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Amazon reviews are one of the most important factors in deciding whether or not to buy a product. One way businesses can get their products noticed is by
learning how to optimize for Amazon review volume, so they can have more high-quality customer feedback.
The business must first be compliant with all relevant data privacy laws, and also make sure that they don’t violate any Amazon guidelines as well.

Getting reviews on Amazon is a difficult task. One way to get them is by getting fake reviews. This article will explain how to do that.

Do you want to know how to acquire Amazon reviews? You’re not alone yourself. Sellers all around the world are continuously trying to find out how to get more positive client feedback.

Why? Positive client reviews, on the other hand, provide several advantages. They may help your shop succeed by enhancing customer interactions and increasing your Amazon rating.

Unfortunately, getting reviews on Amazon might be tricky. You must persuade people to write reviews while adhering to Amazon’s tight requirements.

Fortunately, gaining reviews isn’t as difficult as most merchants make it seem. Check out our detailed tutorial on how to gain Amazon reviews for professional advice. We discuss how reviews may benefit your business, the best strategies, and, perhaps most significantly, what not to do.

The Advantages of Increasing Amazon Reviews

Are you debating whether or not you should pursue more Amazon reviews? We believe you should since it’s a simple method to help your company grow.

One of the most apparent advantages is that it will help you establish a good reputation. Customers will see that customers are purchasing your items and leaving Amazon reviews.

Hopefully, the feedback will be favorable, demonstrating how fantastic your items are. New clients will have confidence in your business and purchase your Amazon merchandise. No one will want to purchase if your listing has no reviews (or many unfavorable reviews).

Another advantage of favorable feedback? They may help you improve your product’s rating. This advantage may not be obvious at first, but it makes sense when you consider it.

Customer happiness is important to Amazon, so when it notices that consumers enjoy a product, it will prioritize it in search results. The website recognizes that items with high ratings are more likely to convert, therefore it ranks them appropriately.

Higher product rankings are, of course, fantastic news for you. You’ll expand your audience and enhance your Amazon sales, which is particularly important for new items that lack reputation.


How Can I Get More Amazon Reviews?

Now that you’ve seen the advantages, there’s no denying that Amazon sellers seek for more good evaluations. You’re undoubtedly itching to start recruiting consumers at this point. However, there are a few things to consider before diving in.

For one thing, there is no quick fix. To attain the outcomes you want, you’ll need to conduct a strategic campaign. You must also follow Amazon’s regulations during the procedure. Violations may be devastating to your firm, leaving you in a worse position than when you began.

We’ll look more closely at these policies and what not to do later. Let’s look at the greatest ways for growing Amazon reviews for now. The tactics listed below can help you make the most of your resources while staying within Amazon’s restrictions.

Provide a Quality Product

Before we get into the specific approaches, you must first comprehend the significance of providing a quality product. Any effective Amazon review strategy will be built on the basis of a good product.

Assume you use the strategies outlined below. They work, and they attract a lot of people to submit Amazon reviews.

However, if your product is poor, it is doubtful that everyone will give it five stars. They’ll complain about everything that’s wrong with your goods, causing your reputation and Amazon rankings to suffer.

Only by continually providing an excellent product can you get five-star reviews. Sell something that will entice clients to submit a favorable review – they could even do it without prompting! They’ll speak about how valuable it was to them, which will entice other consumers to join up.

Take advantage of Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program.

Let’s talk about the first way, which is utilizing the Amazon Early Reviewer Program, now that you know how important it is to have a decent product.

What Is the Amazon Early Reviewer Program, and How Does It Work?

Amazon understands how tough it is to introduce a new product. The product is having a hard time acquiring the Amazon reviews it needs to rank since no one is purchasing it straight immediately.

As a result, Amazon launched this initiative to assist its vendors. This program is a legitimate technique to get genuine client feedback.

How does it function? Amazon contacts consumers who have previously purchased your items once you join them in the program.

Is Amazon willing to pay for product reviews?

The site requests an honest evaluation in return for a little reward (typically $1-3 gift cards) via this program.

Is It Real?

You may believe the program is a fraud when you learn that clients get compensated in return for an Amazon review. However, we can guarantee you that it is completely legitimate. The whole process is overseen by Amazon, and vendors have no control over what buyers say. As a result, you may feel certain that you’ll follow Amazon’s rules.

This strategy will not guarantee you 5-star Amazon reviews. Customers are encouraged to be honest, and the site compensates them equally whether they submit a 1-star or 5-star rating. Remember how we said that providing a decent product is the cornerstone of every strategy? That is particularly true in the context of this curriculum.

What Are the Conditions?

You must be a U.S. brand registered Amazon seller to participate in this program. A product must be valued more than $15 and have less than 5 reviews to be eligible.

After you pay the $60 cost, Amazon will contact genuine consumers to ask them to post a review for your merchandise. It will do so for a year or until it receives five fresh reviews (whichever comes first).

Use the button “Request Review.”

One of the simplest methods for obtaining reviews? Of course, using Amazon’s “Request Review” option.

It doesn’t get much easier than this. Log into your Seller Central account to get started. Go to the Manage Orders page and choose a specific order. On the right side of the Order Details page, click the “Request a Review” button.

That’s everything! Amazon will then send the customer an email asking for a product review. The consumer will be able to assess both the goods they purchased and their interaction with you, the vendor.

How Many Times Can I Use the button “Request Review.”?

You may be tempted to click the “Request Review” button many times given how simple it is to use. However, Amazon only allows you to do so once each order. This restriction is certainly for the best, since spamming texts irritate consumers.

When is it appropriate to use the Request a Review button?

You must wait at least 5 days after the delivery has been completed to send a request. This time frame is perfect since it prevents you from sending a request too soon. The consumer will have enough opportunity to provide an honest evaluation after spending time with your goods.

There’s a difference between submitting a request too early and sending one too late. You may no longer use the option to send a request after 30 days have passed from the delivery date. All Amazon product reviews will be current and relevant in this manner.

Is it possible to customize the message?

Amazon will send a standardized message to the buyer’s email address every time you push the button. Its only distinguishing feature is that it automatically populates your vendor name. Customers cannot reply to the message, and you cannot alter it.

What’s the good news? The message is automatically translated into your buyer’s language by Amazon. As a consequence, you don’t have to be concerned about your consumers’ inability to understand the request.

The Importance of Customer Service Responsiveness

As previously said, offering a decent product is critical. It’ll ensure that your Amazon product reviews are as positive as possible.

However, you should prioritize customer service as well. This strategy include processing complaints, swaps, returns, and reimbursements as soon as possible.

People identify the business selling on Amazon with the goods, therefore providing exceptional service is critical. They may opt to post a negative product review if they enjoy the product but had a terrible experience with the vendor.

It’s even more important to provide excellent customer service when you Use the button “Request Review.”. As you’ll recall, Amazon will email a request for both a product review and seller feedback. Customers will take this opportunity to report on their experience with you, so you should make sure they have nothing but good things to say.

Make use of the Amazon Seller Tool.

We’ve already mentioned how simple it is to request a review from your Seller Central dashboard. However, if you operate with a large number of items, going through each order one by one might be laborious. It’s easy to get behind when you have so many other responsibilities.

Fortunately, the procedure can be automated. A third-party Amazon seller tool, such as Feedback Five, Helium 10, or Jungle Scout, is required.

The days of clicking through orders are over with seller feedback systems like these. Thanks to the seamless automation, you’ll never forget to submit a valuable review request.

You just need to specify settings, and the seller feedback tool will do the rest. For example, you may send requests as soon as possible — 5 days after the purchase is completed. The program will send out requests at the precise time you choose, ensuring that you take advantage of every chance to collect Amazon reviews.

Use Amazon Seller Tools to Conduct A/B Testing

The great thing about selling tools is that they eliminate the guesswork. You can discover the optimum times to send your requests using printable reviews and extensive stats in easy-to-read charts.

Other Amazon Seller Tools Benefits

These tools may be rather costly, especially for novice Amazon sellers. You must pay a monthly subscription to utilize the program and get customer assistance.

You’ll be relieved to learn, though, that your investment will be well worth it. In addition to assisting you in obtaining reviews, the tools provide several additional benefits.

Take, for example, Helium 10. It does keyword research, improves your product listing, manages refunds, and much more. All of these features will surely make your life simpler and aid in the growth of your business.

Sign up for the Amazon Vine Program.

The Amazon Vine Program is comparable to the Amazon Early Reviewer Program. For further information, see the following:

What Is the Vine Initiative?

The Vine Program was launched by Amazon as another another effort to guarantee that buyers have access to unbiased product reviews. Vendors may join by offering consumers free things to ship. Amazon then delivers these goods to users for testing and feedback.

What Is the Best Way to Get Free Amazon Products to Review?

You may be wondering who is chosen to get free stuff. You should be aware, however, that Amazon does not choose just anybody.

Users that give the most useful product reviews are chosen by the site. These individuals, sometimes known as “Vine Voices,” get free items in exchange for a review (can be either positive or negative). Vendors cannot control who evaluates their items or the substance of the reviews, according to the terms of service.

How can I apply for the Vine Program?

For your shop, Amazon Vine is a fantastic opportunity. So, how can you become involved?

You must be enrolled with the Amazon Brand Registry, much like the Early Reviewer Program. You may enroll up to 20 goods, each with less than 30 product reviews. They can’t be adult goods, and they can’t need other stuff to utilize (for example, you can’t enroll a bicycle seat since the Vine Voice requires a bicycle).

Enrollment in the program is absolutely free. You will, however, need to send in things for Amazon to deliver to the Vine Voices for evaluation.

This software is also available for pre-releases. It may assist with the success of new items by providing evaluations prior to their official introduction.

What to Do If You Get a Bad Review

You should progressively witness an inflow of reviews after you use the tactics outlined above. Hopefully, the majority of them are favorable. Even if you give the ideal goods, you’re going to encounter a negative customer review at some point.

Negative reviews aren’t always bad, but they should be taken seriously. These reviews may lower your rating and discourage other buyers from purchasing your goods.

You undoubtedly want to know how to cope with unfavorable reviews now that you’re aware of their consequences. Fortunately, we’re here to assist. Don’t freak out the next time you receive a notice for a bad review.

Here are some helpful ideas for coping with a negative customer review:

Publicly respond

Amazon enables vendors to reply to reviews in public. This is a feature you should use to its greatest potential.

Make careful to express sympathy for the consumer in your answer. Accept responsibility for your mistakes and provide your viewpoint on the situation. Explain how you’ll resolve the problem and what you’ll do to avoid it occurring again.

Most clients will appreciate your kind response. Even if they don’t change their ratings, other customers will see that you value excellent service.

Request that Amazon remove it.

Negative reviews might be requested by sellers. The chances of being removed are slim since the site normally favors consumers. However, it never hurts to inquire, as the adage goes. If reviews violate Amazon’s terms of service, they may be removed.

If you believe you are the target of a black hat operation, removal requests are extremely critical. Competitors, however, will occasionally attempt to shut down other shops in any manner they can. They’ll utilize black hat approaches to sabotage your rankings by posting bad reviews.

Customers should not be asked to change their reviews.

Don’t urge customers to modify their reviews when you react to them. They are free to do so as they see fit. If you ask them directly, though, you will be breaking Amazon’s rules.

Don’t ask a customer from Amazon to contact you.

Unsatisfied buyers may be enticed to ask for the seller’s name, email address, or phone number. They believe that resolving the problem outside of the seller chat system will be simpler. This request, like asking a consumer to modify their reviews, is against Amazon’s standards.

The greatest thing you can do is avoid unfavorable reviews altogether by providing excellent items and customer service. If you do get a poor review, be cool and use the suggestions we’ve provided.

Don’ts for Increasing Amazon Reviews

We’ve spent the most of this article on how to earn Amazon reviews focusing on what to do. Understanding what not to do is just as essential as knowing what to do.

Throughout this post, we’ve referred to the Amazon criteria. It’s in your best advantage as a vendor to get acquainted with them. Violations (even if inadvertent) may have substantial ramifications for your business. So, here’s a little additional data on some of the no-nos.

Can You Request Amazon Reviews?

This is a common concern among vendors. The answer is that it is dependent.

You may obtain Amazon reviews by following the strategies we mentioned previously. Of course, Amazon-sponsored programming and the Amazon request button follow the site’s rules. You may also rely on seller tools like Helium 10 and Jungle Scout, which are 100% legal.

When you start using other approaches, though, the boundary between acceptable and unacceptable blurs. Let’s pretend you have a sizable social media following. Your audience is very devoted, and you know that if you ask, they will give reviews.

So you go to your social media pages to get feedback. You give your followers a modest bonus if they submit favorable reviews to inspire them.

Many policies are broken by this action. For starters, you can’t guarantee payment in return for evaluations. You also can’t directly beg for POSITIVE reviews if you’re not providing anything in return for a review. These practices are considered manipulative by Amazon, and merchants will be penalized as a result.

If you have any questions regarding how to get reviews (whether via social media, blog postings, or other means), visit Amazon’s rules.

Is it OK if I use a product insert?

A product insert is used by many merchants. That is, product inserts (also known as pamphlets) containing review requests will be included within the product package. Is this legal?

Yes, technically. Product inserts should be OK as long as they aren’t manipulative, don’t beg for a good review explicitly, and don’t promise anything in return for a review.

What About Fake Testimonials?

Some vendors get so thirsty for feedback that they create phony accounts and leave bogus reviews. It goes without saying that this strategy is against Amazon’s rules. So, if you’re considering it, reconsider.

Furthermore, posting false Amazon reviews is difficult. Customers who have made a verified purchase must provide verified reviews. Each Amazon product listing is limited to 5 unverified reviews each week, and Amazon is notorious for catching anomalous review activity early.

What about asking friends and family for feedback?

The majority of vendors have friends and family submit reviews on their product listings.

True, your account is unlikely to be suspended as a result of this change. It is important to note, however, that it is technically against Amazon’s terms of service.

By examining IP addresses, shared shipping addresses, and other factors, the site is remarkably intelligent and can discover relationships between sellers and commenters. As a result, we advise against such solicitation. Obtaining evaluations using ethical means will be much more profitable (and safer).

Get Amazon Reviews Right Now!

If you’re like most Amazon sellers, you could ignore the significance of reviews. However, once you understand their relevance, you’ll be able to maximize the potential of your shop.

Begin your campaign right now with our step-by-step tutorial on how to earn Amazon reviews. We’ve compiled the greatest advice to assist you in obtaining a large number of ratings. We’ve also taught you how to cope with negative news and what techniques to avoid.

The “how to get seller reviews on amazon” is a question that many people are asking. The process of getting reviews can be difficult, but not impossible.

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