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On the surface, this “smart” wifi connected showerhead is an attractive product with many features. But due to its high usage data collection and potential privacy concerns on Cloud services in 2023, it earns a spot as one of our worst gadgets of all time.

The “managed by stats” is a program that helps users manage their Amazon data. The program allows users to track the amount of time they spend on the site, and it also provides them with information about how much money they have spent on Amazon.

Offering high-quality items isn’t enough if you operate an Amazon company and want to optimize your income. Increased sales may be achieved by researching your niche and choosing the proper keywords.

Manage by Stats can very handy here. This application provides users with extensive information on how their items are selling.

We’ll go over all you need to know about this Amazon seller tool in this article so you can determine whether it’s perfect for you.

What is Stats Management?

It’s simple to view your genuine Amazon profitability using Manage by Stats. You may instantly get essential statistics by inputting product costs, such as:

  • Real-time transactions
  • ROI
  • Margins
  • Promotional success

You may also look at your refunds and other data by date or range.


It’s simple to give excellent customer service using Manage by Stats. With the SellerMail tool, you can automate messages to gain more reviews and send bulk emails to help your brand grow. You may identify repeat purchasers and other Amazon consumers by accessing your whole customer information, allowing you to sell your items more effectively.

Review of Manage by Stats: Tools and Features

Tools for Sellers

With Tools for Sellers, sellers can access a comprehensive set of tools: the Profitability Chart, statistics, graphs, feedback, inventory, and more. It’s developers made these tools to help Amazon sellers manage any business.

Profitability Chart

Manage by Stat’s Profitability Chart gives sellers an all-in-one look at important metrics needed for Amazon businesses. Sellers can access their profit margins for today, yesterday, last month, or even last year.

Amazon sellers may also construct custom dashboards for certain groups or items.

Each dashboard is fully customisable, allowing merchants to add the widgets that best suit their needs:

  • Indicators of Key Performance
  • Graphs
  • Statistics on Sales
  • Payments from Amazon
  • Restock Notifications
  • Other Statistics and Email Graphs

Sellers may also arrange widgets in a specified order and access information for specific calendar ranges for added ease. Amazon sellers can intelligently manage their operations using Manage by Stat’s all-in-one strategy.

Management of Statistics

With Manage by Stat’s accurate Management of Statistics services, Amazon sellers can see full financial breakdowns, whether they’re looking for refunds or promos. They also have access to sales, advertising costs, and even Amazon fees and can sort by any date range.

View Historical Graphs

Manage by Stats also offers graphs that display product performance and client involvement. You may examine your most significant data by brand, seller account, marketplace, or individual goods with these graphs.

The following statistics may be graphed:

  • Net income
  • Revenue from sales
  • Profit
  • Impressions
  • Ad costs

Sellers can easily access their Amazon payout trends or click-through rate. By visualizing your Amazon business’s performance using the View Historical Graphs, you can gain insight into your business as a whole.

Product Management and Grouping

If you want to conquer Amazon FBA, you must have a deep understanding of how your product performs. Sellers should be aware of their evaluations, expenses of items, earnings, and even their unit session % in order to do so.

Sellers may obtain much-needed control over their Amazon company using Manage by Stat’s flexible product management solutions.

It’s simpler than ever to maintain track of your Buy Box and many other important indicators for your marketplace with Manage by Stats’ customisable tools. The product management features provided by Manage by Stat allow you to see everything about your product listing at a glance.

Database of Customers

With the all-in-one Database of Customers, Amazon sellers can see their top customers quickly. This also allows them to match up orders with order histories, view transactions, and determine who repeat buyers are.

Consumers may be promptly matched with the right orders and lists can be generated for customers based on their bought items using this information.

Database of Transactions

It might be tough to locate particular details about transactions in Seller Central. As a result, Manage by Stats developed a large transaction database.

Sellers may examine their transactions by date range, brand, product line, and a variety of other parameters all in one place. Business owners may leverage this improved transaction intelligence to drive more visitors to their website.

Monitoring of Feedback and Reviews

The most significant aspect of selling on Amazon is probably the reviews. That’s why Manage by Stats created their feedback and review tracking software.

This tool allows company owners to quickly access client orders by clicking links, compose emails with comments, and control star ratings for each product.

Management of Inventory

With Manage by Stat’s Management of Inventory tool, it’s easy to gain that competitive edge on Amazon. This tool organizes data by creating SKU tags, setting a maximum order quantity, and providing more insight. Alternative Management of Inventory tools like Helium 10 and Shopkeeper can also help.


It’s never been simpler to send excellent automated emails to consumers with SellerMail. Amazon sellers may increase sales and improve efficiency with these follow-up emails.

Manager of Advertising

With Manage by Stat’s Manager of Advertising tool, business owners can maximize both sales and profits. With features not available from Seller Central, Manage by Stats monitors bid histories, boosts campaigns, and more.


Amazon sellers may use Manage by Stat’s Catapult tool to improve their written content and keywords. The wordsmith, scout keyword, and distiller tools help you optimize your keywords.


Manage by Stats offers SellerBlast as a special tool. Amazon email addresses may be used to generate email campaigns.

Product Locator

The Product Locator tool makes it easy to categorize product opportunities for Amazon sellers ready to launch the newest and hottest product.

For whom are statistics managed?

For Amazon sellers looking to maximize their profits and overall business, Manage by Stats has all the features they need. The Management of Statistics tools help sellers organize data by date range, product line, and other factors.

SellerMail, for example, is a unique technology that allows company owners to send automatic emails to their consumers.

Stats Pricing Management

Amazon sellers may get started on their new company for as little as $20 per month with the beginner plan, which includes the following:

  • Product Locator tool
  • scout keyword
  • the term distiller
  • 25 keywords for Tracking keywords

The professional plan costs about $60 per month and offers the following benefits:

  • All initial resources
  • 14-day free trial
  • Profitability Chart
  • Tracking keywords
  • Multiple seller accounts are supported.

Custom plans are also available for more sophisticated Amazon merchants with particular requirements:

  • All professional equipment
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Up to 19 vendor accounts may be linked.
  • Expert evaluation of listings

Final Analysis: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Managing by Statistics


  • Every Amazon seller needs professional equipment.
  • Customers may be contacted through automated emails.
  • Inventory tracking accuracy
  • 14-day free trial
  • Database of Customers connects you with repeat customers


  • For some clients, personalized plans may be too pricey.


For Amazon sellers that need to maximize their profitability, Manage by Stats is a worthy investment. The Profitability Chart and the transaction database allows owners to see how they can better connect with their customers. There are a variety of different plans from starter to professional plans, which makes it accessible for everyone.

Overall, we strongly suggest Manage by Stats to anybody trying to increase their profits. You’ll have a better understanding of how your items are selling and whether or not your consumers are returning with all of this information.

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