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Jungle Scout is a global database of high-quality sales pages. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, they have an affiliate program to help generate income from their website.

Jungle Scout is an online tool that allows users to discover new opportunities in the world of ecommerce. The “jungle scout promotions” is a Jungle Scout discount code that can be used for 50% off until May 2022.

Supplier Database: Using this tool, you may save time by searching the supplier database manually and finding excellent vendors in seconds. Only high-quality factories with a verified shipping history are shown by the tool. From all across the globe, you can examine the suppliers, their top clients, and their confirmed shipment records. This will assist you in quickly locating and validating suppliers for your Amazon FBA items.

What is the Supplier Database for Jungle Scout, and how does it work?

The Supplier Database for Jungle Scout is a search engine for finding suppliers, producers, and dealers for any Amazon goods. You may quickly find a provider by searching for their business, goods, or name.

This tool was created with Amazon FBA in mind. It is an essential tool for online vendors to choose which things to offer on Amazon since not all products are lucrative and in high demand.

Amazon has over 353 million goods accessible on multiple marketplaces throughout the world. To begin marketing your product in the appropriate market, you must first assess all of this data, which may be time consuming. Jungle Scout facilitates your research and assists you in deciding on product niches and suppliers.

You may start utilizing the Supplier Database for Jungle Scout according to your demands with the correct amount of work and lessons. Some elements of this tool are only available in the United States, while the remainder is available to all markets.

You can examine your suppliers’ communications and compare bids by adding them to the Supplier Tracker. You may also use Product Tracker to assist you choose the right niche. You may begin evaluating and making the essential selections with a single click of a button.

It comes with both a web application and a browser extension. Both are quite beneficial in their own right. The browser extension operates on the Amazon web page directly, whilst the web application runs in its separate tab. If you require information on particular goods straight from the Amazon website, the chrome extension is the way to go; otherwise, the web application may suffice.

FBA Products FBA Suppliers

As a provider, you want to earn the most money possible with the least amount of investment. If you want to sell a product, it must have a high demand in order to be profitable. Where can you look for such items? Is there a program that will list the products?

It takes time and effort to find the correct suppliers for FBA items. Finding the proper supplier that not only enhances your company’s image but also provides you with a reasonable profit margin is difficult.

By just searching for a product on Amazon, Jungle Scout can offer you with complete information about it. You may choose high-demand items on Amazon and make sure that you sell them as well.

There might be hundreds of results while searching for a product in general. By adding filters to your search criteria, you may eliminate the undesired results.

You may choose a category and filter the results if you just want to look for items in that category.

Supplier Database for Jungle Scout

Supplier Database for Jungle Scout helps to know about the suppliers, their sales, and their customers. This feature mainly helps the manufacturers to validate and verify a supplier to sell their products.

A successful Amazon company depends on choosing the correct supplier for your goods. Jungle Scout offers a variety of filters, ranging from marketplace to items.

Suppliers may be found in three ways: product, company, and supplier.

1. Product – When you want to market your product, you look for suppliers that specialize in it and then evaluate your possibilities.

2. Firm – You may look for suppliers for your items from a specific company.

3. Provider – This strategy may be used to learn more about a certain supplier that you located on Amazon. It will display all of the information about the available provider.

JS can help you find a supplier.

There are three approaches to discover the proper supplier for your items, as we saw above. When there are many vendors for the same goods, it might be tough to pick the best one. To choose the best provider, you must evaluate a number of factors.

Some vendors may be malevolent or corrupt, and you can usually spot them by looking at their ratings or reviews. A fantastic provider may have a rating of four or above, while a poor supplier may have a rating of 3.5 or below.

You may uncheck any area under ‘Country of Origin’ if you don’t want to list providers from that region.

Jungle Scout can assist you in locating suppliers in three categories: product, business, and supplier.

Product ASIN No. 1 Once you’ve decided the product to sell, copy the URL’s link or product ASIN and paste it into the search field. The list of top suppliers will include their total shipments, clients, and quantity.

You should constantly verify your suppliers before doing business with them, particularly since they may deceive and swindle their way into a contract.

You may examine their reviews and look at their clients to get a high-quality source. You may also get the vendors’ contact information and contact them for any information you want. You may be more attracted to the providers if they supply well-known firms.

2. Company You may also locate your suppliers if you know the name of the firm that makes the goods you want to sell. You may look up the name of the firm on Amazon. After that, you choose the business option and type in the name. The results show you overall imports as well as the company’s main suppliers.

3. Provider The simplest approach to discover the supplier name is to go through Amazon’s product supplier data. Select the supplier option and fill in the provider’s name once you have it.

The number of customers, total shipments, and customer list are all shown in the results. You may assess your provider based on their experience or your preferences based on these findings.

What does a dependable provider resemble?

Choosing a dependable provider may be a tedious effort when there are several vendors available for the same goods. When choosing a provider, you must examine a number of variables. There are certain to be some poor vendors amid the growing number of suppliers.

The internet is a marketplace for frauds, and individuals benefit from them. It is critical to utilize particular techniques to identify a trustworthy source and avoid being cheated.

On every eCommerce platform, there are four sorts of suppliers: drop shippers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and liquidators. Liquidators should be avoided since they are notorious for defrauding others. Wholesalers are a wonderful option if you need to sell a large amount of items. Drop shippers operate as a link between manufacturers and suppliers; they don’t have the goods on hand and instead rely on someone else to handle the delivery.

How can you choose a dependable supplier?

A dependable provider is one that has a great Amazon rating and a reasonable number of clients. A provider with 4.5 ratings is generally deemed dependable, whereas one with 3.5 ratings or less is considered untrustworthy.

Other than that, consider the following considerations while looking for a dependable supplier:

Method of delivery You don’t want to pay your suppliers any more money to assist with product transportation. You expect the suppliers to manage all additional charges once you pay them. Time of delivery Online vendors are appreciated for their delivery times. Customers will be happier and give you a higher rating if your things are delivered sooner. The higher your rating, the more likely clients are to pick your service. References If the suppliers are recommended to you by those who are already in the industry, you may not need to undertake extensive research on them.

We all want to sell something at some point, but in order to do so, we need to know where it is, how to acquire it, and how to get it to clients. Suppliers are the middlemen that make sure your consumers receive what they want, and Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database excels at finding suppliers who suit your company and shipping strategy. 

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