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Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and a major player in every industry. The company has built its own marketplace, which now accounts for around 40% of Amazon’s total e-commerce sales. To be successful on the platform, you have to understand how this complex system works so that you can climb the ranks by becoming an arbiter–an individual with access to confidential seller information who can give preferential treatment to certain sellers or offer them a better deal than they get elsewhere. Here are some tips on how to win at being an arbiter:

“how to get buy box in amazon” is a question that people have been asking for years. The most popular way to do this is by buying the product yourself, but there are other ways as well.

Amazon is just becoming larger in the e-commerce industry. Customers may order almost anything, including food, gadgets, novelty products, and apparel. BizJournals claims that the firm enables approximately half of all internet purchases.

Even with all of this selling activity, you can’t ensure that you’ll be a successful Amazon seller.

The Amazon Buy Box is responsible for as much as 90% of all sales. This implies that in order to maximize your earnings as a seller, you must first obtain this coveted spot and learn how to win the Buy Box.

So, what is the Buy Box, and how can you get your hands on it? We’ll go over all you need to know about this Amazon area in the sections below.

What Is the Buy Box, Exactly?


The Buy Box is a widget that allows Amazon customers to purchase things fast. You should be acquainted with what a prospective customer sees when they land on a product to comprehend what the Buy Box is:

  • Images of the product on the far left
  • The title, description, variations, and number of ratings for the product are all in the middle of the listing.
  • On the far right, there is a Buy Box.

Buyers may purchase the goods they desire in this part by picking choices for various characteristics such as:

  • Situation (new, renewed, used)
  • Options for gifts
  • Speeds of delivery
  • Number of things

Once a consumer has chosen the variables they want, they may proceed to checkout by clicking the “Add to Cart” button. The customer may then choose “Proceed to Checkout” and the widget will take them to the payment page.

The primary goal of this widget is to make the sales process easier and faster. It allows customers to buy what they need in two or three simple steps.

It’s worth noting that the Buy Box is distinct from the product listing. It’s a stand-alone widget with which vendors battle for control.

Unfortunately, you can only own the listing and not the widget.

Why Should I Care About the Buy Box as an Amazon Seller?

There are two main reasons why you should learn how to win the Buy Box:

  1. It boosts your chances of making a sale: As previously stated, the Buy Box accounts for the bulk of Amazon transactions. Customers notice this kind of call-to-action button initially. Furthermore, its handy location is often enough to seal the deal.
  2. It allows you to make PPC advertisements: Only widget owners can create PPC ads; non-owners cannot. You may bid on the pricing of certain keywords using PPC advertisements. You may also establish sponsored listings to boost the exposure of your items to customers.

Is There a Buy Box on Every Amazon Product?

No. This widget is present in the great majority of items, but not all of them. A Buy Box will not appear on a product listing in the following situations:

  • If none of the sellers match the qualifying criteria,
  • If all vendors offer the goods at a price that is either high or too low in comparison to the average price, the product will be rejected.

If there is no Buy Box on a product, it is most likely a used or collectable piece. 

Who Can Purchase the Buy Box?

The qualifying criteria for owning the Buy Box are straightforward. You must:

  • Have a Seller Account for Professionals (individual sellers cannot own this widget)
  • Maintain the health of your seller’s account.

Customer service and shipment performance will be better on a healthy account. You must also follow Amazon’s product policy compliance.

You may verify your Account Health status on your Seller Central account if you’re not sure. Navigate to the “Performance” tab of your account and choose “Account Health.”

How can I find out whether I’m eligible?

If you’re not sure if you’re eligible to own this widget, Amazon has two options:

  • Option 1:
    • Log into your Seller Central account first. To manage inventory, go to the “Inventory” tab and choose “Manage Inventory.”
    • Two columns will appear on all of your product listings: Buy Box Eligibility and Buy Box Price. If you don’t see these columns, go to the top of your dashboard and click the gray “Preferences” button.
    • Once these columns are visible, you may go through the Buy Box Eligibility column to discover which items are eligible.
    • You may change the pricing of your items to match the Buy Box Price from here. This will boost your chances of getting the best seat in the house.
  • Option 2:
    • You may also verify your eligibility by entering “Buy Box” at the top of your Seller Central account page.
    • A Help window will then display, giving you access to a tool. You may use this tool to check the Buy Box availability for certain SKUs and ASINs.

5 Ways to Get Your Product in the Amazon Buy Box

Even if you satisfy all of the prerequisites, you are unlikely to have immediate control over this widget. Here are five things you can do to improve your chances of getting this widget:

1) Promote New Products

The seller that obtains the Buy Box on Amazon nearly always provides a fresh version of the product. A product in used condition is very infrequently seen in this widget.

2) Become a Prime Seller.

While non-Prime merchants might win the Buy Box, Amazon always prioritizes Prime sellers.

You immediately qualify for Prime if you utilize Amazon fulfillment. Sellers who fulfill their own orders, on the other hand, may become Prime sellers.

3) Maintain positive feedback from sellers

Nobody knows how much weight Amazon’s algorithm provides seller input when it comes to selecting who gets possession of the widget. Sellers with favorable performance metrics, on the other hand, are expected to have a greater chance of winning the widget than those with negative performance data.

4) Keep inventory on hand at all times.

Running out of supply might jeopardize your ability to get the widget. If you run out of inventory and need to buy more, your products will take longer to reach consumers. The Buy Box will be given to vendors that always have items on hand and can complete orders quickly. 

5) Maintain a Competitive Price Structure

Low pricing lead to satisfied clients, so do all you can to keep your prices low. The price in the Buy Box is always the lowest available price for that item.

As a general guideline, keep your product’s pricing within 5% of the Buy Box price.

If you can’t earn a profit by offering your goods in this price range, you should sell something else.

Does Amazon Win the Buy Box Every Time?

Most of the time, an Amazon deal will win the Buy Box. This isn’t due to the firm favoring certain employees. Amazon, on the other hand, always provides its own items at the lowest feasible pricing. By following the same regulations as any other vendor, the corporation obtains its own Buy Box.

If Amazon does not give the best price, the Buy Box will switch to another vendor.

Is It Possible to Misplace the Purchase Box?

Don’t get too comfy if you’ve successfully acquired the Buy Box. It’s conceivable that you’ll lose control of this widget. It may be sold to someone else because:

  • A cheaper price was posted by another seller: Another seller might join your listing and offer a cheaper price for their item. This will instantly transfer ownership of the widget to the new vendor.
  • Your pricing is either too high or too low: Even if you’re the sole seller on the listing, you shouldn’t go too much over or below the Buy Box price. 
  • Your Amazon account is in bad shape: Ensure that your Account Health does not drop below defined levels. A suppressed ASIN might potentially cause you to lose control of the widget.

How Can You Tell If You’ve Won the Buy Box?

Amazon provides information to assist you figure out whether you’ve won the Buy Box.

A indicator named 2-Day Buy Box % should appear on your Seller Central dashboard. You can examine how your Buy Box has performed over the previous 30 days and in each market you sell in by clicking on this measure.

You’ll be sent to your Pricing Dashboard after clicking on any of the percentages.

Your percentage should ideally be 100 percent, since this signifies you won the Buy box every time someone looked at your item.

You may also look at your Price Competitiveness, which displays all of your items that are within 10% of the Buy Box price.

How to Keep Track of Your Purchase Box

Customers are continually seeing your goods, so keeping track of the Buy Box might be challenging.

Using Amazon’s “Automate Pricing” function is one of the most efficient methods to keep track of this widget. If your product prices vary too much from the Buy Box pricing, this tool will automatically alter them. To enhance your monitoring efforts, you may even design specific repricing criteria. The following are the five main kinds of repricing rules:

  • Buy Box with Competition
  • Lowest Price Competitive
  • Externally competitive price
  • Based on unit sales
  • synchrony of prices


While obtaining ownership of the Buy Box might be difficult, it is a valuable tool that can help your company increase income. If you follow this instructions, you’ll be well on your way to being a successful Amazon seller!

The “what is buy box” is the place where Amazon shows its best prices for a product. If you have an item that’s cheaper than the price of your competitors, then you’ll be able to win the Buy Box.

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