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With so many merchants vying for sales on Amazon, you’ll need to utilize every option available to get a competitive advantage. MerchantWords is one of these tools.

If you’ve begun looking into selling on Amazon, you’ve probably come across this, but in this post, we’ll take a closer look and give you a complete assessment.

We’ll start by going over the fundamentals and describing the different features. Then we’ll look at its technical support, which might come in helpful for certain vendors.

Then we’ll discuss price and Money Well Spent before going through some of the benefits and drawbacks. Finally, there will be a conclusion.

By the conclusion of this article, you’ll know precisely what MerchantWords has to offer and if it’s the ideal fit for you and your company.

We also offer a promo code for you to use to obtain a significant discount on the MerchantWords tool suite.

Please feel free to skip ahead to any area that piques your interest.

What Is MerchantWords, Exactly? What Is It Used For?

MerchantWords is a package of keyword and product research tools for Amazon merchants, for those who don’t know.

It looked at 11 Amazon marketplaces, 1 billion goods, and 2 billion product keywords.

This puts it in a great position to assist you figure out not just which products are selling well at any particular moment, but also which ones aren’t. However, it also informs you about the optimal keywords to utilize in order to capture your target market’s attention and generate sales.

What Are The Main Characteristics?

MerchantWords is more than a one-trick pony; it’s a whole toolkit. Let’s take a look at each one separately.

User Experience

MerchantWords’ user-friendly interface is one of its best features. Instead of overwhelming you with information, everything is lot more simplified and plain. This makes it ideal for newcomers. It has no learning curve and is simple to navigate.

Market Research

The Market Research tool lets you examine just how well your products are performing against your closest competitors. All you have to do is type in the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) and you can order a report of similar products that you can filter.

This is an excellent technique to obtain useful industry knowledge and identify your most formidable rivals. It simply shows you how to make the most impactful adjustments.

It’s also a terrific technique to figure out things like what kind of pricing your stuff will sell for.

The quantity of reports you may create is solely dependent on your price plan.

Digital Bookcase

The Digital Bookcase diagnostic reports are powerful tools they give you your overall search rank, and come with a whole bunch of data (click here for more information). It brings up every page one of each search where your product appears, along with the closest competitor products.

It’s wonderful for finding fresh and underutilized keyword prospects for SEO and PPC alike. It might be really useful in guiding your SEO approach.

New Developments

New Developments is a tool designed to help you identify which products are currently trending, and it brings up the search volume for each product keyword.

It’s ideal for individuals who don’t have a certain product category in mind and instead rely on sourcing and distributing whatever is popular at the moment.

However, you may sort the results into broad categories to determine what goods are popular in your field.

Collections of Keywords

This is, as the name implies, a tool for organizing all of your product keywords.

The keywords are organized and shown in tables that you may sort by Amazon Search Volume or Depth. The Depth is a measure of the keyword’s popularity and frequency of searches.

Traditional Search

MerchantWords’ most basic keyword research tool is known as this. You type in a phrase, and you’re given a list of comparable keywords, along with an indication of how well each keyword performs for that product.

The findings may be saved as a.CSV file, which is a spreadsheet format.

the term multiplier

The the term multiplier is a really handy tool, too. You  simply type in your primary keyword, and you get a whole bunch of synonyms, spelling variations and complementary keywords, that can give you some really great ideas for your SEO reach.

Products on Page 1

This is the tool for you if you want to get your product on Page 1 (and who wouldn’t?). It gives you a quick summary of the most popular goods for any search.

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Rather of searching Amazon for a specific product with only one keyword, they’re more likely to enter in a long-tail term that specifies what kind of features or applications they’re looking for in a product.

Furthermore, ASIN Plus can assist you in identifying the keywords that will get your goods on the first page of a search.

Search in bulk

Search in bulk basically lets you search for several keywords at a time. It’s a lot like the Traditional Search, but it can also be used to help create new Collections of Keywords.

Advisor for Keywords

For those who feel like you have enough to do as it is without having to worry about keyword research, you can have an appointed Advisor for Keywords to do all that for you, and you can receive a full keyword research report in 3 days or less.

Unfortunately, none of the subscription options include this, and you would have to pay for it independently. However, it is well worth considering since it saves a significant amount of time.

Listing Consultant

The Listing Consultant service goes one step beyond what the Advisor for Keywords service has to offer. Basically, MerchantWords will do your writing and SEO for you, with Amazon product listing optimization sorted out in just 10 days or less.

Unfortunately, none of the subscription options include this, and you would have to pay for it independently.

And, as much as we’d want to claim it’s worthwhile, it’s really an extremely pricey service that costs hundreds of dollars just for one listing. It’s only worth considering if you have a significant amount of cash on hand.

How effective is customer service?

The amazing thing about MerchantWords’ customer service is that it is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

And this is wonderful because it means that even if you’re having troubles, you can still join in on the action as soon as a trend starts to surge since you’ll receive a quick reaction and a solution.

How much does it set you back?

Unfortunately, there is currently no free trial available for MerchantWords. We hope that this will change in the future, but don’t hold your breath.

In any case, there are three subscription options to select from. You have the option of paying monthly or yearly, which will offer you two months free. The following are the plans:


The Silver plan is the least expensive of the three, costing less than $50 a month.

The data is focused on a single country , there’s one user per plan, and you can carry out a whopping 500 monthly searches. You can carry out 25 searches on the Market Research tool, generate up to 5 reports on the Digital Bookcase tool, and form up to 10 Collections of Keywords.

You also get use of Search in bulk, Traditional Search, Keyword Explorer, ASIN Plus, and Products on Page 1.


The Gold plan is the most expensive, costing between $50 and $100 each month. (We’re not giving precise costs since they might change.) This is the most common choice.

The data brought up is regional rather than single country, and there’s one user per plan. But you get a whopping 1000 monthly searches. You can carry out 100 searches on the Market Research tool, generate up to 50 reports on the Digital Bookcase tool, and form up to 100 Collections of Keywords.

And in addition to all the tools available on the silver plan, you also get the term multiplier and New Developments.


The Platinum package, which costs well over $100 each month, is for the big players.

It leverages data from all across the world, supports up to three users, and offers unlimited monthly searches.

Money Well Spent

You know, it’s hard to argue that MerchantWords is good Money Well Spent knowing that there are free alternatives out there.

It’s also worth remembering that MerchantWords used to offer a considerably lower membership plan before raising their Silver plan by $30, raising the issue of whether they’ll do it again.

However, MerchantWords is more than just one tool; it’s an entire suite of useful tools, and it’s well worth a look. Although there is no free trial, you may get your money back if you decide it isn’t for you after 14 days.

We would argue that the Gold plan offers the best Money Well Spent. This is because you get the whole suite of tools at your disposal, and you’ll soon find that the number of reports available on the Silver plan is not nearly enough.

What are people’s thoughts on MerchantWords?

The MerchantWords website, as you would expect, offers excellent testimonials from people who have used the platform. And we believe that this honor is well-deserved.

But it isn’t the full story, and some people have expressed their dissatisfaction. Although MerchantWords has a solid reputation and history, some wonder if it has kept up with the trends and is still as important today.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of MerchantWords


  • The UI is simple, clean, and user-friendly.
  • The search results are straightforward to understand and follow.
  • It gives you a lot of information on the most popular terms.
  • It makes it easier to keep track of all of your keyword research.


  • There is no trial period available.
  • It is somewhat more costly than comparable platforms.
  • It’s wonderful for product research and keyword research, but it’s limited in other ways.

MerchantWords Alternatives

As you may already know, the MerchantWords package isn’t exactly unique, and there are other great alternatives available. Jungle Scout, Helium10, and Sellics are just a few examples.

You may be interested in reading our article “Sonar Amazon,” which can be found at this link. Also accessible at this URL is our article titled “Hellium10 vs Sellics.”

You may be pleased to hear that there are some free MerchantWords Alternatives also, and we’ve got an article all about them elsewhere on our website, simply titled “Merchant Words Free Alternative” which is available on this link.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, MerchantWords definitely has a lot to offer. However, whether it’s good for you and your company is contingent on factors such as the volume of things you sell on Amazon.

Also, consider if the MerchantWords alternatives would give you with additional data or merely a less expensive platform to operate from.

We believe you should utilize at least one tool to help you find the ideal keywords for your items, and you could do a lot worse than using MerchantWords, which is still a highly acclaimed and trustworthy suite of tools for Amazon sellers.

You’ll have to determine for yourself whether or not it’s the ideal package of tools for your specific firm. And the first step would be to look at the alternatives and see how they stack up.

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