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Merchants Words is a free alternative to MerchantWords.org that works with Amazon and eBay, allowing you to find the perfect words for your product/service easily. Which one should you use? To help answer this question we’ve gathered some data from both sites so you can decide which is best for your business!

The “semrush” is a free alternative to Merchant Words. It allows users to search for keywords, find related keywords and perform competitive research.

The advantage of MerchantWords is the cost. When you decide to start an Amazon FBA company, the goal is to have as little overhead costs as possible. The most popular MerchantWords membership package, on the other hand, costs well over $100. That is not what you need. At the very least, when you initially get started.

However, there is something much worse. And that’s without even using an Amazon keyword research tool. You won’t go very far in this company if you go in blind.

Fortunately, there are numerous less expensive alternatives to MerchantWords available, including one that is completely free, and some of them are really very excellent. We’ve been looking at some of the greatest and have hand-picked a handful of our favorites to share with you today.

But, since we understand that picking one might be difficult, we’ve put up a quick checklist on what to look for. It’s a little yet useful checklist.

Then we’ll wrap it off with a segment where we’ll address some of your most common questions on the issue.

Let’s get started without further ado.

In a rush? Take a look at our top selection!


Helium10, like MerchantWords, is a collection of tools rather than a single tool.

You may use an excellent tool for product research to verify a possible product’s success before you start. 

There are also various keyword research tools available. In one click, they may deliver sophisticated keyword aggregation and reveal your competitor’s keyword strategy.

A number of listing optimization tools are also available. You may use these to arrange your keywords into ready-to-use lists and verify that your search results are visible by using automated keyword search result verification.

It will also provide additional data, including profit tools and a market tracker. There are other conversion-boosting options available, such as the ability to design a landing page and simplify your ad campaigns. 

It also includes tools for running your Amazon FBA company, such as a refund genie, inventory protection, notifications, and more.

There’s even a smartphone app that works on both iOS and Android devices.

There is a free trial period, but after that you must choose a membership plan. The starting pack is comparable to MerchantWords’, however their most popular plan, platinum, is substantially less expensive than MerchantWords’ most popular plan.

As a result, it’s far from a one-trick pony, and it has a lot to offer its customers. If you want to utilize the complete suite, we believe the two lesser price options are better value than MerchantWords.


  • Great product & keyword research tools
  • There are a number of listing optimization tools available.
  • There are conversion-boosting tools available.
  • It also includes tools for running your company.
  • Some tools can be accessed via a smartphone.


  • It isn’t free (though it is cheaper than MerchantWords and is great Money Well Spent)


Sellics created and maintains Sonar, a handy little free Amazon keyword tool. It has also looked at over 180 million keywords provided by genuine Amazon customers in a variety of languages. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for individuals that sell internationally.

It serves three primary purposes. First and foremost, it will show the search volume for each term you type, with the highest search volume appearing first. It will also show you comparable keywords so you can compare them and decide whether or not to use them as well. 

There’s also a more advanced keyword research tool that suggests numerous synonyms for terms you may want to target.

It also does an ASIN reverse search. You may use this to input the ASIN number of a competitive product to see what keywords it ranks for. Additionally, there is a keyword translator.

These are wonderful tools for assisting with listing optimization, allowing you to enhance product listing exposure and improve Amazon SEO.

By presenting a depiction of search traffic, it may also be utilized by individuals who have yet to select precisely what things they will offer. 

It’s also possible to utilize it to create Amazon PPC ads.


  • Over 180 million keywords have been examined.
  • Provides a rough estimate of search volume.
  • Synonyms for certain terms are provided.
  • It also does an ASIN reverse search.
  • A keyword translator is available.
  • It is absolutely free of charge to use.


  • The actual data for search volume are not shown.
  • It currently only applies to Amazon US and Amazon EU.

Tool4seller also provides a free Amazon Keyword tool that includes millions of keywords from all categories.

It utilizes Amazon official data, which is updated once a month, so it’s quite current, but it’s not great for discovering developing patterns. 

It’s quite easy to use. Because there are various marketplaces to choose from, start by entering a seed term. Then just click the button to instantly produce hundreds of long-tail keywords, with the most relevant and popular keywords appearing first. 

You also obtain search volume data for each of the terms created, unlike some other free keyword generators.

Even better, you may filter the results as needed. Visit this website for more information on how much this may help.

And once you have this information, you can use it to improve your product SEO by optimizing your product listing so that it appears higher on search results pages.

Because it is anticipated by Amazon’s own algorithms and models, all of the data is legitimate and trustworthy. 

You may also start a free trial for Tool4seller’s entire suite of products if you decide you’re interested in more than just Tool4seller’s free offering.


  • Supports US, CA, EU, & Japan marketplaces
  • Amazon’s algorithms were employed to generate the data.
  • The information is updated on a monthly basis.


  • Not the greatest way to profit from rising trends.

This program now comes in two flavors: a free version called Keyword Tool and a premium version named Keyword Tool Pro. 

The Keyword Tool makes advantage of Amazon autocomplete to produce a big number of relevant keywords for you to utilize in your product listings. But, sadly, it isn’t really useful outside of that. You’ll have to pay for the premium version if you want to get predicted search volumes for your keywords.

Of course, this is much superior than just putting terms into Amazon’s search engine, which does not offer search volume statistics for the phrases created.

The Keyword Tool Pro platform, on the other hand, has a lot more to offer. There’s also cost-per-click statistics, Google Ads competition data, twice as many keywords, competitor keyword analysis, and bulk search volume analysis in addition to search volume data.


Unlike other comparable keyword tools, Keyword Tool Pro does not provide a variety of pricing options. However, if you pay annually, this is much less expensive each month than MerchantWords’ most popular option. However, if you pay monthly, it will be more costly.


  • The free version produces a big number of keywords that are relevant.
  • The keywords are sorted by popularity in the free version.
  • If paid yearly, the Pro version is less expensive than MerchantWords.


  • There is no search volume in the free edition.
  • Only a few keywords are used in the free version.

A Free MerchantWords Account for Honorable Mention


Despite the fact that MerchantWords does not provide a free trial period, it turns out that you may use some of their services for free.

Simply go to their website (see link above) and choose the service you want, whether it’s Market Insights, Digital Shelf, or Keyword Collections. After that, you may enter your ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) and have a report prepared and emailed to your email address for free.

Their Emerging Trends tool is also available for free on their website.

These reports, which are available for free, are really rather excellent. You have all of the important information at your fingertips in an easy-to-understand manner. And the Keyword Collections tool may be used for up to 1000 different keywords.

You may opt in to hear about MerchantWords offers when you enter your email address for the free reports. So, if you ever decide you want more access to MerchantWords’ array of products, you could get a terrific discount through email.


  • Free access to numerous MerchantWord tools
  • Create keyword collections for up to 1000 terms.
  • You may be able to get some fantastic deals.


  • MerchantWords will attempt to persuade you to join one of their pricing plans.

Choosing A Free MerchantWords Alternative Guide

So, here’s what you should look for in an Amazon keyword research tool:

Friendly User Interface

The quantity of data that these applications may give might be overwhelming at times and difficult to comprehend. That’s why we prefer applications that aren’t overly flashy and just show you what you need to see, with as little unnecessary features as possible. This is especially true if you’re fresh to the game. A well-designed, sleek, and simplified software may make all the difference.

Information to Look For

All you actually need is the search rank of as many keywords (that are related to your items) as feasible to get started. You should also have a tool that searches for synonyms and long-tail keywords for those phrases.

You may also be interested in a tool that can help you arrange your keywords by exporting them to a.CSV file that can be used as a spreadsheet.

What tools are you looking for?

If all you need is a tool to find the most popular keywords for your items, you’ll have no trouble finding one.

However, if you’re searching for a full package of tools similar to MerchantWords, Helium10 could be your best option. Although it is not free, they do provide a free trial.

Quantity of Information Provided

The amount of data that Amazon keyword research tools have to handle varies significantly. Some will only have data for certain nations or areas, while others will have global data. You may also want to look at historical data.

Data Provided Accuracy

The precision of these keyword research tool applications is another way they vary. Your data should, ideally, be as current as possible. That way, you’ll be aware of any keywords that are presently popular for your items.

Money Well Spent

Unfortunately, we only found one free alternative to MerchantWords, and the rest of the options on our shortlist are all paid. Because prices may fluctuate, we opted not to mention them in the post. However, you may verify the cost using the linked links.

Questions Frequently Asked

Is There A Good FreeMerchantWords Alternative?

While there are several free keyword research tools available to help you plan your keyword strategy as an Amazon seller, none of them compare to the MerchantWords offering, which is a suite of tools rather than a single tool.

Helium10 is one of the top MerchantWords alternatives. They provide a free trial, but you must pay after that. However, their most popular subscription plan is less expensive than MerchantWords’. It may even begin to pay for itself over time.


The “merchant word alternatives” is a free alternative that can be used to replace the words in your text. The best part about this website is that it has a wide variety of options and you can choose from multiple languages. You will also find a list of synonyms for each word.

Frequently Asked Questions

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