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Helium 10 is a website that analyzes the competition from Amazon’s ASIN search to help online retailers find products with less competition. The tool relies on an algorithm, which uses keywords and domains to generate suggestions for other products.

The “helium 10 cerebro tutorial” is a tool that allows users to analyze their competitors. It can be used to find out what they are doing well and where they might have opportunities.

You probably have a lot of product ideas you want to try out as a passionate and daring Amazon seller. You must, however, be resourceful, since you do not want to spend time and money manufacturing, promoting, and selling goods that are not lucrative.

Even seasoned Amazon sellers may be stumped when it comes to brainstorming fresh product ideas.

How will you determine which goods will be the most profitable?

Analytical marketing research may help you narrow down your choices, but it can be time-consuming. It may also divert your attention away from other critical duties for your company’s success.

There are hundreds of Amazon research tools available to assist you in making educated selections about which things to sell. However, they are not all made equal.

The Helium 10 Cerebro reverse ASIN search tool will be discussed here. We’ll talk about how it differs from other comparable tools. You’ll also learn how it may help you with your Amazon FBA company.

What is Cerebro Helium 10?

The Amazon Software Suite includes a huge variety of tools, including Helium 10 Cerebro. It is also available separately from the other tools in the set.


Helium 10 Cerebro is a reverse ASIN lookup tool, which means you can type in a product number and get a list of all the terms it appears for on Amazon. This tool is popular among users for analyzing product ideas and looking for lucrative items throughout Amazon. Cerebro isn’t a brand-new tool, but it’s continually becoming better. Its creators have included a new function that we shall discuss later. Furthermore, it employs cookies to enhance your user experience.

How to Use Cerebro Helium 10

It will take some trial and error to correctly use Helium 10 Cerebro. You should be able to find out how to make it work for your Amazon FBA company via trial and error.

Assume you’re contemplating offering five different items. You should examine your product ideas before taking the plunge and putting them up on your shop.

How do you know which ones will succeed and which ones will be a waste of time?

As you are surely aware, it is usually preferable to offer things that have less competition.

Helium 10 can assist you figure out which Amazon goods have little competition and which you should avoid.

The Most Effective Helium 10 Cerebrotherapy Method

To begin, head to your Amazon watchlist and choose the first product you’d want to test. Helium 10 will show the number of product reviews as well as the monthly turnover. The product you want to sell should ideally have a small number of reviews. This indicates that it isn’t really competitive. It should also, ideally, provide a high monthly turnover rate.

Go to Amazon after spending some time with the Helium10 chrome addon. Copy the ASIN number from the product you’re looking for. Return to the Helium 10 chrome extension and paste the ASIN into the “Product ASINs” section before clicking “Get Keywords.”

You should get a full results page after completing these steps. This page will provide a list of keywords for which your chosen product has ranked or is indexed on Amazon.

In general, the top 10 ranks account for around 95% of overall turnover. With this in mind, concentrate your attention on the top 10 results.


You may add filters to your search results from the main menu. You may define minimum and maximum values for search traffic, Cerebro IQ score, organic rank, and word count, for example. You may also change the “Match Type” and “Amazon Choice” choices.

You should start searching for items that are not extremely competitive now that you know how to limit your search results.

Start by looking at the “Competing Products” section for Helium 10 Cerebro. If the figure listed is larger than 20,000, you should start looking at alternative options.

We suggest looking for items with less than 1,000 competitors. While it is conceivable, obtaining strong organic rankings for highly competitive items in a timely manner is quite challenging.

Find items that have a low number of rivals yet a high search density. Finding an item with less than 100 competitors but with particular keywords that are searched for over 1,000 times per month, for example, is a smart business move.

If the capabilities of Helium 10 Cerebro excite you, you may be hesitant about its price. Contrary to popular belief, it is a very cost-effective instrument.

Helium 10 Cerebro costs $50 per month if purchased separately from the “A La Carte” package.

You may pick from one of three options if you wish to use Cerebro as well as the other tools in the Helium 10 Software Suite:

  • $97/month for Platinum
  • Monthly fee: $197
  • $397/month for Elite

Cerebro is available for free for 60 total usage with restricted functionality if you’re interested.

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Would you want to learn more about this well-known reverse ASIN search tool? Read on to see some of the most frequently asked and answered questions regarding Helium 10 Cerebro.

What does Cerebro IQ stand for?

The Cerebro IQ score might assist you in determining the potential of certain terms. The IQ score is a ratio of search volume to number of competing items for a term. You want your Cerebro IQ score to be high, just like in the traditional sense of IQ.

Keywords with a high Cerebro IQ have a large search volume and a small number of competitors. Avoid having a low IQ. Low-scoring keywords are associated with a large number of competing items yet have a low search volume.

What is the Cerebro Advanced Filter for Helium 10?

Cerebro developed a new advanced filter a few months ago to assist you widen your keyword searches. It allows you to more efficiently find keywords for which your ASINs rank well.

Cerebro now has a new advanced filter in Helium 10 that allows you to search for keywords that don’t have a high overall average rank but do rank for particular ASINs. To find more keywords or phrases for your goods, use the advanced rank filter and the search volume. These keywords may be included in your listing or utilized in PPC advertising.

Go to the Cerebro main menu to utilize the advanced filter. You may input at least two ASINs in the “Product ASINs” section from the main menu. Use search volume, position rank, and ranking competitors as criteria.

While the regular filters are beneficial, the advanced filters will show you terms that you wouldn’t have found otherwise.


Does Helium 10 Cerebro Take Backend Keywords into Account?

Knowing what your rivals’ backend keywords are doesn’t important, according to Helium 10’s help center and support staff. Their backend keywords might be outdated or poorly researched.

Rather, you should simply get aware with the keywords for which they are ranking and converting, and Cerebro provides that precise information to merchants.

Cerebro does not actively check into backend keywords since they give no benefit. Cerebro is one of the technologies that can determine which keywords lead to conversions. In the long term, this will be far more helpful to your FBA company.

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Is Helium 10 a Good Investment?

We can confidently declare that Helium 10 is one of the most successful and well-developed product research keyword tools accessible, based on our experience with it. Its creators are always looking for ways to improve it, as seen by the recent inclusion of Advanced Filter options.

For both new and experienced Amazon sellers, we strongly suggest this solution above alternative options. In addition to all of its revolutionary features, Helium 10 offers an excellent help center and support staff that can assist you with any difficulties that may occur; for more information, check our entire Helium 10 review.


We merely recommend that you use caution while selecting a plan. The free version may be sufficient for certain small-scale vendors. A premium version of this research tool will help more serious sellers who depend on their Amazon company as their major source of revenue. Examine your company’s requirements, choose products that will enhance your selling experience, and avoid purchasing a plan that you will not utilize.

The “helium 10 cerebro cost” is a tool that allows users to analyze their competitors. It can be used by anyone who wants to know how they are doing in the market.

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