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Today’s article will be a sneak peak at the Jungle Scout extension. First, I’ll introduce you to it and then give an update on how far this project has come since launching in July of 2017.

The “jungle scout extension chrome” is an extension that helps users validate their product ideas. It will help them find the best idea to start with.

Amazon is now the world’s largest online retailer. If you want to sell your things online, Amazon FBA is a good place to start. You may become a merchant with the firm and sell your products on their website. Amazon takes care of the rest, including packing, delivery to the customer, and inventory listing.

You may manage your Amazon sales using a variety of solutions, such as Jungle Scout. This Jungle Scout extension review will tell you all you need to know about it and if it’s the perfect tool for you.

What is the Jungle Scout Extension?

Greg Mercer launched Jungle Scout in 2015 as a web-based utility. It assists merchants in making educated selections about the things to offer on Amazon.

The program works by extracting pertinent data and analytics from Amazon, such as the seller’s best seller rank, the quantity and quality of reviews they get, rank opportunity in their Amazon specialty, and other criteria that influence sales.

The tool has a wide range of uses, such as helping sellers find products, source product suppliers, manage business analytics, launch & optimize product listing, inventory management, and more.

The Jungle Scout Extension is available as a web application or a browser extension. When you search for a seller on Amazon.com, you may use the tool to get a fast yet complete analysis of their page.

Jungle Scout provides retailers a competitive edge since it helps them identify lucrative items from suppliers. You may also keep track of certain goods to see how well they sell.

Jungle Scouts Chrome Extension Features

Hunter of niches

This function enables you to choose characteristics such as average pricing, average number of sales, product categories, and other variables to aid in the discovery of big prospects on Amazon. However, this function is difficult to grasp and control, so it will need some thought to figure out.

Here’s a list of some of the column names you could come across:

The average cost

This setting gives the The average cost of the top 10 product listings when you search a keyword on Amazon. The The average cost can help you decide how much you should sell your products. Selling your product more than the The average cost would mean that fewer people would be willing to purchase it.

Units sold on average

These figures reflect the Units sold on average in the last 30 days. Jungle Scout removes outliers, so you don’t expect to see the extremely high or low value. What this means is that the figures shown are an accurate metric of sales. The numbers are also color-coded; if the color is green, then the numbers are healthy.


Sellers rate each other on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the least competitive. This score is based on the number of reviews received by the top ten goods.

If you have a few reviews on page one, your odds of obtaining less reviews and ranking higher are considerably greater than if you have hundreds of reviews on page one.

Score for Listing Quality (LSQ)

This score is calculated by Jungle Scout in order to provide information about the top 10 listings’ optimization. The score is determined by a number of elements, including the title’s keywords and the length and quality of the descriptions. A score of seven or above indicates a high-quality listing, while three or below indicates a low-quality listing.

Opportunity rating

This summary includes all of the indicators stated above, with a score of ten indicating an excellent opportunity and one suggesting that you should seek for another opportunity.

A high Opportunity rating shows that the products have a high demand. Therefore, sellers should capitalize on these by doing more than the basic to promote sales.

Tab “Keywords”

The Tab “Keywords” shows several metrics, such as how often a person searches for a specific phrase in 30 days. This data helps you to evaluate many product ideas because you can see what most people are seeking.

Under the keywords column, there are the following columns:

Giveaway suggestion

Selling a product at a deep discount or giving it free is a common strategy to debut it. Jungle Scout can assist you with coupon distribution and client acquisition. This giveaway feature may help your listing rank higher on Amazon.

Jungle Scout’s Giveaway suggestion number shows the estimated amount of products you need to giveaway in a week to help you appear on the top three spots.

Ranking is simple.

Similar to Opportunity rating, in that the closer the number is to 100, the easier to rank data indicates how easy it is for Amazon algorithms to rank for that term.

Score for relevance

This score indicates how relevant a phrase is to your initial query. If you’re still learning about a product, it might be helpful.

You may uncover phrases and slang that people use to search for the product, the majority of which are likely foreign to you. This research tool helps you target your possible customers by adding extra keywords to your listing.

Product tracking software

This tool enables you to monitor the performance of a product over time. You may also create groups on Amazon to keep track of similar goods.

Because product demand changes based on the season, this performance monitoring is crucial. For example, most items have significant demand around the holidays.

Database of products

The database enables you to search all Amazon goods, which often number in the thousands. You may filter the results to find just the goods you’re looking for.

Amazon Sellers Benefit from Jungle Scout Extension

Amazon retailers benefit from Jungle Scout in a variety of ways. Among them are:

Validation of Product Concepts

Jungle Scout may be used to assess demand and determine an item’s long-term viability. The Jungle Scout addon shows you your competitor’s rank, amount of reviews, ratings, and much more in real time. As a consequence, you’ll have a tool that can assist you in making data-driven choices.

Product Development

Various indicators, such as listing quality data, demand, and competition, may be used to describe a product’s potential. Jungle Scout also uses data to come up with the most precise sales prediction possible.

Insights and metrics at a Glance

The tool may provide you with a variety of information, including:

  • Keyword density
  • precise sales
  • Estimated revenue
  • Data and sales history
  • FBA fees estimated
  • Trend reports from Google
  • Calculator for product profit

As a consequence, you’ll be eligible for the following advantages:

  • Learning from experts in the field
  • Amazon product notifications for your rivals’ ASINs
  • Optimizing your PPC and listings, watching your Amazon rank, and spotting important market trends are all things we do.
  • Creating a network of reliable vendors from whom you may get things

With just one click, you can receive access to these insights and analytics.

Pros and Cons in Conclusion


  • Accuracy—Users report greater revenue as a result of the application’s accurate estimates.
  • Use the Project FBA Jungle Scout coupon code to get 50% off.
  • The program analyzes product variants in great detail.
  • Money-back guarantee for 14 days
  • Sellers may start with the basic package and upgrade to the premium as their company develops.
  • Clients get prompt service and responses. 24/7
  • Updated features—Jungle Scout keeps updating its features to include helpful tools, such as Hunter of niches
  • Users may submit generic screenshots for comments to others.
  • Jungle Scout products are simple to use and do not need specialist skills.


  • The resources in the Lite and Basic packages are restricted.
  • Premium bundle is expensive.
  • When connecting the app with the Chrome extension, some users have reported issues.

Jungle Scout in Comparison to Other Amazon Tools

Conclusion – Is Jungle Scout Extension Worth Your Money?

For Amazon research tools, Jungle Scout is the gold standard. If you want to be a successful seller, you’ll need this tool to examine product performance over time and evaluate the market and competitors.

You may prevent frequent seller blunders like spending money on a product during off-seasons with this investment. You may enjoy the rewards of selling on Amazon and save yourself a lot of time and money if you utilize Jungle Scout and remain patient.

Set up an account on Jungle Scout and start selling!

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The “jungle scout extension free trial” is a tool that allows users to validate their product ideas. It will help you find profitable products, and save time by not having to search for them.

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