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HelloProfit – Track Amazon Profits is a software which helps you to track and monitor your profits, account for different day of the week sales, automatically updates price tracking information from Amazon. Hello Profit will help you increase profit margins by up to 5%!

HelloProfit is a software that tracks Amazon profits. It’s easy to use, and it’s affordable.

As an Amazon seller, you’re always on the lookout for new tools to help you manage your product listings, increase sales, and increase productivity. As the world’s biggest online marketplace, Amazon will only continue to expand, and you’ll need software that makes your work as an FBA seller simpler.

HelloProfit is one of the digital technologies we’ll be looking at today. HelloProfit is a popular Amazon management and analytics application that has helped tens of thousands of merchants better their companies.

We’ll go through HelloProfit in detail in this review. We’ll go through the key features, price, and other details. You’ll have a better understanding of what HelloProfit is and if it’s the ideal match for you by the conclusion of this review.

So, let’s get this party started.

What Are HelloProfit’s Most Important Features?


No HelloProfit review would be complete without a thorough examination of its key features. Many merchants are drawn to the program because of its unique characteristics. You may anticipate to use the following six features while utilizing this management software:

  • Dashboard for merchants
  • Create a dashboard
  • PPC supervisor
  • Orders and customers
  • Reporting on payouts
  • Notifications arrive instantly.

Dashboard for merchants


First up on HelloProfit’s list of useful features is the Dashboard for merchants. This is the place you’ll go for a comprehensive look at all of your profit and sales data. With this feature, you can examine data from different marketplaces throughout the world. You can also view data across various seller accounts.

You may choose to customize the look of your Dashboard for merchants. Simply use the filtering mechanism that’s available within the software. You can filter the Dashboard for merchants data by SKI, date, marketplace, and more. Viewing your data with each of these categories highlighted will help you unlock different perspectives.

The Dashboard for merchants offers a clear, concise display that will help you organize your data and improve your management techniques. On this dashboard, users have access to the following:

  • Tax
  • FBA fees
  • Revenue
  • Wrapping presents
  • Shipping
  • Sponsored advertisements
  • Profits
  • Fees for referrals
  • Credits refunded
  • Credits for refunds
  • VAT total
  • third-party shipping
  • Amazon deducted taxes.

Dashboard for Products

Next up is the Dashboard for Products. With this feature, you can view aggregated statistics for all of your products. This includes all of your products laid out one-by-one, as well as groupings of your products. For example, you might want to view all of your products by category or by price. With this dashboard, you can do the following:

1. Keep track of your sales ranking.

If you want to view your current sales rank and monitor its change, you’ll do so in the Dashboard for Products. Tracking your Amazon best seller rank (BSR) is important, especially if you want to determine the efficacy of your marketing campaigns.

2. Examine sales connected to promotions.

Most Amazon sellers use promotions to get their products off the ground and improve overall sales. On the Dashboard for Products, you can easily view all sales connected to promotions and compare them to full-price sales.

3. Quickly identify items

If you offer a wide range of products, which is typical for most Amazon sellers, you may feel overwhelmed when trying to sort through the mess. The Dashboard for Products organizes all of your products and allows you to identify individual ones with ease.

PPC supervisor

One of the most popular features of HelloProfit is the PPC supervisor. If you use PPC as an advertising model for your business, you want to follow it closely and adjust it as needed. HelloProfit’s PPC supervisor feature compiles every detail of your PPC campaign with precision and accuracy.

This feature contains unique algorithms that do all the heavy lifting for you. They help you determine the profitability of your current PPC campaign. Many sellers prefer HelloProfit’s PPC supervisor to Amazon’s ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale).

There is a lot of data to unpack with most PPC campaigns. This tool enables you to see data in a variety of categories, including:

  • Level of search phrase
  • Keyword
  • Campaign
  • Product promotion
  • Ad group

Users may readily access their data in the form of succinct charts, graphs, and other graphics if they want to see the broader picture. You may alter filters, keyword bids, budgets, and more using this function.

Orders and customers

As an Amazon seller, it is important to understand the relationship your customers have with your products. This helps you improve your products and marketing techniques. With the Orders and customers feature, you can analyze previous order information.

This tool allows you to have a better understanding of your clients while identifying crucial patterns. Let’s imagine you want to know who your regular customers are. Find recurring consumers fast and keep track of their information. Use this function to thank loyal customers and increase your repeat buyer base.

Another natural part of selling on Amazon is the reimbursement process. Use the Orders and customers feature of HelloProfit to monitor how often refunds and reimbursements are happening and who is receiving them. It even has a handy notes section where sellers can record why a refund was offered and other details.

Reporting on payouts

With the Reporting on payouts feature, you will receive biweekly reports on your finances. These reports are extremely detailed and aggregated for easy viewing. It allows you to read important data quickly. Most users view their data by ASIN or SKU.

Within the Reporting on payouts feature, you’ll see that all-important sets of data are grouped for easy viewing. Find whatever you’re looking for, whether you need:

  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Units
  • Margins
  • ROI
  • Profits after taxes

This tool allows you to calculate your real profit.

It is very simple to export your records using this capability. Send the data to your company buyer, business partner, or accountant after you’ve exported it.

Notifications arrive instantly.

You must keep up with the current trends to flourish as an Amazon vendor. This covers market developments as well as changes in your sales trends.

If you have a sharp increase or decrease in your sales velocity, that’s something you should be aware of. With Notifications arrive instantly., set your maximum sales velocity and minimum sales velocity by the day and by the hour. You’ll be notified whenever these maximums and minimums are reached.

Many users take advantage of the Notifications arrive instantly. feature to monitor their Buy Box status. Get real-time updates that let you know whether you’ve gained the Buy Box or lost it.

Some sellers use the Notifications arrive instantly. feature to monitor their products throughout the day without constantly checking the Dashboard for Products. You may be notified that your stock levels are getting low, and you need to reorder. Or it may let you know that certain products aren’t selling well.

This one, like other notification features, is completely customisable. It provides you the option of choosing which alerts you want to get and which ones you don’t.

Other Significant Features of HelloProfit

The six major elements of HelloProfit are the software’s bread and butter. However, there are a few things you should know before signing up for this service. Here are a few additional issues we’d like to discuss:

Your Data’s Shelf Life

You may be wondering how far back this program can go with your data. You may retrieve data from the last two years using this tool (with the free trial, this is limited to 4 weeks).

Two years is usually plenty for most vendors. In any case, the most recent data is frequently the most essential. If you’ve been using the program for a while, consider exporting old data before it reaches the 2-year milestone.


When utilizing HelloProfit, users should feel secure. It uses Amazon Web Services and is SSL protected, so you can be certain that your information is secure. If you have any more concerns with HelloProfit security, contact a representative or review their privacy policy.

Marketplaces with Support

The best Amazon management solution is determined by where you run your company. In the United States, Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy, HelloProfit may be used.

Sellers of various types

At the moment, HelloProfit is utilized by both FBA and FBM vendors. However, it is not linked to Vendor Central.

HelloProfit is suited for both seasoned and novice sellers in terms of seller experience levels. Experienced merchants may utilize the platform to safeguard their bottom line and establish consistency, while new sellers can use it to boost their first Amazon sales.

Count of Accounts

You may connect numerous seller accounts in the program instead of establishing additional HelloProfit accounts for each one you have. This makes seeing all of your sales at once simple and reasonable. You may be charged an extra cost that corresponds to additional accounts at some time.

What is the price of HelloProfit?


HelloProfit is a top-tier Amazon seller management tool, and it costs money, just like any other professionally built application. HelloProfit costs $97 a month, however its founders provide a free trial period of 21 days. This is an excellent way to try out the product and understand how it works before committing to a subscription.


  • We believe that $97 a month is a reasonable price for such an effective and succinct Amazon control solution.
  • Saves Time: The tool’s streamlined and detail-rich design allows you to save the amount of time you’d typically spend performing an in-depth study.
  • One of the best PPC supervisors available: If you are on the hunt for a great PPC supervisor, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that beats HelloProfit’s option.
  • Excellent graphics: If you’re the sort of seller who benefits from visual representations of data, HelloProfit’s extensive chart and graph library will come in handy.


  • Minor learning curve: Although HelloProfit’s interface is pretty straightforward, novice users may find it difficult to understand the program. However, with some experience, you’ll find HelloProfit to be quite user-friendly.


Overall, we believe this management tool is an excellent option for all Amazon sellers. The application has a great user interface and experience. If you know what you’re doing, it’s quite simple to pick up and reasonable for all vendors.

More significantly, we value the versatility that this product provides. It contains something for almost any vendor, regardless of their business model. It’s also adaptable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific requirements. To utilize HelloProfit, you don’t need to be an expert; all you need is drive.

HelloProfit is a one-stop shop for tracking sales, growing them, and figuring out how to handle critical flaws in your company strategy. You will save time and get a better night’s sleep with the aid of this program.

HelloProfit is a new app that tracks your Amazon profits. It’s available for free on the App Store. The app is designed to help you make more money by tracking your sales and margins. Reference: amazon profit tracker.

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