Helium 10 Amazon Follow Up Tools (Do Templates Work 2023)

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Amazon has a lot of tools to help out with their business. But what if they were only as good as they needed? We’re going to look at the future and see how Amazon could work in 2023, when it’s even more competitive than today!

The “amazon follow-up email after interview” is a tool that helps you to send an email to your recruiter after the interview. The tool will help you create a template, so that you can use it for all interviews.

You’re probably acquainted with Amazon seller tools if you’re an Amazon vendor. These tools make managing your company and increasing revenues much simpler.

Among all of the firms that provide Amazon seller tools, Helium 10 amazon follow up tools is one of the most popular. Refund Genie, Inventory Protector, and, yes, Follow Up are among the tools included with Helium 10.

The Helium 10 Amazon Follow Up tools will be the focus of this essay. We go through what the tool does, what its primary features are, and if it’s any good. Continue reading to learn all there is to know about Helium 10’s Follow Up feature.

What Are Amazon Follow-Up Tools From Helium 10?

One of Helium 10’s numerous Amazon seller tools is Follow Up. It allows vendors to create and manage email campaigns. The application sends emails to consumers automatically depending on the seller’s criteria.

For example, a seller may opt to send an email after a product has been delivered. This informs the consumer that their purchase is being processed. After the goods has been delivered, a seller may send an email asking for a review. This helps the vendor improve their Amazon reputation.

How Does the Dashboard Appear?

The dashboard is unremarkable. In fact, that’s about as straightforward as it gets. All of the various sections and filters are clearly listed.

The Follow Up tool, on the other hand, is fantastic because of its simplicity. The platform is simple to use, so you won’t have to spend hours learning how to utilize it. It’s also simple to use, enabling you to customize your email campaigns to your liking.

How to Apply Aftercare

We’ll go through the key elements of Follow Up and how to utilize them to construct automated email campaigns in the sections below.


Let’s start by looking at the Dashboard.

Your email Automation campaigns are shown on the Dashboard. A graph displays data such as:

  • How many emails have you sent?
  • How many of your orders have been delivered?
  • The percentage of people who open your emails
  • How many of your customers have chosen to unsubscribe from your future emails?

This figure may be customized by selecting the marketplace and period from which to see data.


You may see a breakdown of each order in the Orders section. Each order includes product information, the customer’s name, the price, the date the purchase was made, and other pertinent facts.

This part is crucial since it allows you to make changes to email campaigns for future orders. You may, for example, opt to send more emails, not send a certain email, or blacklist a customer.

The Orders area features options at the top that make it simple to sort by order dates, client name, and other criteria.


The Products area, like the Orders part, is simple to browse via using filters.

Products displays all of the items you sell on Amazon. The ability to modify product names is maybe the most valuable feature of this area.

Long, unappealing product names are common among Amazon items. You may give each product a “short name” under the Products section. This short name will display in your email templates, making it simpler to read your messages.


The Blacklist section is exactly what it says on the tin. All of your banned customers will display here. Customers may be removed from your Blacklist here.


You may create emails for your consumers in the Templates area. You may make your own from scratch or utilize one of Amazon’s pre-made layouts. You may personalize the templates by auto-filling information such as your product’s short name, client name, and picture. You may also mess with with the formatting, but keep it basic.

Your emails will have varied messages depending on your objectives. You might simply inform your consumer that their item has been sent or delivered. This helps to develop communication and brand recognition.

A customer may be asked to provide feedback in an email. This is an excellent strategy to increase your review count and improve your reputation.


It’s time to automate after you’ve prepared your email message. You may develop your own automation or use readymade automations created by Amazon sellers, much as with automatic Helium 10 ADS email templates.

One or more steps may be included in an automation. For example, one automation may send an email to a client one day following a shipment. Another company may send two emails: one upon shipping and the other upon delivery.

You may use filters to further tailor your automations. Filters prevent emails from being sent depending on items, marketplaces, item prices, and other factors.

Can you send a certain number of emails?

Unfortunately, the Follow Up function is not available in the free version of Helium 10.

You’ll need to join up for a premium subscription if you want to utilize the Follow Up function. The cost of each Helium 10 premium plan varies, as do the number of emails you may send. The following are the restrictions:

  • 5,000 emails per month (Platinum)
  • 15,000 emails per month, diamond
  • Monthly email volume: 50,000

The Helium 10 Amazon Follow Up Tools have several drawbacks.

The following are the only flaws we detect in Helium 10’s Follow Up:

  • To use the tool, you must subscribe to a subscription plan.
  • There is presently no mechanism to control when emails are sent.

Final Thoughts on Helium 10 Amazon Follow-Up Tools

Overall, Helium 10’s Follow Up function is quite useful and practical. It assists you in providing excellent customer support and enhancing your Amazon seller rating.

By purchasing the Helium 10 platinum package, you will have access to some of the greatest tools available, including Magnet, Cerebro, and the more modern ADS PPC tool.

Remember that you can either pay full price for Helium 10 to have access to the Follow Up feature or save money by using our discount and promo code. If you don’t plan on using the rest of Helium 10’s features, it’s probably not worth the money. However, the Follow Up tool is an excellent addition to the whole Helium 10 suite. Consider attempting it!

You may be able to purchase the Follow Up tool a la carte. For further information, contact Helium 10.

The “helium 10 customer service” is a tool that allows users to create and edit templates for the Amazon Follow Up Tool. With these templates, you can easily follow up with customers after they have placed an order.

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