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Amazon reviews are a staple for understanding how well-liked, or disliked, your product is. However, until recently this was all done by hand with some help from AI. Now you can use Helium 10 to download Amazon reviews up to 2022!

The “amazon review export free” is a command-line tool that allows users to download Amazon reviews from the Helium 10.

You must have a broad notion of where you are in relation to your competitors while running an Amazon FBA company. In this sector, keeping track of reviews and checking in on consumer feedback on a frequent basis will make or break your success.

With Helium 10, you can now download your client feedback, which was previously impossible to monitor and manage. When you need to read what consumers have to say and analyze how you can take your satisfaction guarantee to the next level, this software tool may make all the difference.

Today, we’ll show you how to use Helium 10 to obtain Amazon reviews. We’ll also go over why this functionality is so important for Amazon sellers, as well as some of the other benefits of using Helium 10 as your FBA management software!

What is Helium 10 Review Downloader all about?

With so many various FBA management software options on the market, it may be difficult to determine which will help you be more productive. Check out our Helium 10 review for an exclusive discount coupon code.

We’re here to inform you that Helium 10 works; it relieves you of the burden of managing all of the tasks that go with running an FBA.

The following is how it works:

Helium 10 Xray is a Google Chrome addon that enables you to download all Amazon marketplace reviews for a given product. There was no method to collect all of this information before the invention of this program, therefore this is absolutely something you should use!

It is in your best interest as an Amazon FBA company owner to do all you can to stand out from the crowd. After all, you’re fighting for the attention and purchasing power of customers! Helium 10 can provide you a complete picture of where you are in the industry and can allow you to analyze and simplify a massive quantity of data and reviews like never before.

If you want to understand more about this useful tool, keep reading for a step-by-step explanation and guidance on how to use it!

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How to Download Reviews Using Helium 10

While the program will take care of the most of the work, there are a few things you must do to get it started.

1. Helium 10 Extension may be downloaded here.

As previously said, Helium 10 is a Google Chrome extension, thus the first step is to download the program from this link.

Simply put “Helium 10 Extension” into your web browser, and you’ll be invited to download the program.

Make sure you follow all of the on-screen directions and let the extension download completely. Allowing for pop-ups and other unexpected events is sometimes necessary.

You’ll see the newly installed extension in the upper right corner of your screen after it’s finished downloading. You can even move your cursor over it to see the name “Helium 10” appear.

You may now utilize the program to its full potential now that it has been installed! The program is quite user-friendly, as you will see in the instructions below.

2. Go to Amazon.com

Now that you’ve installed the extension, you can go to Amazon to check how it works.

When you get to Amazon’s main page, you are given the option of typing any product into the search area.

As an Amazon seller, you most likely have a long list of items that you now sell or would wish to offer in the future.

Before beginning your story, plan a strategy to make the most of this application. In the grand scheme of things, it’s simply another kind of study that may be quite beneficial in helping you succeed on this competitive site.

To begin, you’ll need to choose a particular product that you want to learn more about. Go ahead and put it into the search area, being as specific as possible — this will come in handy later when you’re ready to sell on your own!

3. Look Through the Products

You must ensure that you are looking at the right model and version of the product at this step. If you take additional precautions throughout this phase, you will be more likely to receive evaluations and information that will be far more useful to you than if they were taken from another comparable product.

Once you’ve located a match that is identical or nearly identical, click on it as if you were making a purchase.

This page is certainly familiar to you since it is where you, as a consumer, would go to learn more about the product before making a purchase.

From the viewpoint of a seller, this is where the Helium 10 extension will shine.

4. Use the Helium 10 Extension to collect reviews and reports.

It’s time to put Helium 10 to work once you’ve double-checked that you’re looking at the right product.

To do this, go to the upper right corner of your screen and click the extension button.

You will be given many alternatives when you do this. The major goal of this program is to provide you with an all-encompassing collection of product reviews. This collection will provide you an honest look at the good, terrible, and ugly reviews, which you can then utilize to your advantage when it comes time to sell!

If you wish to download all of the reviews for this product, click “Review Downloader” and then “Extract.”

You will be transported to another page that will have all of the reviews for you to read!

Review Refinement

However, with many goods, there can be hundreds upon thousands of reviews, which may be overwhelming and even get in the way of the more useful information you need. You’re in luck since you may narrow down your search to just look at certain categories of reviews.

You may use these filters to isolate reviews based on their star rating, the date they were published, or even whether or not they provide useful information.

When you’re trying to debut a new product in your shop, this function comes in handy. Reading unfavorable evaluations on your competitor’s website might assist you prevent any of their problems before they occur.

This is also your chance to make up for any inadequacies and figure out where your competitors are having trouble. Use these evaluations as motivation to improve, and we promise you’ll win over the customers in that particular market!

5. Download the Reviews

Even after you’ve gone through and read all of the reviews, it’s still a good idea to store them for later.

These packages include a wealth of knowledge, and if you are prepared to learn from it, you may make some significant improvements to your FBA! You’ll know more about who your target market is and what they’re looking for in a product like yours.

You may save the data by pressing the export button, which should appear towards the top of the page and on the right side of the screen.

When you hit this, a download window will appear. Go ahead and click on this download box, and remember to rename it so you can locate it again later.

The data will be saved in an excel file, which is ideal for keeping track of things. You may rearrange things as you see fit, and you can even search the content for certain terms or suggestions as needed.

This database is a fantastic source of knowledge, and it’s the main reason why Helium 10 can help you stand out from the crowd!

6. Make the Most of the Information

As previously said, this program has accomplished something really groundbreaking. There was no method to save and preserve these reviews prior to its construction, which meant you’d have to browse through each one on Amazon simply to get a sense of what people were saying.

As you might guess, Helium 10 has sped up this process in a variety of ways, so make the most of it by ensuring that you utilize the information to your advantage!

Here’s how you may increase your FBA company by using downloaded reviews:

Find out what your customers want.

The most obvious benefit of this knowledge is that you can comprehend the clients’ viewpoint. To acquire a complete grasp of the present market you are targeting, you will go further into both positive and bad aspects of other FBA items. This is why:

  • Positive reviews are beneficial since they reveal what customers are seeking for. If someone is prepared to post a good review, it is likely that the vendor met or surpassed their expectations in some way. You can take advantage of this by focusing on these advantages and ensuring that you emphasize on the positive aspects while launching the product.
  • Negative reviews may also be a valuable source of information for avoiding some of the more typical pitfalls that your rivals have encountered. Reading unfavorable reviews will highlight those areas of concern and provide you specific instructions on how to improve things in the eyes of the consumer.

Take your time with this and look for the commonalities. You could wish to categorize your information into “Good” and “Bad” review columns, with comments detailing what consumers liked and disliked.

Improve Your Marketing Skills

These reviews might also assist you in marketing your goods. You’ll notice that individuals tend to speak about the same topics if you pay attention to what consumers say in reviews.

When it comes to researching keywords and talking points to advertise your goods, such similarities are invaluable. If everyone appears to be raving about the qualities of one product, you should definitely mention it in the listing.

Selling items online is similar to selling real estate, to give an example. The higher your product ranks in a search, the more likely you are to make a sale. You’re battling for that “property” on the internet and need to make sure you’re one of the first results – and the best way to achieve so is to use the right keywords!

Using Helium 10 to Your Advantage

What makes Helium 10 so appealing is the ease with which you can make use of the data it collects. It really is a game-changing piece of software.

Rather of trawling through pages and pages of items and reviews on Amazon to get the information you need without the ability to download them, you can now just choose a few closely related things and let Helium 10 handle the rest.

Of course, Helium 10 isn’t the only way to take your Amazon FBA company from decent to great and dominate the industry. Helium 10 collects the data, but it’s up to you to put it to good use and make the most of it.

But how can you put the feedback Helium 10 receives to good use in your FBA business?

You may utilize the reviews collected by Helium 10 to put yourself in the shoes of the client. Of course, many companies are launched by individuals who are tuned in to what consumers want and see a gap in the market, but with Helium 10, you can take this to the next level.

Positive reviews reveal more about what buyers want, and many individuals submit evaluations because they are pleased with the goods they purchased and their expectations were met or surpassed.

Take notice of these positive aspects and accentuate them while launching your product.

Negative reviews, as previously said, might be beneficial since they inform you of what to avoid. You may look at what consumers didn’t like about your competitor’s goods and make sure similar flaws aren’t present in your own.

While Helium 10 will provide you with pages and pages of reviews, make sure you filter them extensively so you can read them thoroughly. It’s all too easy to skim thousands of words, particularly if they’re jumbled.

Separate the data into positive and negative columns and make notes of significant issues raised in reviews to make it easy for yourself.

Customer reviews may also be valuable for marketing purposes. You’ll undoubtedly notice a trend as you browse through the evaluations Helium 10 has accumulated for you.

The product’s true strengths will be stated many times, as will the product’s true flaws. Noticing these patterns simplifies keyword research and aids in the creation of talking points for your product.

Getting to the top of the search page is the key to online product marketing. People are more likely to click on your items if they are ranked higher.

People will think the top goods are the best ones, partially because who wants to browse all the way down for anything when one of the products seems to match their needs? As a result, keywords are critical!

In terms of Amazon software, what more does Helium 10 have to offer?

So now that we’ve lauded Helium 10 X-ray – and notably their Review Downloader – you may be wondering what more it has to offer. Take a look at this:

ASIN Grabber: This program allows you to choose and copy numerous ASINs at the same time. This is useful for developing targeted advertisements.

Inventory Levels: To figure out how many products are in stock, utilize the 999 cart trick. This only works if the seller hasn’t established any purchase quantity limitations, which is becoming more frequent.

Profitability Calculator: This tool allows you to make critical pricing choices by revealing net profit or loss figures depending on cost parameters. It estimates everything from the cost of items and delivery to storage fees, Amazon fees, and even tax.

Try Helium 10 right now!

The secret to becoming a successful entrepreneur Fulfilled Learning how to maximize your time and handle tiresome duties as an Amazon seller is essential. As this form of online company has grown in popularity, solutions like Helium 10’s review downloader have become essential; this function makes a significant difference for your FBA because it provides you with structured access to beneficial consumer feedback. In such a busy online economy, standing out might be challenging, but Helium 10 can give you the edge you’ve been seeking for!

The “reviews csv” is a file that contains the Amazon reviews for a particular product. The reviews are in CSV format, which can be downloaded with the “Helium 10”.

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