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Amazon has nine different types of categories. The most obvious ones are the “clothing” and “groceries” category, however there is a lot more to Amazon than what you would first assume. Here’s how they work!

The “list of gated products on amazon” is a list of all the items that are currently in Amazon’s Gated Categories. The list will be updated every year, and it can be used to find out which products are available for purchase.

Amazon is the world’s largest online platform and an e-commerce behemoth. The business prides itself on offering everything from A to Z.

Amazon began with selling books, but later expanded to include a variety of things. They now sell everything and everything under the sun.

The online retailer has surpassed all of its rivals. Customer happiness is Amazon’s ultimate goal, and they endeavor to provide the greatest items to their consumers.

Amazon must maintain a careful check on its merchants in order to accomplish this. Amazon is a consumer-centric company, thus the things offered on its marketplace are carefully chosen. You must meet certain requirements in order to become an Amazon seller.

This is for sellers who have been on Amazon from the beginning. They don’t have to fight to have their items approved. It is considerably more convenient for them to upload their products to the web shop.

However, Amazon might be a bit challenging for novice sellers. Quality control is very important to the brand.

Many individuals have started selling things on Amazon throughout the years, and the corporation has enacted a few strict requirements. One of them is the creation of gated categories.

What are Gated Categories, and how do they work?

When you establish an Amazon seller account, you must choose a category.

These categories include anything from automobile components to wristwatches. Previously, merchants may sell in any of these categories.

That is no longer the case. Only items from particular categories are available to new vendors. Gated Categories are the categories that are closed to new merchants. These classifications are not indefinitely limited.

There are many options for overcoming them. You may be required to provide specified documentation or pay a charge by Amazon. You will be approved for the category if you follow Amazon’s instructions.

If you’re a new vendor, you should choose an unrestricted category. A solid sales record in an open category is preferable. You may apply for limited categories after you have a demonstrated sales history. Auto-approval for gated categories is common among experienced vendors.

To safeguard its customers, Amazon built gated categories. It also aids in the development of brand trustworthiness. The e-commerce company aims to verify the legitimacy of the merchants.

Some individuals sell fake goods on the internet, and these unethical tactics harm the company’s image.

Consider the following scenario. When you purchase anything on eBay, you always have a nagging suspicion. That is why pricey products are never purchased online. That has radically altered. And it’s all because of Amazon.

With new merchants, the internet platform is stringent. Before you can become an Amazon seller, you must pass certain checks and permissions.

You can go through it fast if you follow all of the guidelines. New vendors should examine both gated and ungated sectors thoroughly. You don’t want to buy a significant amount of stuff just to find out it’s gated.

Getting past a restricted category is not impossible. If you follow process, you can get through. You don’t want to go through all that difficulty as a new vendor.

Choose a category that permits you to sell your items instead. Then you may concentrate on growing your company and establishing a strong consumer base. Once you’ve gotten the hang of selling on Amazon, you may move on to a gated category.

Being placed in a limited category has its advantages. The majority of vendors do not want to go through the hassle of entering gated categories. As a result, some categories have less competition.

Your things will sell like hotcakes if you can get beyond a gated category. For new sellers, the procedure is more difficult. Amazon will automatically authorize your admission into restricted categories after you become a seasoned seller.

If you’re a new seller, you should be aware of the distinctions between Amazon’s gated and ungated categories.

Ungated vs gated

A gated category is one that does not enable vendors to participate.

These categories are frequently avoided by new vendors. It occurs because Amazon wants to ensure that you are a reliable merchant.

In the United States alone, Amazon has 2.5 million active sellers. You can imagine how many merchants will submit their applications afterwards. Amazon uses gated categories to inspect each seller. If you satisfied specified requirements before being allowed into a restricted category, it would assist Amazon.

Brand gates, Category gates, and Sub-category gates are all available on Amazon. ASIN limits, Product Condition restrictions, and Holiday restrictions are also in place. It may seem frightening, but it is preferable to meet the requirements.

Sellers attempting to sell branded items are subjected to brand gates. Unfortunately, many individuals steal and sell branded things on the internet. As a consequence, a large number of the items are fake. Amazon created the brand barrier to safeguard brands.

Then there are the restricted categories. Amazon now has numerous gated categories. Fine art, gift cards, and Coins to Collect are among the prohibited items.

Unrestricted items include beauty apparel and toys. However, some items cannot be sold in these categories. Sub-category gates are what they’re called.

A gated sub-category is Building Block Toys, for example. The ASIN code stands for Amazon’s unique identification number. Every item on Amazon has an ASIN number. Amazon uses an ASIN limitation to safeguard certain consumers.

Finally, vendors who do not follow the Seasonal Selling Guidelines will face holiday limitations. Before you start selling, make sure you read everything. Any limitation might be detrimental to vendors.

Ungated categories refer to categories that are open to selling. New sellers can quickly sell their products through these categories. For example, camera & Photo, Clothing & Accessory, Consumer Electronics, and Musical instruments fall under the ungated category.

There are a total of 23 ungated categories on Amazon. Some categories may be open, but they do have sub-category restrictions that can be changed. For example, baby, Beauty, Toys, and Health & Personal Care all have gated sub-categories.

You may begin selling in unrestricted categories after your Amazon seller account has been authorized. It is strongly suggested for sellers.

Of course, you must also ensure that all of your other data are in order. Identification numbers, FBA, and other requirements must be met, for example.

To check for gated categories, you may utilize a variety of third-party applications. These tools will inform you if the category you’re interested in is gated or not. Seller Central is another technique to determine the status of a category. However, this is not the best option.

The ‘Apply To Sell’ option may not function when you attempt to add a product via your seller account.

That is, however, how you determine whether or not you can sell a thing. It is preferable to do an in-depth investigation of gated categories rather than finding it out at the last minute.

What is the procedure for applying for a gated category?

Assume you’ve purchased all of the stuff and Amazon refuses to allow you into its restricted category. Everything, after all, has a solution.

These easy procedures can let you apply for a gated category.

The first step is to open an account as a seller. If you want to apply for a gated category, there’s a good chance you already have one. So, sign in to your Amazon Seller Account now.

Step 2: Select ‘Add a Product’ from the inventory link.

Step 3: Locate an application form. Look for the item you wish to sell.

Step 4: For the goods you intend to sell, you’ll notice a ‘Listing Limitation.’ That link should be followed.

Step 5: After you click the link, look for the ‘Request Approval’ button. Go ahead and press that key.

Step 6: Amazon will ask for further documentation when you seek clearance. Experienced vendors are approved automatically. If you’re a first-time seller, though, you’ll need to fill out some paperwork.

Ungating is a straightforward procedure. Amazon will respond with a list of documentation you must supply when you seek permission. These papers may serve as documentation of where you purchased your goods.

You’ll also have to provide documentation demonstrating your vendor’s legitimacy. They may also need you to present a distributor or wholesaler invoice.

If your application is turned down, you may always try again. However, you may have to wait 3-6 months before applying again. Each category has its own time period.

You must have a minimum order of 10 units to ungate a product. Additional papers may be requested by Amazon. For instance, the seller’s Tax ID, residence verification, and LLC papers may be required. You may also be required to produce evidence of the brand owner’s consent.

Amazon aims to ensure that no counterfeit goods are available for purchase. Their mission is to safeguard both the customer and the brand. Amazon scrutinizes its sellers in order to retain its image.

Long-term sellers may qualify for an auto-approval. A seller must fulfill certain criteria in order to earn an auto-approval. Their product should have a fault rate of less than 1%. The seller’s late shipping rate must be less than 4%.

Each category has particular requirements that must be completed. Some categories demand a 2.5 percent cancellation rate prior to fulfillment.

Gated Categories List

Amazon has a long Gated Categories List. These categories are as follows.

  • Coins to Collect
  • Personal Protection and Household Items
  • Entertainment Memorabilia
  • Fine Art
  • Holiday Selling Requirements in Toys & Games
  • Jewelry
  • Music & DVD
  • Automotive & Powersports
  • Services
  • Major Equipment
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Players for Streaming Media
  • DVD, Video & Blu-ray
  • Watches

One disadvantage of selling in an Amazon gated category is that each category requires unique paperwork. Let’s take a look at some of the documentation you’ll need for a few of gated categories. Due to brand limitations, your product may not be authorized.

Check the restrictions for each product that hasn’t been authorized. You will be given complete information about why your product was rejected. A gated sub-category might sometimes be the source of the limitation.

You must demonstrate the following in order to apply for the Fine Art Category. To sell fine art on Amazon, you must have three years of experience as a dealer.

Your website is also required by the e-commerce behemoth. Finally, having an established Fine Art brand would be ideal. You will be able to sell in the Fine Art category if you have met the necessary requirements.

Another restricted category is watches. To be approved for this category, you must provide the UPC for each product. Amazon also requires proof that the items are not previously owned.

The ability to withstand water is also a requirement for approval. To assess the accuracy of your timepieces, you must give established procedures. Amazon will want evidence of the transaction.

If you want to ungate the Automotive & Powersports category, you will need your website. Amazon will ask you to list the UPC of all your products. Your product images should be as per Amazon’s guidelines. As a seller, you should provide a warranty for all certified refurbished products. You should also have a part finder page and a Fitment Data page.

Another category that needs documentation is wine. Importer or wholesaler registration is required. It will also suffice if you can provide documentation of being a domestic winery.

Amazon will also want documents proving your status as a legal vendor. Typically, wine is offered in gift baskets. It is a very popular product.

Collectible books, Sexual Wellness, and Clothes, Accessories & Luggage are the easiest categories to ungate. Amazon has put easy restrictions on this category. If you are still deciding on the products you want to sell, you could choose from these.


It’s simple to enter a restricted category. You may be required to provide extra documentation as a new vendor.

You could be qualified for auto-approval if you’re a seasoned seller. To be successful, you don’t have to sell via the gated category, although it does assist.

Most vendors are uninterested in restricted categories. As a result, your items will be more visible.

In closed categories, the competition is rather modest. Sellers and buyers benefit from gated categories. This rule will safeguard your items from being counterfeited if you are a brand.

You must concentrate on selling if you are a new vendor. A limited category may be applied for. Nothing like it if it is authorized. But don’t be too concerned if your application is turned down. Simply shift your concentrate to a different area and begin creating a great sales record!


Amazon has a number of categories that are “gated” and others that are not. The difference between the two is that “gated” means you need to meet certain conditions in order to purchase an item from that category, while “ungated” means you can purchase anything from the category without any restrictions. For example, if you wanted to buy something from the Health & Beauty section of Amazon, it would be ungated. However, if you wanted to buy a book on Amazon’s website, this would be gated because books cannot be purchased unless they’re Prime-eligible. Reference: gated and ungated amazon.

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