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Looking for your first product to sell? Amaze Owl is a simple and affordable platform that helps you find the perfect product. It’s one of those products I wish I had back when starting out!

The “amazeowl” is a product review app that allows users to find their first product. It has an easy-to-use interface, and the reviews are written by experts in the field of health.

Amazon is attracting a lot of businesses. They want to use Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service to sell private label items.

Selling things on Amazon requires a lot of effort and commitment. However, the work is often worthwhile since you may earn a lot of money. Consider this: millions of people shop on Amazon every day. Why wouldn’t you want a piece of the action?

If you want to be successful on Amazon, however, you must pick the correct things to offer in order to benefit.

Many entrepreneurs become stuck at this point. What factors do you consider while deciding what to sell on Amazon?

There are a variety of items available to assist you with product research. Amaze Owl is one of these tools.

We’ll go over all you need to know about Amaze Owl in this review, including if it’s a solid choice for product research.

What Is Amaze Owl All About?

Amaze Owl is a program that assists you in doing Amazon product research.

Who is it for?

Amaze Owl is used by entrepreneurs of all types and degrees of expertise to do product research.

However, the majority of users are new to selling things on Amazon. They enlist Amaze Owl’s assistance in locating their first product to market.

One of the reasons for the tool’s popularity among newbies? It is incredibly easy to use. The program is easy to use and understand. In comparison to other tools like Jungle Scout, the functions are minimal. Users of Amaze Owl have access to useful lessons as well as a competent customer support staff.

For potential Amazon businesses, the tool’s simplicity makes it simple to use. Users can rapidly locate a high-performing product to sell. This gets their company off to a good start, enabling them to expand even further.

Keep in mind that Amaze Owl is designed especially for Amazon FBA and private label retailers. This isn’t the ideal tool if you’re in the arbitrage or dropshipping company.

How to Install the App

You must first download and install the desktop software in order to utilize Amaze Owl. The program is compatible with Windows (Windows 7 and later) and Mac (macOS 10.10 and later) operating systems.

Some vendors are hesitant to download software on their PCs, which is understandable given the number of dubious products available.

However, we can assure you that Amaze Owl is trustworthy. It assists approximately 4,000 entrepreneurs each month in launching their new Amazon companies. Independent tests show that the program will not slow down your computer or pose a security risk.

You may install the Amaze Owl Google Chrome Extension once you’ve downloaded the program. The extension allows you to see your account and confirm product research using a browser.

Keep in mind that the extension doesn’t offer you access to all of the desktop app’s capabilities.

Features of Amaze Owl

Amaze Owl offers a basic interface compared to other solutions on the market.

Some users consider this a disadvantage. They believe the technology restricts their abilities and does not provide them with all of the info they need.

However, we’ve discovered that the tool’s simplicity is what makes it so amazing. The product training that comes with the free trial makes it simple to understand. Additional learning resources in the form of step-by-step video lessons are also available.

The tool’s ease of use does not negate its potent potential. It may help beginners select their first product to sell rapidly.

Take a closer look at Amaze Owl’s characteristics:

Product Research

Finding the correct goods to sell might be tough without a tool like Amaze Owl. On Amazon, you must navigate through innumerable goods. Then you must do study to see whether it is lucrative.

Amaze Owl’s “Product Research” feature makes this process so much easier. It helps you search through over 600 million products to find the best ones for your business.

To utilize this function, you must first choose one of the eleven markets offered (U.S., Canada, etc.). Keep in mind that the marketplace does not have to be in your neighborhood. You must decide where you will sell your goods.

Then you have three alternatives to pick from:

  • Search by keyword. This option allows you to search for goods using keywords. If you want to sell printers, you should choose keywords that are linked to printers. If you’re unsure what you want to sell, use the “Random” option to get keyword suggestions. 
  • Look for bestsellers. The top 100 goods in each category are shown using this option. This is particularly useful if you have a certain niche in mind (electronics, pet supplies, etc.).
  • Database of products. The product database is only accessible with the Growth and Developed Strategys, as we’ll explain later. It makes the process even easier by studying items and demonstrating that they are likely to succeed. The database is updated every day.

The first two alternatives will take a little more thought. The addon brings you to Amazon when you search by keyword or bestseller. You browse the results pages as if you were a regular shopper. The extension will light up goods that it believes will perform well as you scroll.

The third alternative is considerably more straightforward. When you click it, the tool will show you prospective goods that are relevant to your area. Many customers believe the expensive memberships are worthwhile since the product database option avoids having to go through Amazon.

Additional Filtering Options

Hunt by keyword, hunt by bestseller, and product database are the three main filter options. But, you can make your search even narrower with Additional Filtering Options. Just go to your settings and adjust the parameters as you see fit.

You may change the following parameters:

  • The best pricing range. This option will display goods that fall within a certain price range. This is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Some businesses, for example, choose to remain with cheaper items since they are simpler to market. Consumers are less likely to investigate them and are more likely to purchase them on impulse.
  • The best review numbers. You’ll need favorable ratings to market your stuff. Good reviews increase client confidence and help your items rank better. Reviews, as essential as they are, may be difficult to get. Adjust the ideal review numbers option to identify goods that will do well with few reviews.
  • Maximum package weight and dimensions. Whether or whether you earn a profit is determined on shipping expenses. Smaller and lighter items have reduced delivery expenses. Adjust these criteria to only see items with low enough delivery costs to make a profit. 

Product Tracking

When you Product Research, you can choose to track the ones you are interested in selling.

When you track an item, Amaze Owl gives you all the information you need. The following are some valuable tips:

  • How many reviews do you need to effectively attract buyers?
  • What photos should you use?
  • How similar things are performing for competitors
  • What you should charge for the item
  • Estimated total income

The information is then used to decide if the item is worth selling.

Keep in mind that Amaze Owl compiles this statistics by analyzing competitor data. Because it’s an automated method, data from rivals that aren’t related to your product may be used.

This can cause your insights not to be as accurate, but it’s an easy fix. Simply click on “Competitors & Reports” on the item’s tracking page.

Then, navigate through the rivals highlighted by Amaze Owl. Mark a rival as “Moved to Ignored” if it isn’t relevant to your product. This will improve the accuracy of your observations.

How to Use the Product Database

You may utilize the product database to discover products to sell, as we described before.

The product database, on the other hand, is important when you’ve decided which things to offer. It’s ideal for keeping track of keyword suggestions, product names, pricing, and more.

Pricing at Amaze Owl

The characteristics of Amaze Owl are simple yet effective. They make it possible for you to undertake precise product research.


The affordability of Amaze Owl is due to its simplicity. You will save money compared to other tools on the market. 

Let’s look at the software’s three plans in more detail:

Starter Strategy

The Starter Strategy is perfect for those who are brand new to FBA/private label selling. It is completely free and gives you a chance to learn more about selling on Amazon.

Keep in mind that as it is completely free, the Starter Strategy is somewhat limited. The loading speed is very slow and can be frustrating to deal with. Additionally, you don’t have access to customer support, the product database, Amaze Owl Academy discounts, and other premium features.

Regardless, the Starter Strategy is a great option if you want to get your feet wet. On its website, Amaze Owl markets the Starter Strategy to those who are “curious about starting an Amazon FBA business.”

Many individuals, however, utilize this strategy to locate their first product to sell. It allows you to monitor three keywords and one product specialty.

Growth Strategy

The Growth Strategy makes it much easier to find your first product to sell. It gives you access to premium features (faster loading speed, customer support, product database, discounts, etc.). And, it lets you track 10 product niches and 10 keywords.

If this plan appeals to you, we suggest purchasing a yearly membership. You’ll spend even less each month than if you paid for a monthly membership.

Developed Strategy

The Developed Strategy is basically just a beefed-up version of the Growth Strategy. With it, you get to track 300 product niches and 50 keywords. It provides a “very fast” loading speed, high-priority customer support, etc.

Like with the Growth Strategy, you’ll pay less per month for the Developed Strategy if you go with the annual subscription.

What Plan Should You Pick?

Entrepreneurs selling multiple products will benefit the most from the Developed Strategy. If you still need to find your first product, we recommend going with either the Starter or Growth Strategy.

Still not sure which plan you should pick? Amaze Owl offers a free 10-day trial with every subscription. You’ll get to test out all of the features no matter what plan you pick. You can stick with the Starter Strategy if you realize you won’t use the more advanced features.

Amaze Owl: How Reliable Is It?

You’ll want to know how accurate a product research tool is when you’re searching for one. This guarantees that you will make sound business judgments.

One of the most accurate product research tools accessible is Amaze Owl. It gathers data from several sources and successfully combines it into bite-sized chunks.

The tool provides a complete view of keyword analysis, revenue projections, and other useful information. It also effectively evaluates rivals to assist you in differentiating your company.

All of this will aid you in selecting the best things to sell on Amazon. Remember that the tool is just that: a tool. The goods it proposes will not perform well on their own; you must strive to improve your company.

Final Analysis: Amaze Owl’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Here’s a rundown of Amaze Owl’s advantages and disadvantages:


  • Downloading the app and Chrome extension is risk-free.
  • Free membership is available.
  • Premium memberships at an affordable price
  • Features that are simple to use and help you locate things to sell.
  • Filtering features that make it simple to narrow down your search
  • Product training that is clear and straightforward


  • Not suitable for arbitrage or dropshipping.
  • The free version has several limitations.


Overall, we believe Amaze Owl is one of the most effective product research tools available.

Its free plan makes it an especially appealing alternative. It may be used to familiarize yourself with the FBA sector and locate your first goods to sell.

Premium memberships are also reasonable if you want access to additional features. To varied degrees, all programs assist you in increasing the profitability of your firm. The features are simple to use and fully use their potential.

Amaze Owl is worth a go, especially since it comes with a free trial. Download it now to discover how it may help you with product research!

Amaze Owl is a free software that helps you find your first product. It’s easy to use and it can be used by anyone looking for their first product to sell on Amazon. Reference: amazeowl free download.

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