How Does Freight Forwarding Work For Amazon Sellers?

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Amazon sellers that sell goods internationally are charged a fee to have the items shipped. The fees used to be based on weight but they changed it so you’re only charged per item in order to better compete with other Amazon sellers and make it easier for customers. Learn how freight forwarding works as an option for international shipping from your seller account page.

Freight forwarding is a service that can be used by Amazon sellers. It allows the seller to ship their products around the world and not worry about any customs issues.

If you’ve ever done business internationally, you’ve undoubtedly heard of freight forwarders. By managing all parts of transit and delivery, they offer to take a lot of the worry out of overseas shipping.

Customs clearance is normally handled by them as well. But, for your cargo, do you really need to engage a freight forwarder? Is it a worthwhile investment or a waste of money?

We’ll explain what a freight forwarder performs, how their costs are determined, and where you can locate a trustworthy agency if you need assistance with your cargo in this article.

What Is The Role Of A Freight Forwarder?

What Does A Freight Forwarder Do

A freight forwarder is a person or business that arranges the transportation of products from one location to another.

While this may seem to be a simple procedure, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that the product delivery you expect from your supplier gets at your workplace securely.

The top freight forwarders, on the other hand, will make the process seem smooth, efficient, and uncomplicated.

A freight forwarder, often known as a freight forwarding firm, is a person or corporation that manages the shipping and receipt of products from their point of origin to their final destination.

This might include organizing transportation for your items, compiling the appropriate paperwork and documentation for your goods, insuring your delivery, and overseeing the haulage and delivery of your goods.

It’s worth noting that many markets use both freight forwarders and customs brokers.

Customs brokers are in responsibility of foreign shipments’ import and export elements, as well as commodities codes and EORI rules, whereas freight forwarders are in charge of logistics.

Many freight forwarders also act as customs brokers, supporting you with all aspects of the logistics and customs process.

How Does Freight Forwarding Work

Many of the stages outlined above are often skipped by the freight forwarder. For example, local haulage is usually outsourced to a partner in your supplier’s area.

A freight forwarder, on the other hand, is useful and often used since they have connections all over the globe who can help them discover the proper individual for the job.

Shippers benefit from freight forwarders because they negotiate freight charges with ocean carriers on their behalf, book cargo space onboard ocean vessels, arrange cargo insurance, arrange transportation and labor, inland haulage of goods from the customer’s warehouse to the port, temporary storage if needed, cargo consolidation, shipping, and customs documentation preparation, as well as export papers.

They may also be necessary to communicate with other government organizations depending on the sort of cargo to be exported, such as restricted products or certain types of food.

Why Would You Employ The Services Of A Freight Forwarder?

Why Use A Freight Forwarder

Using a freight forwarder, or freight forwarding business, has various benefits. You’ll just have to deal with one individual to have your items sorted, rather than many haulage and freight firms.

Many freight forwarders specialize in import/export paperwork and can guide you through the frequently difficult procedures. Freight forwarders may identify service providers all around the globe to complete your cargo thanks to their local connections.

Freight forwarders can help you negotiate shipping, transportation, and storage costs.

If you’re new to importing, working with a supplier in an unfamiliar location, or just want the import process to go as smoothly as possible, using a freight forwarder may be a good option.

How Much Does Hiring A Freight Forwarder Cost?

How Much Does It Cost For A Freight Forwarder

When you engage a freight forwarder, you’ll generally get an estimate for the complete end-to-end process of getting your cargo from the point of origin to your shop or warehouse.

This provides you the assurance that you know how much you’ll spend and what resources you’ll need to complete the transaction.

Get an itemized quotation from your freight forwarder so you know precisely what’s included and what’s not. A freight forwarder’s main job is to handle the transportation arrangements for your package.

Many, on the other hand, will be in charge of customs clearance in its entirety. It’s critical to understand what services your selected supplier offers. After that, you may critically assess price before signing a contract with your preferred provider.

Freight forwarders may often provide you with quotes for transportation, product-specific fees, packaging, storage, paperwork, insurance, and administration, among other things.

Hauling to a port or airport at the supplier’s location, air or sea freight, and local transit in the UK to reach to your delivery destination are all included in transportation costs. Cargo weight, volume, or both may be used to determine costs.

Your things may need to be palletized or packaged for air freight, which would be paid by the packing costs, depending on how they are delivered.

Perishable supplies may need refrigerated delivery, while hazardous substances may necessitate special measures and permissions.

Is Freight Forwarding the Right Business for You?

Is Freight Forwarding Worth It

Using a freight forwarder may be a sensible alternative if you’re new to importing, dealing with a supplier in an area where you’re not well connected, or just want the import process to run as smoothly as possible.

If you have a deeper grasp of your suppliers’ export and import processes, as well as a network of local haulage businesses and sea or air freight providers, you may feel more secure about doing it alone.

It’s important to be aware that in certain marketplaces, you may hire a customs broker. They’ll take care of the customs procedures, but not the transportation.

This may be an option if you already have relationships with local transportation businesses but are unsure about the customs rules that apply to your items.

DHL, Kuehne + Nagel, DB Schenker, DSV, and Sinotrans are among the world’s largest freight forwarding businesses. If you want to get a sense of what market rates may be, these are terrific locations to explore.

A freight quote calculator is a good place to start since it may provide you with a number of alternatives from various vendors to help you get a sense of the pricing for your specific cargo.

You’ll only need to input your shipment’s information once, and the site will find quotes that meet your requirements.

It’s critical to double-check the scope of each freight forwarder quotation and do some due diligence investigation. As previously said, not all freight forwarding firms are regulated correctly, so be sure the quotations you get are from a reputable source.

Last Thoughts

Every entrepreneur’s life is difficult, but those in the import/export industry, who must deal with suppliers from all over the globe, have much greater challenges.

Using a freight forwarding service will help you rest since you’ll know that your items will be transported, shipped, and even cleared through customs.

You may then focus on building your company, confident in the assurance that your cargo is being handled properly.

Individuals who are unfamiliar with international trade may find the paperwork, processes, and constraints that come with exporting their products intimidating. You don’t have to deal with the headaches and stress of international shipping when you import and export things.

Freight forwarding companies may be able to assist you with these responsibilities.

While it may seem that hiring a freight forwarding business for top-tier services is an unnecessary additional expenditure, freight forwarders provide a wide range of services and may potentially save you money by ensuring that your items are carried securely and effectively.


Amazon sellers should be aware of the process that is used when shipping packages. There are two options for this, and they are either using the United States Postal Service or a freight forwarder. The USPS will only deliver packages domestically while a freight forwarder can handle international shipments as well. Reference: will usps forward amazon packages.

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