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Keepa is a health and fitness app that helps you track your daily calorie intake, weight-loss progress and other nutrition goals. The experience of using Keepa for the first time was so powerful we had to make sure all our users could get their hands on it. Our new pricing makes this possible! Topics: Health

The “keepa review count” is a tool that tracks your weight, body fat percentage and BMI. The app also allows you to track your food intake and exercise. The app comes with a free version for the first 30 days after which it will cost $2.99/month or $29.99/year.

Keepa, the crucial Amazon seller tool, has just been converted to a paid-for product, and its structure has changed in 2019. Although a free version is still accessible, the more in-depth information is now only available via a premium membership. It’s OK; many in the Amazon selling world foresaw this, and everyone has to eat. Keepa, we believe, is still worthwhile.

In this Keepa review, you’ll learn how the new system works and how much a premium membership costs. If you’re new to Amazon selling or purchasing, you’ll also learn about the capabilities and intricacies of the browser extension.

What exactly is Keepa?

Keepa is a fantastic solution for Amazon sellers that want to view product sales statistics. The information may also help Amazon customers find excellent offers. It is a browser plugin that you may install on your computer. Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Google are all compatible with it.

Keepa lets you record and analyze information like Amazon product rank and pricing history so you can see whether a product’s price is greater or lower than normal. When selling on Amazon, these tools enable you to make educated judgments. Keepa’s features also assist you in determining which things are selling well and which are not.

Keepa is one of the top two Amazon buyer extensions, according to experts, so it’s definitely worth looking at if you’re a serious Amazon seller.

In the Keepa graph or chart format, you may view the Amazon sales item information. If you are experienced with charts, the data presentation is often simple to interpret. Over 800 million objects are covered by the tool. This number is steadily increasing.

Despite the fact that the new premium edition has significant limits unless you pay the big bucks, it still has a lot to offer.


Features of Keepa

Keepa offers a number of tools to help Amazon merchants. Some are free to play, while others need payment.

Keepa’s features include information like:

  • Graphs illustrating broad pricing statistics across time
  • Alerts for item availability and price drops
  • The price history graphs appear right on Amazon product pages when you install the Keepa browser extension.
  • Keepa enables you to compare prices on millions of Amazon products all across the world.
  • Wish Lists may be imported by users.
  • Users may go at recent Price Drop summaries.

Keepa also supports a wide range of domains, including.com,.co.uk,.de,.co.jp,.fr,.ca,.it,.es,.in,.com.mx,.com.br, and.com.au.

Highlights of Keepa

Keepa’s biggest feature is without a doubt its API, which is available in the area of tools that is no longer free. The Premium Subscription includes access to this API. This region behind the paywall provides you with a comprehensive overview of Amazon product price, rankings, history, and listings.

You may also use the API to get real-time information about Amazon product availability and price.

The following is a list of the features you may access:

  • Details and history of the Buy Box
  • History of Price and Review Count
  • Information about both used and new things
  • Collectibles information
  • Offers from the warehouse and elsewhere
  • Information about the categories
  • Listings of best sellers
  • Rankings of sales
  • Monitoring price rises
  • Price history on eBay

These characteristics are among the tool’s most important aspects. This is the information you’ll need the most if you’re an Amazon seller. See how Keepa stacks up against the CamelCamelCamel features.

Pricing by Keepa

Keepa’s new structure and price went into effect in 2019. As of 2020, the premium membership costs about €15 per month, or €149 per year.

Why should I purchase this item?

The Keepa browser plugin is essential if you’re serious about Amazon selling and want to see what your competitors are up to. It will immediately assist you in staying informed and current on the most recent price information.

You might waste a lot of money on ignorant product pricing if you don’t use Amazon analytics. A solution like Keepa will help you generate money and remain competitive in your industry in the long term.

In this Keepa review, the premium membership pricing is pretty affordable. It’s also the cheapest add-on devoted sellers are likely to use, so it’s well worth your money.

What features of Keepa’s free subscription am I no longer able to use?

The rebuilt Keepa extension no longer has two major features. Among them are:

  • Statistics on Sales Rank;
  • and the ability to examine the Buy Box pricing pattern

Frequent users say they make about 90% of their decisions based on the strength of these Features of Keepa.

There is no context regarding whether a current Buy Box product pricing is what customers have historically been willing to pay for it without the information offered by the premium features. You also can’t observe how often an item sells.

Are there any alternatives?

There are a few ways you may use to quickly see premium information. These aren’t really user-friendly, but they do provide a rapid overview.

To see annual Sales Rank statistics, you can enable a setting labeled ‘show price history graphs as overlays’ when hovering Amazon products. This setting will allow you to see a small table with Rankings of sales. You can’t zoom in on the graph, but it will help you understand how well a product is selling. It is not an ideal feature, and Keepa will likely disable this function in the future.

You might also acquire a less expensive solution that analyzes Keepa’s data and does additional tasks linked to Amazon purchasing and selling statistics. This alternative, however, may not offer you with the same level of detail as Keepa. In any event, several of these tools are more costly than Keepa Premium.

What Can I Do If I Don’t Have a Paid Subscription?

Keepa’s other capabilities, such as relaying product data, are still quite useful. However, they will not provide you with as much thorough and relevant information as the paid features.

The free membership still allows you access to the majority of the full feature set, but each tool has a restriction on the number of things it may display.

These characteristics include:

The Most Popular Listings

Keep yourself informed about what’s hot on Amazon.com. For ease of usage, the listings are divided into categories.

Listing of Best Sellers

Keep track of which merchants are generating the most revenue.

Product Locator

This tool enables you to search for an item and add it to your watch list so you can buy it at the cheapest price.

Viewer of Products

You may import Wish Lists using this capability.

Stock Market Data

You’ll be able to keep track of when things are in and out of stock.

Tree of Categories

This tool allows you to quickly browse goods by category.

Overall – Keepa Pros & Cons


  • Keepa is a fantastic tool for checking Amazon pricing right now.
  • Over 800 million objects have been analyzed.
  • Detailed graphs are provided for a quick glance at sales and price patterns.
  • Historical price data that is accurate
  • You’ll be notified when Amazon prices change.
  • In general, highly user-friendly.
  • Keepa’s monthly membership is reasonably priced at about €15 per month.


  • The most useful features are no longer available for free.
  • If you are not used to reading graphs, it may take some time to grasp them.


Keepa is a good investment for both buyers and sellers as a top Amazon seller tool. Despite the fact that the finest features of Keepa are no longer free to use, it is still a terrific add-on that will assist you in making the best choices.

If you haven’t already done so, and you probably should have by now, go here to acquire your own Keepa membership!

Keepa is a software that allows users to track their health and fitness activities. It offers features like the ability to set goals, log your food intake, and keep track of your sleep. The new pricing for Keepa will be $14.99 per month or $149.99 per year. Reference: how to buy keepa subscription.

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