Is Alibaba Safe For Amazon Sellers to Order?

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Amazon’s global market place for third party sellers is a great way to sell and grow your business. But there are some risks that come with the territory, namely the risk of getting scammed by bad actors on Alibaba. With so many vendors selling counterfeit goods on e-commerce platforms like Alibaba and eBay, it can be tough finding products without paying too much in return.

The “can i ship directly from alibaba to amazon fba” is a question that many sellers ask. The answer is yes, but there are some caveats.

Alibaba is well-known worldwide as one of the greatest places to locate low-cost wholesale products for your online business. However, many customers are hesitant to purchase items for their Amazon store on Alibaba. This is a site that many different suppliers utilize, and if you’re not diligent, it might be tough to acquire things from Alibaba as an Amazon seller securely.

If you’re asking, “Is Alibaba safe?” we’ll give you our honest opinion on the Alibaba marketplace’s safety and security. We’ll go through how to check your Alibaba suppliers so you’re only dealing with safe and reliable individuals, how to use secure payment methods, and how to negotiate with Alibaba suppliers.

We’ll discuss purchasing products from Alibaba as a person rather than a business. Finally, we’ll look over Alibaba customer reviews to see what they have to say.


Here’s additional information about Alibaba’s security.

Is Alibaba Trustworthy? Is the Website Genuine?

Alibaba is a trustworthy and respected internet merchandise provider. Alibaba has its own set of tight laws and guidelines that ensure the safety and security of most transactions while they are on the platform.

These rules, however, do not imply that Alibaba is responsible for any bad sales that occur. Alibaba is basically an e-commerce platform that links purchasers with a variety of global providers.

This implies that while dealing with one another, it is the responsibility of both the buyer and the seller to do thorough research and due diligence. It is not Alibaba’s responsibility to interfere if their services are being misused.

As a result, you should do your homework before making any purchases or sells to verify that your transaction is safe.

Examine a supplier’s profile and any past feedback made by other purchasers to determine whether or not they are trustworthy. This will provide you some insight into their previous interactions.

When in doubt, buying a tiny quantity to evaluate the product’s quality is always a smart idea. You may feel more confidence placing a bigger order with a supplier you’ve previously dealt with if you’ve confirmed that it fulfills your Amazon seller requirements.

You may be confident in your usage of Alibaba as a supplier if you follow these best practices for safety and security.

Verifying Safe Alibaba Suppliers

You’ll come across all kinds of vendors on Alibaba — the good, the terrible, and the ugly. Alibaba has endeavored to prevent this kind of conduct on their platform, although it is not completely safe.

Because Alibaba is not a police body, it is up to both buyers and sellers to hold each other responsible.

Be a wise shopper. Before placing a purchase, thoroughly vet any possible vendors. You’ll get greater outcomes if you’re picky about who you do business with.

Before you purchase anything for your Amazon business, there are a few things you should know.

Check Alibaba for verification.

Verifying suppliers using Alibaba is an excellent approach to evaluate how trustworthy they are. Verifying sure suppliers are entirely legitimate and registered companies.

Look for Gold providers online; they are the most dependable on the market.

Pose your own inquiries

Asking your own questions directly is one of the finest strategies to discover more about your possible vendors. Inquire about the following with the company:

  • Business methods
  • Standards
  • Its merchandise
  • It uses these facilities to manufacture its goods.

Don’t be afraid to request images for proof.

Now is the moment to express any concerns you may have about anything. Examine what they say for anything that seems fake or spammy. You want to be comfortable in your chat with the source.

Examine the Examples

It’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s generally a good idea to try a few samples of a product before purchasing it in bulk for your Amazon business.

Request a sample of the product you’re interested in purchasing before making a large investment. Check it for any faults or manufacturer flaws as soon as you get it.

This is an excellent opportunity to ask all of the vendors of the things you’re considering purchasing so you can compare them. You may make your first significant buy after you’ve determined which one best suits your requirements.

Seek out feedback.

Learn from previous buyers who have worked with your prospective suppliers to get firsthand accounts of their purchasing experiences.

Buyers and sellers may see Alibaba ratings and reviews, so take use of this essential information. You’ll find out a lot about how effectively they’ve satisfied the expectations of previous consumers.

Make careful you read more than just a few of reviews; you want to get a sense of their reputation on the market as a whole, not just one or two random evaluations.

Examine Your Gut

If something seems to be too good to be true, it almost certainly is. If anything about a source makes you uncomfortable, don’t purchase from them. When you become a client of this provider, you put your reputation on the line. So, before you buy something, get in the habit of researching the provider thoroughly.

If the bargain looks too good to be true, there might be something fishy going on. Remember that goods should be purchased and sold for their true value — a luxury item offered for a few dollars can’t possibly be what it claims.

Be cautious, and your caution will pay off.

Using Alibaba’s Secure Payment Methods

The safety of your Alibaba purchase is totally dependent on your seller, although you may take some precautions by using secure payment methods.

Secure payments are provided on Alibaba to give some assurance that you will get the items you want, or that your money will be refunded.

Any items that are not received or are not in acceptable condition when received will be refunded via Alibaba’s Trade Assurance.

Keep in mind, however, that this Trade Assurance guarantee is not supported by all suppliers. You may want to rethink that transaction if you’re not dealing with someone who supports this vital principle.

Even if the person you’re dealing with doesn’t utilize Trade Assurance, there are a few safe payment methods you may use to make your transaction more secure. Here are several possibilities:

Payments that are secure

Secure Payment stresses client pleasure and is one of Ali Baba’s safest payment options.

Ali Baba maintains your money in escrow until the merchandise is securely and successfully delivered when you use Secure Payment. They’ll only release your cash to the vendor after that.

If anything goes wrong, Ali Baba will investigate and refund your money if the vendor is to blame.

This is usually the most popular way of payment on the site.

T/T Bank Transfer in Advance – Security

You should only employ an advance bank transfer if you have complete faith in the source. This acts as a straight wire transfer, transferring the whole order cost to the vendor before manufacturing even starts.

If you pay a fraudster with an advance bank transfer, your money is likely to be lost. Use this only if you are completely confident in them.

Security – Western Union

Western Union is possibly the least secure payment option accessible on the planet. Once you’ve paid for the goods, there’s no way to get your money back. Even with reputable providers, this should not be employed. It is not a good idea.

When transferring money to a family member, Western Union is the only option. Even so, using a service like PayPal is a better option. Use it for personal purposes only.

PayPal – Protection

While Alibaba does not officially support PayPal, it is still a more safer method to pay than the two choices listed above; just inquire whether your supplier accepts PayPal payments outside of the Alibaba network.

Use the Goods and Services payment choices if this is the case. These transactions have additional buyer protections, which means you’ll be safer.

If there are any problems with your purchase, PayPal assures that you may get your money back quickly and effortlessly.

Security Letter of Credit

For both buyers and sellers, a Letter of Credit is a relatively secure alternative. Many consumers, however, choose to avoid this payment option due to the complicated processes necessary for this sort of transaction.

When purchasing or selling anything worth more than $20,000, a Letter of Credit is often the best choice. Having a letter of credit at that moment expedites the process.

Contacting Alibaba Vendors

With the right procedures for vetting your prospective Alibaba suppliers for your Amazon shop, you’ll be ready to approach them with your queries and negotiate a good bargain.

Here are some things to think about while emailing your suppliers:

Order Quantities Minimum

Most listings up on Alibaba come with their Order Quantities Minimum listed. However, there’s no harm in asking about a lower order quantity for your sake. This way, you can use the small purchase as a product sample before ordering much larger.

If you contact out and show genuine interest in their product, many vendors will comply with your request.

Negotiations on Prices

Although the pricing is fixed for wholesale purchases, you may still bargain for a lower price on a sample buy.

Before placing a wholesale purchase, request a sample. Prepare to bargain with the provider by determining your optimum sample pricing. To check the quality, you might ask for a discount.

On the web, you could come across some providers that are willing to send free samples. Take advantage of these chances, but be aware that some may need a little cost.

Inquire about exact pricing and production times.

Many providers may give you a price range for their products, ranging from $3 to $4 per unit. However, since this range might substantially modify the award total, inquire about the specific amount.

You should also inquire about the manufacturing timeline. If your purchase is considerably delayed, you want to be able to hold them responsible.

Is it Safe to Buy as an Individual?

Yes! Simply use your own name in the Company section instead of a company name when making a transaction. You’ll come with high-minimum requirements since most Alibaba transactions are wholesale orders. You may be able to negotiate these minimum orders with the vendors.

Alibaba Customer Reviews

Alibaba offers excellent overall evaluations based on internet input from previous consumers. On Trustpilot, they have a 4.5-star rating based on over 12,000 reviews. 84 percent of previous customers rated the service as “great.”

While there are always a few rotten apples among the providers, Alibaba consumers have had nothing but positive experiences with the platform. So, if you follow these safety standards, you shouldn’t have any more problems than the usual vendor.


We hope our discussion of how to check the legitimacy of suppliers and conduct safe, secure transactions has answered some of your questions.

While Alibaba strives to safeguard its consumers and sellers, it is only a platform that facilitates the transaction. Individual parties must continue to protect themselves by doing due diligence. If you’re curious about how Alibaba compares to Aliexpress for Amazon merchants, have a look at this.

However, previous customers’ ratings are largely good, indicating that most transactions are simple and straightforward.

You may join the ranks of pleased Alibaba consumers by doing thorough research and selecting the correct supplier.

Do you still have reservations about Alibaba? Please contact us if you have any queries regarding Alibaba. We can assist you in determining whether or not this is the best Amazon seller tool for you and your items.

Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce company that offers its sellers with a platform to sell their products. Alibaba has been known for being safe, but Amazon sellers have had mixed reviews about the quality of the products. Reference: where do amazon sellers get their products.

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