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Helium 10 is a new product that promises to help users take care of their health. People can use it in order to track the foods they eat and how much exercise they do, while also keeping an eye on other aspects of their lifestyle. Jungle Scout is another company that claims its software helps people find the best deals when shopping online for products like electronics, clothes or furniture.

The “helium 10 vs jungle scout reddit” is a debate on whether or not the helium 10 is better than the Jungle Scout. The discussion has been going on for a while, but it seems to be getting more intense as time goes on.

Have you ever wondered if Helium 10 or Scouting in the Jungle is the most effective Amazon FBA software solution with a unique set of tools? “Which platform between Scouting in the Jungle and Helium 10 should I utilize for my FBA business?” you may wonder. You’ve come to the correct spot since this article will provide answers to those basic queries. This article will compare and contrast the Helium 10 and Scouting in the Jungle in terms of their overview, features, costs, advantages, and disadvantages.

Helium 10

The purpose of this Amazon program is to help Amazon sellers achieve financial independence. This user-friendly program gives the seller with the essential research tools to sell their items on Amazon. The Helium 10 program provides Amazon unprecedented information into the rivals. Manny Coates wasn’t kidding when he termed Helium 10 an all-in-one Amazon FBA software product that now includes automatic PPC ADS. It contains the proper tools to save you time and money on research. Helium 10 is fascinating because it combines so many helpful tools into one package. The Helium 10 crew is committed to shaking up the Amazon Tools industry and putting their stamp on a sector that was previously controlled by Scouting in the Jungle.


Features of Helium 10

Helium 10 has just a fraction of the elements that will make an Amazon Business a success.

Product Research – Black Box

This function will assist the seller in searching the software’s database for the best goods to sell. The Black Box narrows down the highly suggested things to sell from the roughly billions of products on the market today. Depending on the kind of goods the seller intends to sell, the database shows the product’s worth and revenue rate.

Helium 10 Chrome Extension Xray

This fascinating feature is almost identical to the Black Box. It is, however, a browser plugin that may be used to validate a product’s potential for commercial success. A laptop, desktop, or Chromebook web browser may be used with the addon. When a user visits Amazon and searches for a product to buy or sell, the Helium 10 chrome extension is activated. It will provide the seller with the best opportunity to earn the most money with the goods.

Listing Optimizer by Scribbles

When a seller is searching for keywords to draw attention to their goods, this function ensures that the seller has every potential term at their disposal. Lack of keywords is one of the most significant obstacles to a seller selling a product online. Customers enter these terms via search engines like Google or Bing. Online purchasing sites like Amazon and eBay use the same keywords. This function submits all of the main terms that users would put into a search field automatically.

Cerebro – ASIN Reverse Search

The marketing competition is investigated in this strategic feature. It’ll look at the product’s volume and see how frequently it sells, as well as how other merchants sell it. Consider this functionality to be a competitive espionage mechanism for the seller.

Inventory Reimbursement Finder – Refund Genie

This section focuses on the best refund sums for lost, stolen, or damaged Amazon items. Before the consumer chooses to return the goods, it will offer a detailed report on its return value. This is advantageous since the vendor does not have to second-guess a product return. Instead, they may use the Refund Genie to receive a report and send it to the customer if necessary.

Inventory Protector – Keep Scammers at Bay

This is critical. This function safeguards users from con artists and bogus offers. Most fraudsters send out fraudulent coupon bargains to everyone in order to maximize their profits while leaving everyone else with nothing. Inventory Protector monitors and prevents them from seizing control of the seller’s inventory.

Pricing for Helium 10

Helium 10 is available for purchase on a monthly or annual basis. Anyone interested in getting a feel for the program may sign up for a free account and retain it for 10 days.

The following are the Helium 10 deals.

  • The Helium 10 beginning package is $37 per month.
  • The Helium 10 Platinum Plan costs $970 per year or $97 per month. The Index Checker is available for an extra fee of either $17 or $170 every month (depending on what payment plan you already have).
  • The Helium 10 Diamond Plan is $197 per month or $1,970 annually. This plan is more advantageous than the Platinum Plan since there are no extra fees. This plan, however, has a restricted feature set.
  • Only $397 per month for the Helium 10 Elite Plan. This package includes all of the features listed above without any extra fees.

Should you which to find more about the Pricing for Helium 10 model and membership plans we have created a complete breakdown here.


  • This is ideal for anybody wishing to further their product research.
  • Helium 10 offers Amazon listings that are well-optimized.
  • Magnet is one of the most effective keyword research tools on the market.
  • An automated emailing system allows sellers to keep in touch with their consumers.
  • Helium 10 generates accurate sales and progress data.
  • As a merchant, you’ll have everything you need.


  • To use the automatic PPC tool adtomic, you must have a platinum or above subscription.

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Scouting in the Jungle

Scouting in the Jungle is an Amazon software tool that many sellers have been using for the past five years. The founder Greg Mercer wanted to see sellers dominate the Amazon competition and make product research a simple and data-backed process. A suite of Amazon seller software research tool for everything from product research using the Scouting in the Jungle chrome extension, to sourcing, supply and demand, to propelling and streamlining the ideal product listing. The sky’s the limit from there. Scouting in the Jungle has been popularly recognized at several organizations like Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, and Forbes. This software helps all Amazon sellers begin and increase their Amazon business success. This software is used all across the globe with almost 200 billion products being tracked on the market. Scouting in the Jungle has helped begin promoting more than 200,000 Amazon products in four years and that number is increasing dramatically every month. Let’s not forget to mention that the software has helped over 200,000 entrepreneurs either create a success story or has put their products on the market for a limited period of time.


Scouting in the Jungle Features

Scouting in the Jungle has a unique share of incredible features that’ll help build a successful Amazon business from the initial product research to in-depth analysis of competitors.

Tracker for Products

This tool keeps track of any Amazon product’s competitors. It will also assist Amazon sellers in developing a selling strategy that will allow them to surpass and outwit their competition. These characteristics are practical on a daily basis, and it will investigate any product in the seller’s inventory area, making it excellent for product research. It will also guarantee that the Amazon seller makes the greatest money on that particular goods.

Database of Suppliers

Scouting in the Jungle Database of Suppliers will connect the sellers to highly satisfied suppliers that can be found outside of the United States. Also, the Database of Suppliers will send the seller data that shows who their favorite customers are. Whenever the seller is looking for a manufacturer, this feature will provide them with the recommended manufacturers that’ll prepare the Amazon products.

Scouting for keywords

If the seller wants to increase traffic to their list of products, they can use Scouting for keywords to display the main keywords for them. Makes targeting keyword search terms east. This feature will help sellers improve the progress in their advertising campaigns and have more customer views towards their business.

Analysis of Sales

This is a great feature to have because sellers can consider this as their back office. The Analysis of Sales feature displays daily, monthly, and yearly reports on the seller’s expenses, gross, net, and performance. Sellers are very pleased with this feature because the reports can help set goals for themselves and manage their budget and profits more professionally.

Manager of Inventory

What distinguishes the seller from the competitors is supply and demand. Without supply and demand, there would be no advancement, and the company will fall apart. The seller may use this function to track their stock orders, inventory status, and be better aware of any possible stock costs.

Scouting in the Jungle Pricing

Scouting in the Jungle also has payment plans that can be paid off monthly or annually. Since Scouting in the Jungle doesn’t offer any free trials, they do offer a money-back guarantee that’ll last for up to 14 days.

The following the available plans that Scouting in the Jungle has. A quick reminder that Scouting in the Jungle does offer nice discounts, but only for a limited time.

  • The Scouting in the Jungle Plan costs either $49 per month or $468 per year. If you go for the yearly plan, then you’ll be able to save $120 on your plan.
  • The Extension Plan is $39 per month or $228 for the year. If you choose the annual plan, you will save $240 on your subscription.
  • The most popular plan is having both the Scouting in the Jungle Plan and the Extension Plan. This plan is popular because you get every feature with this plan. This outstanding plan costs either $69 per month or $588 per year. You’ll also save $240 with this plan if you pay with the yearly plan as well.

Scouting in the Jungle Pros

  • The cost is less expensive.
  • For more novice Amazon sellers, this is an excellent product research tool.
  • All data reports are complete and accurate.
  • The customer service is excellent.
  • Estimation tool for sales
  • Customer service monitors the system for any flaws or faults.
  • Scouting in the Jungle’s interface has a web app

Scouting in the Jungle Cons

  • Extension Plan doesn’t give you full access to Scouting in the Jungle and Vise Versa.
  • People are often logged out abruptly via extensions.
  • When numerous tabs are open, extensions crash.
  • There is no free trial or account.

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So Scouting in the Jungle Vs Helium 10 Which is Better?

When you’re involved in the Amazon FBA industry, building a business with Amazon can be extremely difficult, especially when you’re stuck with a bill or lack of resources. With Scouting in the Jungle and Helium 10, your investment, regardless if it’s time or money, can change the way you approach the business model. If you are a beginner in this kind of industry, then we recommend that you start with Scouting in the Jungle because it’ll do about 75% of the work for you. The other 25% will be you taking the time and effort in checking into your inventory, competition, and your sales reports daily. If you are more advanced in the Amazon FBA industry, then Helium 10 would be best for you. With Helium 10, you can get a faster jump start on your business and you’ll be able to see faster results with them.

Since both Helium 10 and Scouting in the Jungle are striving to go for the number 1 spot in the Amazon FBA industry, everyone will have their own opinions. Some people will be very pleased with either software, while others feel like using either software is useless. Keep in mind that there are many more success stories with either software than failures. Sometimes, you have to take the extra step just to get ahead in a business like this. Since Scouting in the Jungle has a higher advantage with accuracy and features, Helium 10 has the upper hand with the pricing and customer service assistance. At the end of the day, after you read through this article, again and again, you have to make the final decision on whether or not you want to invest in either one of this software. Always remember that financial freedom operates well when you let the money work for you. What do you think about the battle between Scouting in the Jungle Vs Helium 10?

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The “jungle scout free trial” is a tool that allows you to see how much money you would make if you sold your product on Amazon. It’s also a great way to test out the market before investing in advertising.

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