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Jungle Scout and ASINspector are two of the most popular Amazon product research tools. They both have a loyal following, though users find them to be very different. Which tool is best for you? Let’s take a look at some features they offer and see how one might perform better than the other..

Amazon’s Best Research Product

Jungle Scout vs ASINspector is a key aspect for Amazon merchants while doing market research. Previously, most retailers spent a significant amount of time and money manually gathering data. There are currently tools available that can handle the bulk of the merchant’s task. The findings are then analyzed to establish the best marketing and tactics for the merchant’s Amazon company.

Jungle Scout and AsinSpector are two of the greatest tools presently available. Both products have a track record of increasing Amazon merchant productivity and sales. The greatest option for merchants is to discover what each tool has to offer in order to make the best decision. Both strategies allow the retailer to save money while selecting the greatest things to offer.

Features of Jungle Scout

Merchants may use the Jungle Scout Product Database to filter items based on reviews, price, demand, and expected sales. Merchants may browse through hundreds of various possibilities by specifying parameters for particular items. The effective tool will help businesses save time.

Jungle Scout Supplier database

Product Tracker: This tool enables merchants to keep track of product metrics and compare them. The product may then be added to the product tracker. Merchants may look at the competitors, bestseller rankings, sales, and price to see how they compare. A basic membership allows merchants to monitor up to 150 goods.

Niche Hunter is a tool that helps retailers find niches. Merchants may learn about niches, identify opportunities, assess demand, and review rival listings. Merchants may discover a niche by selecting a major theme, such as athletic items.

Keyword Scout: Keyword Scout gives retailers with millions of data points to help them figure out what Amazon customers want. Merchants may enhance exposure by employing the proper keywords with accurate data. As a consequence, you’ll be able to create a well-informed keyword list. To reduce possible mistakes, the technology provides merchants in the European Union or the United States with keyword data dating back two years. The tool shows you which keywords are the most popular.

Launch of Jungle Scout: The technology was built for automatic email follow-up marketing. Merchants may use the technology to successfully target customers with promotions tailored to their items. This function is ideal for raising awareness or introducing a new product. For all of Amazon’s marketplaces, an email campaign may be automated.

Launch Jungle Scout Amazon FBA

The Jungle Scout Academy is modeled around a library. The school provides merchants with short training films on how to sell on Amazon. The course covers all of the fundamentals of selling on Amazon.

Merchants may use this tool to monitor both expenditures and earnings using Sales Analytics. The application helps merchants comprehend the financial indicators they need to understand their Amazon companies’ success. The information provided allowed the retailer to cut expenses while boosting earnings.

To learn more, read Project FBA’s comprehensive Jungle Scout review or go directly to our Jungle Scout Discount offer.

Jungle Scout Costs

August 2020 update:

Jungle Scout Costs

Jungle Scout Costs has been updated

  • Extension is now a feature & included in all plans!
  • Tiers are gone!
  • No more surcharges depending on the number of orders!

Basic costs $39 per month and includes full Extension access & product research essentials but limits monthly searches on some features like Keyword Scout.

The Jungle Scout Suite is $69 per month and includes all Jungle Scout research tools as well as premium selling capabilities.

Professional is the finest choice for experienced sellers that require more users on their account and previous data. It costs $129 per month.


• Finding products is simple and quick. Amazon sellers will be able to manage their operations much more smoothly and efficiently.

• Jungle Scout is a strong tool that is yet quite simple to use.

• Amazon retailers may save time thanks to the simple and effective interface. Metric interpretation is clear.

• Tutorials are available to show merchants how to utilize all of the available tools.


• Because the projections are based on sales rankings, the statistics supplied may not be totally correct. Estimates are not always reliable due to continually occuring changes.

• Some goods are not included in the package. Manual research may be required by merchants. A book seller, for example, will have a tough time locating information on Jungle Scout.

• The information provided by the web app and the extension may not always correspond. This is something Jungle Scout is looking into right now.

Features of ASINnspector

Merchants may use the Keywords tool to discover product details. Because the information for each word differs, many keywords should be utilized. This allows the merchant to find exactly what they’re looking for.

ASINspector Features

When a merchant gets a lot of bad searches for different items, they may quickly remove everything by using the X button. Only information related to the items being offered remains.

Window Option: The PRO version allows merchants to concentrate on finding vital data.

Filter: Amazon sellers may use the PRO version to filter their results. Products may be screened via ASINspector to assist meet a defined objective after the merchant has estimated their projected revenue.

Google Trends: eCommerce is the reason Google has become so dominant. This is due to the fact that people can see precisely what is going on in the market. Google Trends allows businesses to alter their product price and tactics in response to current market conditions.

Random Keyword: One of the vendor’s main goals is to broaden product categories and options for Amazon searches. For this reason, a light bulb in the corner of the screen is presented as Random Keyword.

Favorite: When a merchant searches for the same product many times, the Favorite feature saves the information. This avoids the need to go back and evaluate the same thing over and over again.

Pricing for ASInspector

Pricing for ASInspector

This plan was created for self-starters, according to the ASINspector Standard. A one-time payment of $97 is required. The package gives you access to:

• A listing of frequently purchased products, • The ability to load both multiple and next Amazon search pages • Exporting to Excel • Starting a new search • Getting product prices from between five and ten different stores • Customer service through Amazon • Keyword trends including the associated keywords

ASINspector PRO+: This plan was created with savvy merchants in mind. For an unlimited membership, a one-time payment of $127 + $10 each month is required. The package gives you access to:

• Merchants gain the ability to spy on competitors • Ratings and review tracking • Merchants gain access to every Amazon seller’s inventory • Merchants can obtain 1000’s of records in minutes • Product profit calculator • Unlimited searches • All products the merchant is interested in selling can be verified • Seller ranking and category • New product features for brainstorming and discovering Advanced filters allow retailers to quickly sift thousands of results. Favorite items and searches may be kept • Niche or product ideas can be verified • Products that are often bought together can be quickly identified • Unlimited data • UPC barcode scanner for mobile applications Quickly locating sponsored ad data Keyword-driven searches let you find profitable goods fast. • All versions of product listings may be examined instantly • Daily sales projections Money-back guarantee twice • Conducting reverse searches for practically all third-party businesses • Estimating monthly sales • Immediate sales estimates • UPC barcode scanner for phone • Bulk data export to excel, including XLS and CSV • Ability to identify a lucrative product to sell • Bulk UPC uploads using the Done For You tool • All of ASINspector’s regular capabilities


• Sales plans may be changed. Merchants are constantly up to date on income and sales data, as well as any pertinent modifications. The product’s success rate may be utilized to make improvements to the merchant’s initial strategy.

• All downloadable data is given so that shops may get started as soon as they connect to the internet. Data may be viewed from anywhere, and searches can be stored for future use.

• Merchants may get started right away with the Chrome plugin. There are no lengthy software downloads or subscription procedures to deal with.

• Customizable columns allow the merchant to choose the rules, information, and columns that they want.

• ASINspector is simple to use and comprehend. Merchants just need a few minutes to do research.

• ASINspector was created to be basic, simple, and time-saving for retailers.


• The regular version does not include kid variant information. The merchant is unable to examine specific product pages.

The ASINspector is not cheap. The ordinary version costs $97 to license. The PRO edition will set you back $147. To utilize the PRO version, the merchant must pay an extra $10 per month.

• In the new window, no new tabs are accessible. This implies the merchant won’t be able to look for several goods in multiple windows at the same time.

Jungle Scout vs Asinspector

Conclusion: Jungle Scout vs. Asinspector

The pros and drawbacks of both products must be considered while comparing Jungle Scout with Asinspector. Jungle Scout has a more user-friendly and straightforward UI. The data is just layered on top of the browser. A fresh tab must be opened every time the merchant uses ASINspector to do a search. Merchants are sometimes left with a large number of open tabs. When it comes to usability, Jungle Scout has an edge since it can be accessed through a web application.

Merchants that use the tools infrequently will most likely benefit from ASINspector. Merchants that use the tools at least a couple of times each month should use Jungle Scout. Product variants and sponsored items are easier to manage using ASINspector. Although Jungle Scout may not have as many functions as ASInspector, most people prefer it. Because ASINspector is a mobile-based application, merchants may utilize it everywhere there is an internet connection.

Both provide merchants with powerful research tools to assist them establish the best seller rank, estimate rival pricing, compute the merchant’s average ranking, and forecast competitor pricing and product offers on a monthly basis.

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