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Amazon is the world’s largest online store, and it often has many of your favorite products for sale. But what if you want to buy something from Amazon but don’t know how? This guide walks through how to ask a seller questions on Amazon.

The “how to message seller on amazon app” is a guide for how to ask a seller a question. It also includes information about how to contact the seller, and what to do if the seller doesn’t answer your questions.

Amazon certainly does have everything you need. If there’s anything you desire, Amazon is likely to have it.

While Amazon distributes and sells many of its products directly, it also lets third-party vendors sell on the site. Some of these are Amazon-endorsed via Prime, while others aren’t. 

This is why you need be cautious about what you purchase on Amazon, as not everything is approved by the corporation. You should carefully study product descriptions and consider delivery schedules, as not everything is certified with Prime for that one-day shipping that we all enjoy. 

You may need to contact a seller directly if you are unsure about a product or if there is a problem with your purchase.

Whatever the reason, you should know how to ask an Amazon seller a question or start a conversation with them. Fortunately, we’re here to show you how! 

On Amazon, how do you ask a seller a question?


You may accomplish this in a number different ways, both before and after you buy an item. 

By use of the Product Listing Page

When you’re shopping on Amazon, you could come across a product you like but have some doubts about.

Whether you can’t locate the seller’s information on the website, you may be wondering if you can contact the seller directly to get answers to your questions. 

You may do this by going to the Product Listing Page and messaging the seller. Simply find the seller’s name by clicking on the product listing you want to inquire about.

This should be at the right-hand side of the page, generally under the In Stock section or the Add to Cart button. ‘Sold by sellernamehere and fulfilled by Amazon’ is a good example. 

The seller’s name is usually a hyperlink, so you may click on it to find out more about them, including their contact information and other products they offer. 

When you go to the seller’s page, you’ll see a section labeled ‘Have a question for seller?’ and a button labeled ‘Ask A Question.’

You will be able to message the seller directly after clicking this button. However, you will initially see a page labeled “Tell us more about your issue,” where you may choose a topic connected to your problem or enquiry. 


Then, fill in the blanks and pick a subject for your inquiry or message by following the instructions. This will be shown as a drop-down menu, from which you must pick the most closely comparable choice.

Shipping, refunds, returns policies, and product specifications are among the alternatives available, and these are the most typical reasons buyers contact merchants. 

You may also be asked whether you’re contacting the seller about an Amazon item or an order you’ve previously placed with them. 

After you’ve chosen your choices, you’ll be led to a page with a text box to complete. Then, for the seller’s response, enter in your message or inquiry.

We urge that you provide as much information as possible at this stage, particularly if you have previously placed an order, including the order number, description of the problem, and any special requirements. In addition, your message must exceed 4,000 characters. 

If you have a complaint or your goods has been damaged, you may also provide files and photos of the problem to aid your case. 

After you’ve finished writing your message, click the Send button to send your message to the seller. After that, Amazon will forward the letter on your behalf and send you a copy. This ensures that neither the seller nor the buyer has access to your email address.

Most of the time, you should get a response quite soon, but it is advisable to wait around two working days before contacting them again.


If the seller does not react and there is a problem with your purchase, you will most likely be able to fix it via Amazon Customer Service. If you have previously purchased from a vendor, you may contact them to address a problem using the Your Orders tab. 

through the ‘Your Orders’ page

If you’ve made a purchase with a seller, you’ll be able to contact them via the Amazon homepage’s Orders page. You may also discover it by going to your profile in the right hand corner and choosing Your Orders from the dropdown menu. 

Once you have located this button, select Your Orders, or go onto Amazon.com and click the Returns & Orders tab. Then, you will need to locate the order with the issue, or find the product that you have a problem with. 

Select Get Help With Order or Problem With Order once you’ve found the order in question. After that, you’ll see choices for reporting your issue.

You may, for example, seek a refund, return, or exchange and communicate with the vendor. If you are unable to contact the seller in this manner, you may contact Amazon’s Customer Service team to address the issue through the Amazon platform. 

You may also offer feedback for the merchant this way if there is no problem. On this page, you should notice a Write Seller Feedback option where you may rate the seller and leave a remark about your experience. 

Messages from Buyers and Sellers 

You may need to interact with a seller in other instances, or they may need to contact you.

For example, if there is a problem with your purchase, such as the item being out of stock or their being a delay, the seller may attempt to contact you directly. This is why, just in case, you should check your Amazon account notifications periodically. 

If you’ve already communicated with a seller, you may reach out to them by going to Your Account and looking through your messages. This may be done by scrolling down the page until you find the Communication and Content tab.

There, you will see many options, but the one you are looking for is the Messages From Amazon & Sellers button. Click on this one.

When you click this option, you’ll be sent to an inbox page where you’ll see all of your previous Amazon messages and conversations, as well as any vendors and third-party merchants you’ve associated with. You may also see the messages you’ve sent to merchants in this section.

If you’re using the Amazon app on your smartphone or tablet, go to Your Account, then Message Center, then choose Buyer/Seller Messages. 

You’ll be able to discover the seller in question and interact with them by sending another message after you’ve reached your message center. You’ll need to open a text box once again and keep your message under 4,000 characters.


To recap, contacting an Amazon seller is a really straightforward procedure. Simply follow the procedures above before placing a purchase, or start a conversation with a vendor in just a few simple clicks! 




If you ever have a problem with an Amazon seller, the best way to get it resolved is by contacting them directly. The “how to contact amazon seller support directly” will show you how to do that.

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