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Motley fool saw their monthly organic traffic grow to 20+ million.

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Our version agency was hired by the Motley Fool, a financial services company, to increase their monthly organic traffic. At that time, the Motley Fool was receiving 10 million unique visitors per month, and our goal was to help them reach 20+ million or more.

We decided on multiple strategies for website optimization, including on-page optimization and off-page SEO efforts. On-page optimization involved increasing website structure, navigation, and content, whereas off-page SEO efforts involved building backlinks and promoting the content on social media and other websites.

Thanks to our efforts, the Motley Fool was able to increase its organic traffic by a significant amount each month. A report from SimilarWeb showed that the company saw over 20+ million new unique visitors per month. This valuable growth not only helped the Motley Fool expand its reach and influence, but it also likely led to increased financial gain.

We assisted the mission of the Motley Fool by helping them achieve organic traffic growth. We’re happy to have assisted them in their success and look forward to helping them maintain and grow their online presence.

Record Increase in organic traffics

Motley fool saw their monthly organic traffic grow to 20+ million.

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