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Jungle Scout is a software tool that helps Amazon sellers audit their competitors and find the best times to buy inventory. AMZ Scouts are for analyzing what your competition will be doing in 5 years time, so you can have an edge over them now. Which one is better?

Jungle Scout is a tool that provides Amazon product research, Jungle Scout vs AMZ Scout – Best for Amazon (2022) and Helium 10.

Although becoming an Amazon seller seems to be a straightforward procedure, there is a lot of effort that goes on behind the scenes. If you want to start selling via Amazon, there are a few things you should know beforehand.

Expert Amazon sellers do market research to determine when, how, and where to promote certain items in order to maximize sales. Before you start selling, you’ll need tools to help you collect data, research the market, and attract consumers. Otherwise, you run the danger of opening without a head start, allowing your rivals to outsell you.

So, what tools are we discussing? Scouting in the Jungle and AMZ Scout are two product research tools. On the surface and based on minimal study, these tools may seem to be comparable; that’s why we’re here to offer you the lowdown on each scout and why you should use one over the other.

What’s the difference between Scouting in the Jungle and AMZ Scout?

What Is the Difference Between AMZ Scout and Scouting in the Jungle?

Amazon merchants utilize product research tools like Scouting in the Jungle and AMZ Scout to figure out when to sell their items. Because Amazon is such a competitive market, you’ll need a competitive advantage to sell your items. A high-quality research tool will enable you to conduct the following, among other things:

  • Find markets for your items.
  • Set competitive rates while staying within your business margins.
  • Keep an eye on what your competitors are offering.
  • Gather and evaluate current and up-to-date market information.

Using product research tools helps you to specify your search criteria in addition to knowing the ins and outs of the Amazon Seller Marketplace. You may search for:

  • Sales projections
  • Sales positions
  • Product evaluations
  • Price points
  • Optimal advertisements
  • Seasonal Lookups
  • Etc.

As an Amazon seller, why should I use a product research tool?

If you want to sell on Amazon, you’ll be entering a very competitive market. Many individuals are attempting to profit from the online selling website. Unfortunately, if you try to sell on Amazon without the right tools and skills, you’ll almost certainly fail.

You’ll discover how web marketing works using product research tools like Scouting in the Jungle and AMZ Scout. You’ll use adverts and marketing methods to target your items to certain interested people who will react favorably.

Plus, most product research tools enable you to compare prices of comparable items currently on the market, so you’ll never have to guess about the exact pricing again.

Even though they are excellent tools, there are several crucial distinctions to be aware of. Here’s a comparison between Scouting in the Jungle and AMZ Scout.

Scouting in the Jungle

Scouting in the Jungle is the go-to tool for newbies and veterans that are selling their products on Amazon. The software works as both a web app and as an extension for Google Chrome. The main purpose of the program is to help you find smart business ideas to sell via Amazon.


Scouting in the Jungle is very popular because of the variety of features that it offers its users. The program acts as an all-encompassing product research tool for Amazon Marketplace sellers.

  1. Product Price History: Scouting in the Jungle has a large database that allows you to monitor the history of classifications of objects. You’ll also be able to monitor the differences between prices on Amazon and the Marketplace.
  2. Web Extension + Desktop/Mobile App: Scouting in the Jungle utilizes both methods to provide you with the most current data possible regarding the products that you’re looking to sell. The Scouting in the Jungle extension gathers data directly from Amazon so you can make quick decisions in regard to your business. Meanwhile, the desktop app gives you the ability to filter Amazon’s database to your choosing.
  3. Sales Data: The application allows you to keep track of seller ranks, product price, sold units, and product history, among other things.
  4. The Listing Quality Score (LQS) is a proprietary system that determines the quality of your listing.


Scouting in the Jungle gives sellers three options when it comes to plans. Depending on what you require as an Amazon Marketplace vendor. Each plan is paid on a monthly basis and offers different perks.

  • Start Up: $29 per month if you renew yearly, $39 per month if you renew monthly.
  • Standard: $49 per month for yearly renewals and $69 per month for monthly renewals.
  • Business: $69 per month for yearly renewals and $99 per month for monthly renewals.

Most Amazon Sellers that use Scouting in the Jungle end up utilizing the Standard plan because of the variety of features and good payment price.


Scouting in the Jungle is one of the most accurate product research tools currently available to those selling their products and services on Amazon. The program will give you accurate averages of sales for you to extrapolate from.

The key is for you to study the information and make your own judgments. The program isn’t clever enough to figure out which things will help you make the most money.


  • Makes product research easy and efficient.
  • User-friendly interface
  • There are three payment options available, depending on your company’s requirements.
  • All-in-one solution
  • an abundance of information


  • Sales positions estimates
  • Data differences between web apps and browser extensions
  • Amazon does not have every product.


Scouting in the Jungle allows both long-time and first-time sellers to accurately predict which products they should sell and how much they should sell them for. The tool works as a perfect support system to the business savvy. However, keep in mind that it’s estimates are based on Sales positions, which quickly change and aren’t always accurate.

AMZ Scout

AMZ is another popular product research tool among both new and experienced Amazon Marketplace sellers. The application gathers information about items that are relevant to you and assists you in determining when, how, and for how much you should sell your goods on the internet.


  1. History of Product Prices: Has a large enough database to do research before putting your things up for sale.
  2. AMZ Scout features a Google Chrome extension as well as a desktop/mobile app that users may access.
  3. Sales Data: Provides you with a range of sales content data to use.
  4. The Listing Quality Score (LQS) is a scale that ranks products from 1 to 100 and considers factors such as brand, name length, product description, and number of reviews.


If you want to try out the product, there’s a free seven-day trial available for both versions of AMZ Scout. You’ll have limited access to tools to assist you in getting started with your sales. The trial time enables you to figure out how to tailor the application to your specific company requirements. Users may either cancel or pay for one of two payment choices when the trial time ends.

  • Monthly: $44.99 a month includes full use of the browser extension as well as the desktop/mobile app.
  • One-time $199 purchase for lifetime use of the browser extension and desktop/mobile app capabilities for your Amazon selling career.

The 7-day trial is used by the majority of AMZ scout customers before deciding on a package. The lifetime option is your best pick if you want to sell things on Amazon for a long period. Otherwise, the monthly plan is the better option.


AMZ Scout is another accurate product research tool for vendors to track the prices of competitors products and Sales positions. With the program, you can estimate what the best price for your goods is and when you should sell them. Unfortunately, the software isn’t smart enough to tell you exactly which products will maximize profits. The final decision of putting up items for sale is up to you.


  • 7-day trial period to evaluate services
  • Simple to use interface
  • Several characteristics
  • The dashboard makes product tracking quick and easy.
  • Data visualization graphs and charts


  • Its database has a lesser number of goods.
  • Data differences between the online app and the desktop


AMZ Scout is a great alternative to Scouting in the Jungle for Amazon Marketplace vendors looking to boost their sales and make a living. The program helps business owners reach the next level in their goals and become more profitable. However, it has a smaller number of products in its database compared to Scouting in the Jungle.

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Should I get the browser extension or the web extension?

When it comes to tools that might help you become a very profitable Amazon seller, you might be unsure how to use them. Should you use Google Chrome’s extensions instead of working straight in the browser? On the other side, you could want to download the product research tools to your computer and work on the apps that the teams provide.

Fortunately, both Scouting in the Jungle and AMZ Scout both have Chrome Extension and Desktop/Mobile Application options. However, there are differences between each option:

  • When you use the Chrome extension, you may see your Amazon Seller portal immediately while reviewing data. You may also monitor your own and your rivals’ merchandise online.
  • You may go further into the data and plan future sales using the desktop/mobile application. Because of the mobile applications available, you can also carry your company with you everywhere you go.

Using a combination of the Chrome extension and the desktop/mobile application to dominate your specific Amazon marketplaces is your best chance. Why not use both of these choices if you have them?


After considering Scouting in the Jungle vs AMZ Scout, we’ve decided that both applications have plus points and minus points. When starting out selling on Amazon FBA you should choose your next product research tool based on the following:

  • If you’re looking to sell products in a unique variety of categories, Scouting in the Jungle will have more data for you to analyze.
  • On the other side, AMZ Scout’s in-depth breakdowns are ideal if you want to concentrate on selling a few select goods really successfully.

Jungle Scout is a tool that allows users to scout out the best products for Amazon.com. Jungle Scout is more expensive than AMZ Scout, but it also has a lot of features that are not available with AMZ Scout. Reference: amz scout cost.

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