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Trade Assurance is Alibaba’s insurance against a trade not being completed. It covers the cost of shipping, customs duties, and other potential expenses associated with international trading. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use Trade Assurance for your Chinese imports or exports.

Alibaba Trade Assurance is a service that allows you to get your products delivered by Alibaba.com if they are not received in time. The review will show the risks of using this service and how it works.

One of the finest investments an entrepreneur can make is to start an internet company. The advantages of scalability and global market access are inconceivable.

You can’t start one without a product, however. Alibaba.com enters the scene at this point.

Alibaba is the world’s largest marketplace for suppliers. Today, we’ll discuss one of the reasons why they’re so popular with online entrepreneurs: Alibaba Trade Assurance.

The platform protects both the provider and the customer, and the trade assurance coverage functions similarly to insurance. With this insurance, you may trade with confidence, knowing that your purchase, product quality, and timely delivery are all covered.

Let’s look at how to utilize Alibaba Trade Assurance in more depth.

What is Alibaba Trade Protection?


Alibaba Commercial Assurance is a kind of trade insurance offered by Alibaba. Alibaba.com created it to assist “build confidence between customers and providers.” On a verified order payment on your Alibaba.com account, a trade assurance service contract provides complete payment protection.

The protection begins when the product quality fails to meet agreed-upon criteria, or when the supplier fails to deliver the items on the agreed-upon delivery date.

Setting up a program like this ensures that customers will trust you. It also assures that suppliers get high-quality goods. Buyers are convinced that they will not be taken advantage of by providers.

When a transaction is fraudulent, the buyer is promised a complete refund of their money. If the product quality is poor or the products are damaged, the same thing occurs.

What Is the Cost of a Trade Assurance Order?

For buyers and providers, the program is free. As a result, despite the added value, your order’s cost remains same. What could be better than getting your purchase insured for free in case anything goes wrong?

Now for the disadvantage.

It may not apply to all Alibaba.com orders. It applies when you purchase from a Trade Assurance-registered provider who agrees to follow the Trade Assurance rules. Simply search for the Trade Assurance emblem in the product description area to discover whether your supplier or product quality is covered by Trade Assurance.

Another thing to remember is to constantly verify the supplier’s Trade Assurance limit. Hover your mouse over the Trade Assurance logo for more information. This restriction is imposed by Alibaba.com. The seller’s past sales volume and qualifying status are used to set the limit.

The greater the upper limit, the better. If your order is worth $15,000 and the seller’s limit is $10,000, for example, the service will cover you up to $10,000.

This is seldom a problem in practice. The Trade Assurance limit set by the supplier usually covers your payment amount under the sales contract.

Now let’s look at how you may utilize Trade Assurance.

How Does Alibaba’s Trade Assurance Work?

The procedure for placing a Trade Assurance order is rather simple. This is how you get a refund for the service:

Step 1: Check the Trade Assurance Limits of the Supplier

A Trade Assurance limit applies to any merchant on Alibaba.com who participates in this program. When you buy things from a source, the limit determines how much coverage you receive.

Limits are set entirely by Alibaba. Alibaba.com looks at the supplier’s reputation, the quantity of sales they’ve done so far, and their customer experience ratings to come up with one.

Always double-check that the supplier’s Trade Assurance maximum is higher than your anticipated order/payment.

Step 2: Describe the product and the terms of delivery.

The next stage is to outline the product specifications and get an agreement on delivery conditions. In the event of any product quality concerns, Alibaba.com finds it simple to open a file.

Here are some of the specifics you’ll want to include:

If you have a specific design that you want the supplier to brand on your items, Alibaba advises sharing a product design file rather than a picture.

Define your quality specifications, including color, weight, and material. For the provider, leave nothing to chance.

Quantity: Tell the provider how many goods you’re ordering. This permits you to request a refund if you get things that are less than what you bought.

Packaging Specifications: Specify how the provider should package the items and the materials that should be utilized.

Date of shipment: Indicate when you want the goods delivered. This guarantees that your things arrive on schedule. If your supplier fails to deliver your items by the agreed-upon deadline, you will be asked to amend your Trade Assurance order. If your items are delivered late, you have the option of filing a dispute.

Customization: Inform the provider of any badges, colors, packaging, or printing requirements.

Step 3: Select Your Coverage

Selecting the appropriate coverage category for your purchase is critical to reaping the full advantages of a Trade Assurance service contract.

  • If you choose pre-shipment coverage, the platform will protect your down payment on the items from any complications that arise before to shipping. You may register a dispute case if you have any issues.
  • If you choose post-delivery coverage, however, your order is fully insured up to the supplier’s Trade Assurance level. If a disagreement arises and the provider is deemed guilty, the platform will reimburse your money in full.

Step #4: Confirm Order and Pay the Deposit

After that, you must confirm your purchase and submit the first payment.

Alibaba.com holds the first money in escrow until you get your purchase once you confirm it. That way, you may be confident that your money is safe. If there is a contradiction in the agreed-upon conditions, file a dispute with Alibaba and seek a full refund.

What are the Payment Options for a Trade Assurance Order?

Alibaba.com accepts a variety of payment options to support all of its transactions, buyers, and currencies. If a buyer decides to be covered by Trade Assurance, however, not all payment options are available.

Trade Assurance accepts the following payment methods: 

Online bank payments are the safest mode of payment. It’s a cost-effective and practical method of making payments. There is one stipulation: you must deposit your down payment into a CitiBank bank account. Your cash will be kept in escrow until you examine your products for product quality.

Credit card: Using a credit card to pay is advantageous since Mastercard and Visa may be involved in a dispute. These payment providers will also assist them in their inquiry.

Western Union: Smaller orders and U.S. suppliers prefer this approach. If your payment is less than 2,500 USD, this is the best alternative.

E-Checking: Alibaba often suggests e-checking as a preferable payment method. The transaction rates are set by the platform. The e-checking procedure, however, is only available to inhabitants of the United States. Only USD payments are accepted.

Alibaba’s ‘Pay Later’ service is used by buyers who do not have cash on hand. This service enables you to apply for trade credit of $150,000 USD from Alibaba-verified third-party partners. There is no charge for using this option.

Telegraphic transfer, often known as T/T or wire transfer, is a payment mechanism that B2B buyers and sellers use to send money to a bank account. T/T has no transaction restrictions and accepts a wide range of currencies. It’s the most cost-effective payment option for big purchases. Initial payment for Trade Assurance orders is often made by telegraphic transfer.

If you get damaged goods, how can you file a claim?

If you have a Trade Assurance order contract, you may file a dispute if you receive items that do not satisfy your supplier’s quality criteria. Alibaba’s legal team will review the facts and resolve any disagreements.

You may file a complaint if:

  • Your merchandise arrived late.
  • Specifications with flaws
  • Products with flaws

You must, however, file a claim within 30 days after receiving your product.

To start a dispute, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Order List page and choose the ‘Apply for Refund’ option.

To begin, go to your account’s order list page. Then select the defective order and click the ‘Apply for refund’ button once again.

Fill out the Dispute Form in Step 2.

To examine your issue, Alibaba will ask you to supply the following files as evidence:

  • Specifications and design criteria are defined in documents.
  • Purchase Order (signed)
  • Report of Inspection
  • All conversation with the seller’s transcript
  • Receipt of transaction signed

Step 3: Wait for a response from the supplier.

The vendor has five days to react once your data have been submitted and the case has been launched. If the seller fails to answer within the agreed-upon time frame, take your complaint to the Alibaba dispute resolution team. If you’re not satisfied with the supplier’s answer, you may escalate to the dispute team.

The conflict resolution team will assist in the investigation. If the given documentation is adequate and the product quality does not meet the agreed-upon requirements or the supplier fails to ship, you will get a 100 percent refund on your Trade Assurance order’s original deposit.

Assurance Trade Service Contract Frequently Asked Questions

Can Alibaba deny your refund request?

Your application might be rejected by the dispute team. This occurs even when the provider fails to deliver. Here’s why your application can be turned down:

  • While processing your order, you failed to schedule a third-party inspection.
  • After obtaining the items, you detected quality concerns.
  • When ordering the product, you didn’t offer particular details.
  • You do not submit your complaint within 30 days

What makes Alibaba and Alibaba Express different?

Rather than detailing everything here, see our piece on Alibaba vs Aliexpress, where we go over all of the differences and how they compare.

What is covered by Alibaba trade assurance?

Trade Assurance applies to items purchased and paid for on the Alibaba website.

What are the costs for Alibaba buyers?

When you sign a contract with Trade Assurance, you won’t have to pay any buyer costs. However, depending on your selected payment option, you may be charged a transaction fee. The following are the transaction fees:

  • 2.95 percent of the payment amount via credit card
  • Western Union: $4.9 – $45 depending on the size of your payment
  • $30 – $50 through wire transfer or T/T
  • Pay Later on Alibaba: Alibaba Pay Later: $0

Is it possible to get scammed on Alibaba?

The platform is legitimate. On the other hand, there are some dishonest providers on the site.

That is why they established programs like the Trade Assurance Supplier Program. When you take use of all of the platform’s features, such as the inspection service, you’ll find that it’s a terrific location to purchase and sell things that match your quality standards. The simple answer is yes, Alibaba is secure for Amazon sellers.

Last Thoughts

The Alibaba Trade Assurance program is an excellent approach to ensure your security while shopping on the world’s biggest online marketplace. If your provider fails to meet quality requirements, you may get your money back.

Keep in mind that contract services come with their own set of complications. Before the items are transported, you’ll need an inspection service to make sure they meet the quality criteria. You should also inquire whether your supplier’s bids are higher as a result of the program. You can then appropriately budget.

Consider the additional transaction costs when calculating the payment amount. If you’re placing a significant order, use a telegraphic transfer to transmit the money to the seller’s bank account.

Despite this, if you employ Trade Assurance supplier contracts, following these guidelines might be beneficial. By being protected by Trade Assurance, you can develop confidence, ensure your payment and on-time shipping, and take use of all of Alibaba.com’s features.

Alibaba Trade Assurance is a service that can be used to guarantee your payments. It is also known as “trade assurance meaning“.

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