How to Remove Negative Reviews on Amazon in 2023

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It’s an age-old problem: What if someone leaves a negative review on your book without providing any rationale? You know it isn’t true, but you have no way of knowing that for sure. As the online marketplace becomes more important in emerging economies, Amazon is facing new competition with sites like BookBub and Flipkart offering a better experience to buyers. With this increased scrutiny comes the need for some changes – what could be next for Amazon then?

It is possible that Amazon will remove negative reviews from the site in 2023. It is important to know how to remove them so you can avoid this problem.

Nobody like seeing negative reviews on their Amazon seller accounts, particularly if they reach the landing page. A single 1-star review on a product may have a negative influence on your company, costing you money, sales, and lowering your purchase box %.

Negative feedback isn’t the only thing that influences your sales and purchase box %. Your profile might also be influenced by neutral words. To be lucrative, make sure you examine the feedback that comes via your seller account on a frequent basis.

Fortunately, you aren’t doomed to live with those negative ratings hanging over your head. Negative reviews may be removed from your Amazon account without too much difficulty.

Here’s how to delete unfavorable Amazon reviews, as well as a few things to think about while selling on Amazon.

Things to Consider Before Starting Work

Amazon takes its job as a go-between for customers and sellers very seriously. Before you start deleting unfavorable reviews from your page, make sure you’re up to date on the most current regulations and wording.

Before you go, there are a few things you should be aware of:

  1. Negative feedback cannot be eliminated entirely: Follow the removal instructions before committing yourself to leaving the 1-star review at the top of your profile. You won’t lose all your profits and sales if it doesn’t work for one review. You’ll have to work your way back up to your starting point, but it’s doable.
  2. All Lost in Transit and Late Delivery concerns are handled by Amazon: You have no influence over the procedure after your items are delivered to the consumer. If the 1-star review has raised these concerns, Amazon will take care of them. A line will be drawn across the review, with the words “This item was fulfilled by Amazon.” This satisfaction experience is our obligation.”
  3. If a reviewer uses language that is not family-friendly, Amazon may remove the review and perhaps suspend the account associated with the language.
  4. Personal Information: When evaluating items or services, some reviewers want to reveal much too much about themselves. These reviews will be removed by Amazon because they violate the website’s rules and conditions.
  5. Product reviews vs. transaction reviews: If a bad review purports to be about a transaction but is really about a product, you may notify Amazon and get it removed. Product reviews show in a separate part of the website, however transaction comments may be seen on your seller profile.

Now let’s look at how to get rid of bad Amazon reviews.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Rid of Negative Reviews

Maintaining an Amazon seller profile is difficult, but if you get into the swing of things, it can be highly rewarding. Receiving a one-star rating may often seem personal due to personal investment. Though you may be tempted to panic and get concerned, be confident that you have a strategy in place that you can follow.

Following the procedures below will enable you to remove negative feedback from your profile while continuing to operate your company.

1. Thoroughly review the review

If you’ve set up email notifications for new Amazon reviews, receiving a one-star message can bring up a torrent of emotions. Deepen your breath. Allow yourself one more read-through of the review to express your genuine feelings. Allow yourself to be annoyed and unhappy.

Go back and read the words again after the first read-through. While reading, keep three simple questions in mind.

  1. Is it a real customer or a bot from your competitor that wrote the review?
  2. What is causing the buyer’s dissatisfaction?
  3. Is there anything the individual said that is against Amazon’s Terms of Service?

You may then decide on your course of action. It is up to you whether you complete the subsequent stages or wait for Amazon to resolve the matter. Take quick notes on the comments so you can keep an eye out for bot activity or persistent bad reviews.

2. Contact Amazon Seller Support for assistance.

You may contact Amazon Seller Support if you believe the review is unrelated to the quality of your items or services. Unrelated reviews include the following:

  • In the transaction feedback area, there are product reviews.
  • Using profane words in feedback
  • When it comes to delivery concerns,

Head over to Seller Central and create a new case with your review comments in hand. You should read through:

  • Creating an Account
  • Orders
  • Problems with Customer Feedback

Keep the information brief and email the ticket. If you were successful in your quest, Amazon will give you a response.

Remember that Amazon will only delete comments that is specific to the product you’re selling. If the reviewer discusses other parts adversely, such as Arrived on Time, Customer Service, or Item as Described, the odds of the item being removed are small.

If you’ve established that the review is from a rival, things become a little trickier. You may still contact Amazon Seller Support about the problem, but you’ll need strong and convincing proof to get the review deleted. If your competition removal bids are unsuccessful, you will advance to stage four.

You may go on to step three after you’ve confirmed that the feedback was given by a legitimate buyer, which will almost always be the case. Connecting with the person on a human level will help you to deal with bad feedback more quickly and understand how to improve the customer experience.

3. Send an email to the reviewer.

If Amazon won’t remove the review for you, you’ll have to contact the customer personally. After the review has been placed, you have 60 days to ask the buyer to delete it. It will stay on your page otherwise.

You may use a third-party service to access personal email. After that, write an email that doesn’t put too much pressure on them but emphasizes what you want. When writing, emphasize three points:

  1. As a customer, reviews are highly helpful, and your opinion is critical to our success.
  2. Any problems you had with our goods or services will be resolved by our organization.
  3. If you’d like a refund, replacement, or a complimentary product from our shop, please let us know.

As you draft the email, be sure to keep Amazon’s standards in mind. You can’t simply offer a refund in return for the unfavorable remark being removed. If Amazon discovers this, your account will be suspended. Make sure your phrasing is unclear enough for customers to delete unfavorable reviews without feeling obligated to do so. An apology and an offer of a partial or full refund for shipping expenses may resolve late arrival concerns.

Feedback manipulation, quid-pro-quo agreements, and harassment are prohibited per Amazon’s standards. Make sure your email is courteous, apologetic, and conveys your wishes without being overbearing.

Additional reading:

3a. Make a phone call to the buyer

Buyers sometimes link their Amazon account to their phone number. You may acquire their phone number from the same third-party source where you got their email.

If they haven’t answered after two days of sending the email, phone them. Inquire whether they received the email and what you can do to resolve the problems they encountered.

3b. Send a Reminder Email

You may send a follow-up email or phone call if the buyer hasn’t reacted to the initial email or phone call. Stress how much you rely on your company to support your family and yourself.

If you’re diligent, you may motivate purchasers to convert their unfavorable reviews to positive ones by contacting them through email.

4. Directly respond to the review

You could write emails or phone personal numbers to assist reviewers have a better experience, but you might not receive a response. You may react directly to the remark after you’ve sought contact and received no answer. The sooner you answer to the review, the more professional your company will seem.

Keep Amazon’s rules in mind before replying. You can’t make the reviewer erase their remark or make them modify their words to something more favorable. Allow purchasers to contact you directly through your company email to resolve the problem.

5. Employ the services of a third-party removal company

If none of the preceding methods work, it’s time to engage a third-party service to delete the remark. Choose a firm that is committed to deleting bad feedback from your Amazon Seller Profile without making you go through unnecessary hurdles. If your bid is unsuccessful, most removal companies will repay you within 30 days.

You may use a cleaning tool as a last resort to push unfavorable reviews to the bottom of your comment area.

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Maintain your chin

You may continue selling on Amazon Marketplace with powerful feedback removal techniques at your disposal. Nothing will be flawless when you’re working as a vendor, so don’t worry about the little details. Instead, accept unpleasant feedback with grace. Make sure you approach the problem with the goal of correcting a mistake rather than seeking justice. Customers will be hesitant to modify their minds otherwise.

Negative reviews should not deter you from selling your items; instead, use them to motivate you to improve your customer service.

The “funny bad reviews on amazon” is a problem that many people have been having. It is important to know how to remove negative reviews from Amazon in 2023.

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