How to Change Amazon Store Name?

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This guide is going to show you how to change your Amazon store name. It will walk you through the process step by step, and discuss some of the pitfalls that might occur along the way.

The “amazon store name ideas” is a question that has been asked many times before. Amazon allows you to change the name of your store, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. The process can take some time and effort.

Names are very powerful. They help to define a person or a brand, as well as provide a feeling of identity in certain circumstances.

It’s the same with an Amazon store. While branding an Amazon shop hasn’t been a major problem for most retailers in previous years, that is changing. An Amazon shop name is an important aspect of developing a brand, particularly on a site with over nine million sellers.

If you’re an Amazon seller wishing to modify your Amazon shop name to something more appropriate, keep reading. You’ll not only learn how to update your company’s display name, but you’ll also pick up some helpful hints.

Make use of Amazon’s Seller Central.


If you’re an Amazon seller, you may modify your account’s display name using Seller Central. You may modify your legal company name and tax ID structure in addition to your brand name.

The major interface utilized by shop owners to advertise and sell their items and brands is Amazon Seller Central. It works by connecting your business to clients directly via the Amazon marketplace and storefront.

A marketplace or third-party Amazon seller account is considered a Seller Central account.


  1. Activate Seller Central.
  2. Go to your account settings and choose Account Info.
  3. Then choose “Your Seller Profile.”
  4. Ensure that all needed fields, such as signing in as the primary Amazon account holder, are checked. This allows you to modify and make any necessary changes.
  5. Click “Edit” on your shop information after you’ve published needed fields like these.
  6. Update your display name, as well as your account information and statistics for each nation where you sell.

Use Amazon’s Name Makers

You may utilize online name generators instead of coming up with a brand name for your Amazon firm. Simply enter the sort of goods you offer, as well as any relevant terms or categories, and the generating tool will handle the rest.

Other excellent resources include:

Brand Name Generator for Shopify

This free website enables you to rapidly begin selling your items by assisting you in selecting a shop name in just a few clicks. It also aids in the protection of your domain name’s information.


This platform, which is also free, enables you to easily modify your brand name. Simply enter a term, and the site will mix it with adjectives, nouns, and verbs from its database.


This program helps you come up with a shop name by suggesting natural yet distinct names. You’ll be able to modify the name of your business using an intelligent naming tool, enabling customers to see your branding on the marketplace.


This site substitutes 20% of all vowels with other vowels and 20% of consonants with new consonants to make your brand name more attractive. This results in a one-of-a-kind Amazon account with a memorable domain address.


This website enables Amazon merchants to create short, customized names that are relevant to their company. When you save a name, the algorithms learn your preferences and provide you with more appropriate suggestions over time.

Should Your Display Name Include Keywords?

The value of keywords in the name of your Amazon business is arguable. Some advantages and disadvantages may help or hinder your page. This is completely dependent on your own business choices. Both sides of the debate, however, are mentioned below:

Keywords in Use

The SEO side of things has advantages, such as consumers relating to brands, which leads to increased sales. Keywords, on the other hand, seem to function significantly better in product descriptions that include a video or a product link. When it comes to product posts, people are more inclined to subscribe and contact your business using keywords.

Not Keywords in Use

Because your business may include several keywords, including them in your name may not always be possible. Using too many keywords in a title that mustn’t be longer than three words, for example, might be tricky.

Furthermore, unique keywords may be applicable exclusively to a single product article. It’s probably best to keep to keyword utilization in storefront descriptions until you’ve sold or intend to sell a limited number of goods.

Is the name of your Amazon store already taken?

With thousands of individuals selling on Amazon, coming up with the appropriate name may take some effort, especially if your concept has already been taken. Furthermore, you may discover that you need to edit it many times until it is approved.

You Have Options

With this in mind, the process of selecting a name excludes the use of a previously used name. This is due to the fact that pre-existing company names will not be available. If your brand already has a domain name, it’s recommended that you choose something similar. This is so that your consumers may learn more about what you offer and how each of your products is made.

Prevent special characters and spaces to avoid having your account information stolen. Instead, when using Seller Central or any other name generator, utilize brief sentences or single works.

You should also look for features, media, or films that indicate an Amazon account with a name that sounds similar to yours. Avoid infringements and legal difficulties by quickly modifying your name and settings, particularly if the seller is on a bigger scale and is a registered trademark firm.

To double-check, submit to Amazon.

When you’ve decided on a shop name, submit it to Amazon to ensure it’s accessible and can be classified as a registered company. Furthermore, if you want to expand your brand, you should check to see whether the domain is still accessible. You should also look for trademarks to ensure that you may grow your company to a more professional level later.

Obtain a Trademark Registration

After you’ve decided on a name, you’ll need to register your account before you can begin selling. This is important not just for tax purposes, but also to avoid mistakenly name your business the same as someone else’s. Do your homework, update and alter your name till it is distinctive, and you’ll be able to sell legally.

You’ll also need to sign some conditions for your Amazon settings to be proper while registering your name. These areas are labeled remark, name, email, website, and so forth. This needed information will connect your personal information with your Amazon username, allowing you to start selling legally.

Allow Your Amazon Store to Grow

After a name change, take advantage of the opportunity to concentrate on sales and brand recognition. Why not have a discount in honor of your new brand, make a product video, or encourage customers to sign up for your newsletter? These techniques will simply broaden your internet search reach and enhance visibility for the products you’re offering.

The “how to change sellers on amazon” is a question that has been asked many times in the past. This article will explain how to do so and provide links for more information.

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