notify me of any changes to orders or items, as well as Amazon listing hijackings and other important occurrences.

When you can receive all the information you need given to you, you won’t waste time continually checking Amazon. Save time browsing and obtain the information you need without having to look for it!

What Is Genius Feedback, and How Does It Work?


The Amazon Marketplace may be intimidating, and responding to every piece of consumer feedback with a message can quickly consume your seller company.

Genius Feedback makes it easier to manage your Amazon feedback and ordering system. Genius Feedback, like Whiz of Feedback, aims to make handling Amazon feedback as simple as possible.

Because they’re not confined to merely assisting sellers in reviewing feedback, many of the fundamental functions are comparable. You’ll also have access to tools such as automated emails and consumer information.

Sign up for a free trial to try out the features for yourself. Both Genius Feedback and Whiz provide free trials, making comparisons simple. In contrast to Whiz, however, Genius Feedback does not provide a free basic plan.

You must pay for your Amazon Marketplace account to continue receiving their assistance. However, their service makes it much easy to reply to a consumer.

But, to save you time, we’ll go through all you need to know about Genius Feedback!

Features of Genius Feedback

Genius Feedback is a simple application that incorporates many of the capabilities that both FBA and FBM Amazon merchants enjoy. It simplifies feedback and review administration for merchants and is simple to use.

Here are some of the greatest things they have to help you sell more on Amazon.

Email Administration and Scheduling

Maybe you rely on sending out customized emails to customers with timely messages to encourage positive feedback subtly. Maybe you need clear user notifications that you’ve received related emails. Either way, you’ll enjoy the Email Administration from Genius Feedback.

With produced emails personalized to your items and seller page, this solution makes delivering timely notifications straightforward.

You may add as much or as little information about your seller’s contact information as you wish in your generated emails. Make it easy by sending a follow-up email following the sale. After receiving a nasty post from a customer account, communicate with them.

Negative reviews and remarks on your Amazon sellers page are also included in the notifications for this service. When a person posts anything nasty, you’ll get an email telling you to respond.

Product Evaluation

Request Product evaluations directly from a buyer with this software and see honest results. Boost sales and find greater success on Amazon with support from your customers by sending out a review request. Genius Feedback’s customized message tool could encourage a buyer to leave a kind comment about your brand.

You may choose the template for your items as well as the time. If you want communications delivered immediately following a purchase rather than allowing the buyer time to sample the goods, for example.

To achieve authentic and favorable Amazon feedback, follow up as fast or slowly as you feel is required.

Notifications Received Immediately

Don’t leave a bad review on your product’s page without reacting as soon as possible. The longer prospective consumers see unfavorable comments without a clear reaction from the vendor, the more likely they will be scared away.

You can see recent posts quickly. That’s why Notifications Received Immediately are essential.

Receive limitless alerts straight to your account anytime a new remark on your items is made.

Knowing about unfavorable reviews right away doesn’t imply you can fix them. You may, however, deal with it as quickly as feasible. A clear statement from management is typically enough to allay fears.

You may also submit any unfavorable reviews that are not in compliance with Amazon’s policies.

A/B Evaluation

Don’t just send emails out into the void to every account with a buyer attached. When you have real data on response rates, you can strategize and make informed decisions for your Email Administration.

A/B Evaluation allows for testing for any messages you would like sent out to buyers. You want to send emails that get positive feedback. By testing these messages, you can anticipate the response rate and Amazon feedback you receive.

Once you have the results from A/B Evaluation, you can customize your automated messages to result in a better review rate for your products. Better emails mean better feedback which results in increased sales. Boost the profitability of your business with this tool!

Data from Analytics

The data you collect for emails goes beyond trying out various themes. To better understand your Amazon email performance, get an analysis of all your emails sent.

Genius Feedback will create these analytic in graphs so that it’s easy to read. Spend more time trying to understand your Customer conduct and less on trying to understand your account data.

Check how many consumers are reading your emails and going through to provide Amazon feedback.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Genius Feedback vs. Whiz of Feedback

Now that we’ve gone over the features of each tool, let’s compare them side by side to see how they vary.

Whiz of Feedback


  • The cost. Despite the plan’s limitations, nothing surpasses being free. The memberships come in a broad variety of options, allowing you to receive precisely what you want at the price you want to pay.
  • More detailed analytics. All in one program, get additional analytics on your account.
  • It goes beyond Amazon reviews and templates. You’ll enjoy what the system has to offer with amazing customer service, strong data, and a free trial to sell you on the tools.


  • Integrating the Marketplace is an extra cost. If you are doing mostly international business across marketplaces, you will need to pay for each additional Integrating the Marketplace in addition to your subscription service price.

Genius Feedback


  • For a larger charge, you may get additional user assistance. Get extra tools and services, such as specialist onboarding help, for 3p Amazon organizations that make $10 million or more per year.
  • Instant notice of unfavorable feedback. If you get a nasty remark, you must answer it right away.


  • Higher price bracket. With Genius Feedback, you don’t have a free plan option. You could also end up paying a much higher price tag depending on how much your 3p Amazon business earns.


When considering Genius Feedback vs. Whiz of Feedback, you can see that these are very similar tools that help a seller respond to feedback and reviews from buyers.

The functions are similar in that they notify you when you need to reply to buyer feedback, enable you to design and send appropriate email templates, and ask for user evaluations. The details are what set them unique.

If you want to make personal connections with your customers with highly customizable email messages and in-depth analysis, you’ll probably want to look into Whiz of Feedback.

If you want more dedicated support as a much larger Amazon seller, Genius Feedback may be the way to go.

The good news is that you may request a free trial of either program to discover what would work best for your company.

We hope that our review has given you some insight into what to anticipate from these Amazon review tools and that you have found the program that best suits your needs!

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FeedbackWhiz vs Feedback Genius is an Amazon review automation tool. It allows you to automate your reviews and increase the number of reviews on your products. Reference: amazon feedback automation.

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