How To Ask A Customer To Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon

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Customers are encouraged to leave feedback for products they have purchased. However, some customers may feel overwhelmed with the amount of negative reviews and want to remove them. This can be done by following Amazon’s social media pages and contacting customer service, but this is not always a viable option when you only need one or two removed. Alternatively, sellers on Amazon also have the ability to delete their own negative reviews in case it would give them more positive ones in return.,

When a customer leaves negative feedback on Amazon, it’s difficult to remove. However, there are some ways that you can ask them politely to remove their feedback. You can also use these methods if the customer is trying to leave a review for your product and they have left a bad one.

In the world of eCommerce, the expression “you can’t satisfy everyone” is painfully true. Mistakes are made, and occasionally a product is just not what a customer wants.

However, you may be concerned that if those unhappy customers post vehemently negative comments, it will harm your chances of impressing everyone else.

A poor Amazon review may be devastating for a new seller. It’s critical to get positive feedback for yourself and your items in the early stages.

A single one-star review may sink a seller, and even mixed ratings might do more damage than good. So, what do you do when you get negative feedback?

You may be able to delete unfavorable comments by contacting Amazon or individually engaging with the consumer.

However, keep in mind that deleting negative input isn’t always viable. We’ll walk you through the processes for having bad comments removed, as well as what to do if it won’t go away.

On Amazon, how do you ask a customer to remove negative feedback?

Speaking with a customer, being courteous, and resolving an issue may all influence a customer’s opinion.

You cannot, however, ask them to delete feedback in return for a refund. This is considered a breach of the terms and conditions, and your Amazon account may be suspended as a result.

Do not contact the consumer through other methods (email, Facebook, etc.) or request that they contact you. This is a breach of Amazon’s terms and conditions once again. 

This is not something you do. So, what should you respond to a consumer who gives you bad feedback?

To begin, make direct and prompt contact with the consumer. Customers have just 60 days to erase their feedback after publishing it, so you must act quickly. A consumer is also more inclined to update a review if they get a timely and useful answer.


Even if it’s only to say “we’re sorry you’re unsatisfied with the service you got,” apologize for what triggered the bad feedback. Be courteous and engaging, and provide a partial or full refund for any service faults.

Not simply a generic apology, but a concrete response to their concern. If a consumer believes you have paid attention to their feedback, they are considerably more likely to reply.

Finally, don’t explain too much. A consumer isn’t interested in what’s going on behind the scenes; all they want to know is how their issue is being handled. An email that is too lengthy will be skimmed and disregarded.

Hopefully, the consumer will respond within a few days, accepting the return offer. Refunds should be processed quickly. 

You should only inquire about deleting the bad comments once the buyer has been reimbursed. Explain how important customer service is to you, and apologize once again for the problem. Inquire politely whether the bad remarks may be removed.

Hopefully, they will gladly comply.

Making A Reply To A Customer’s Review


Unfortunately, not every consumer will agree to have their Amazon comments removed. That isn’t to say there isn’t anything more you can do.

Leaving a remark on negative feedback demonstrates that you are sensitive to criticism and are concerned about customer service. 

Keep your response brief and courteous. If you attempt to make jokes, it will be assumed that you are making light of the situation. 

Explain what measures you did to remedy the situation and apologize for the inconvenience.

This may cause the client to alter their mind about the review. Even if the feedback stays unchanged, other consumers will be able to see your side of the story and see you as a responsive and helpful vendor.

Contacting Amazon to Remove Negative Feedback

Contacting the consumer isn’t always the most effective strategy to erase a bad review. You may be able to contact Amazon directly in certain circumstances. 


If your feedback violates one of Amazon’s terms and conditions, it will be removed. This might be the case if:

  • The product is mentioned in the seller feedback. Product complaints should be made on the product page, not in the seller feedback section. Feedback from sellers should include shipping services, item descriptions, and customer support, among other things.
  • There is profanity or aggressive language in the comments. 
  • Personal information, such as a phone number or email address, is included in the remark.
  • There is commercial information in the review. Any remark that mentions other sellers, retailers, or websites is subject to removal.

A client cannot demand a refund in return for favorable comments, just as a merchant cannot give refunds for positive ratings.

To contact Amazon, visit Seller Central. Then select Account Settings > Orders > Customer Feedback Problems.

Keep your letter brief and straightforward, and explain why you believe the comment should be deleted. Make sure the remark is included and linked to.

If the feedback violates Amazon’s rules and conditions, it will be removed.

Why Would You Want To Remove Negative (Or Neutral) Amazon Feedback?

Nobody likes to hear anything bad about a company they’ve worked hard to build. Negative Amazon reviews, on the other hand, do more than hurt your sentiments; they may also harm your ability to sell.

Poor feedback results in a lower feedback rating, lowering your chances of making it to the Buy Box. The Buy Box predicts which seller is most likely to receive the next sale for a product with numerous vendors.

This Buy Box is given to merchants that have a high feedback rating. Every negative review lowers your score, lowering your chances of landing the coveted Buy Box.

Be mindful of neutral (3-star) reviews. Only 4- and 5-star ratings are considered favorable, therefore each 3-star might cost you money. 

You should, nevertheless, consider the good aspects of negative comments. Yes, even though it seems illogical, there are some advantages. 

Positively Using Negative Feedback

Negative evaluations reveal flaws in your company, allowing you to improve and thrive. Negative feedback might be sparked by an issue that has established a blind spot in your online business, even if it is a one-time issue. 


Don’t ignore any unfavorable input that comes your way with a dismissive attitude. Instead, take a moment to think about what the problem is and how you might address it going ahead.

Negative criticism might also cause you to reconsider your listing. It’s possible that a poorly defined description led to a faulty assumption, or that an essential aspect was overlooked. It’s a chance to do research and reach out to the appropriate consumer group.



A poor review isn’t the end of the world, but it might cause long-term problems. React swiftly when a consumer provides bad feedback on Amazon to resolve the issue and, ideally, get the review deleted.

If the feedback violates Amazon’s terms and conditions, contact Amazon to get it removed. The issue should be resolved with a courteous and short email.

The greatest strategy to maintain a healthy customer connection and avoid future troubles is to contact the client personally.

Contact the consumer, express regret for the mistake, and offer a reimbursement. When the consumer agrees, you may request that the feedback be removed.

Negative Amazon reviews should not be ignored. Take the time to study it thoroughly and comprehend the issue. You may improve your company in the future by avoiding as many negative evaluations as possible.



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