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The RevSeller Chrome Extension makes it easy to find unique products on Amazon without the hassle of having to constantly search for them. If you’re looking for a quick way to save money, then this is one product that will help with your budgeting goals by ensuring savings across multiple orders. Check out these reviews and start saving today!.

The “keepa” is a Chrome extension that allows users to search for products on Amazon, and then purchase them at the best price. It’s a must have for anyone who shops on Amazon.

Every online retailer’s ambition is to be successful on Amazon. However, in recent years, the world’s most popular marketplace has become much more competitive. Sellers must not only work hard to differentiate their items, but also research the competitors and compare pricing.

It’s hardly surprising, however, that Amazon sellers are turning to technology-driven products and services to get an edge over their competitors.

RevSeller, a Chrome plugin used by many FBA sellers, is one of these tools.

Is RevSeller, however, as good as its users claim? We’ll go through everything RevSeller has to offer and if you should utilize it for your business in this tutorial.

What is RevSeller & What can it do for you?

Amazon merchants utilize RevSeller, a popular Amazon FBA Chrome addon. It’s an excellent tool for finding lucrative business prospects. It’s a kind of online arbitrage tool.

Market research is one of the most difficult aspects of becoming an Amazon seller. You always want to have an edge over your competitors by being the first to sell, but this takes time.

RevSeller excels in this area. The addon cuts down on the time you spend searching the web for items and comparing costs. It searches the Internet for items on third-party platforms in a matter of seconds and presents you with detailed information on category, profitability, and Sales Positionings.

That way, you’ll be able to make an educated choice on your next Amazon product launch.

Finding the correct items implies more revenues and more appealing pricing for your clients.

You can assess product margins, return on investment, and FBA costs with the RevSeller addon. It enables you to construct several scenarios based on your investment level. It can tell you if a product is in stock or not, and it can show you any pricing differences between providers.

Using this Chrome extension to do Amazon research for new or third-party items is considerably more convenient. The first step is to create an account with RevSeller and then configure Amazon Merchant Web Services (MWS).

After that, you may install the extension to your Chrome browser and begin using RevSeller.

Features of the RevSeller Chrome Extension

RevSeller is a strong Chrome extension, especially considering how easy it is. You get the following revseller features with RevSeller:

  • Estimates from the calculator
  • Preferences Quick Access to Popular Resources
  • Amazon ROI and Profit Margin Number
  • Sellers using FBA and MFN
  • Sales Position
  • Real-time, on-page calculator

Real-time monitoring ROI calculator

The calculator is the most often utilized function of the revseller chrome addon. Without having to open another window, the merchant may quickly evaluate return on investment and profit margins. You also won’t have to waste time opening many windows and sites to figure out which product has the most potential.

Simply enter your FBA selling price and delivery cost into the applications’ window to assess potential profit and investment. After that, you’ll be able to examine the possible income and profit from each item.

The calculator saves you time and effort by performing the grunt work for you. It is completely integrated and takes up no screen real estate.

The Viewer of Variations

When searching for a product such as bags, shoes, and clothes, you only see one product variation. This is where The Viewer of Variations comes in handy. You can use this feature to see the different varieties of any chosen product.

It condenses all of the important information about each variant and delivers it to you in an easy-to-understand way.

RevSeller gives information like selling prices, colors, sizes, and any other significant differences so you may make an informed selection. It also displays stock levels and highlights varieties that are presently unavailable on third-party sites.

One of its other vital functions is feedback. Merchants like yourself can use The Viewer of Variations to get detailed feedback on any specific product. You can track reviews and other data that gauge the product’s performance across different platforms and merchants.

Some items have several versions, making it difficult for any merchant, no matter how skilled with FBA selling, to keep track of each one’s performance.

The Viewer of Variations also does a great job of handling other products asides fashion items. You can use it when searching for dinnerware, hardware tools, and parts. Also, it notifies you of any other Amazon sellers who are currently selling that particular product, the variations they have, and the selling prices.

All you have to do is click the viewer button to utilize it. It then displays all of the product search alternatives. With the touch of a mouse, you may sort and organize your files anyway you choose. Furthermore, it shows if the goods are presently on sale.

Average sales and percentage ranking over 90 days

The Sales Position is a critical part of any merchant’s toolkit. Any smart merchant knows that the Sales Position is a continuously fluctuating metric, which is why it is essential to check its sales and percentage ranking before investing in any product. It is not wise to base an investment decision on the popularity of a product or brand.

Popularity doesn’t always equal sales on Amazon. Wrong or incomplete Sales Positioning information could mean millions of dollars in losses within the blink of an eye.

This is prevented by the RevSeller extension feature. It gives you the essential data you need to make the best investment selection possible.

Furthermore, you do not need to be an expert to comprehend the information provided by the program. It’s simple to comprehend, and you can make an educated choice about whether or not to purchase the item.

What is the cost of using RevSeller?


RevSeller’s price is really reasonable for a product of this quality. New users are given a free 30-day trial of all product features. You don’t have to provide your credit card information when you join up, so you may leave at the conclusion of the trial period without having to worry about removing your card information.

The trial period enables you to determine if this is a product you wish to use for at least 12 months. Because the only bundle offered is an annual subscription, this is the case.

The price is $99.99, and it includes perks like regular product upgrades and customer support. You may cancel your membership at any time with no penalty — there is no cancellation charge.

Pros and Cons of RevSeller

It, like any other product or service, has certain advantages and disadvantages.


  • Very inexpensive.
  • Amazon FBA and the online arbitrage procedure are simple to set up and operate.
  • Significantly reduces research time
  • Make precise estimations
  • Variation viewer functionality is available.
  • Compatible with all laptops and desktop computers.
  • Uses the Amazon API directly (so it can estimate fees accurately)
  • If you have a virtual assistant, they will get a second installation at no additional cost.
  • A simple canceling procedure.
  • Easily calculate your return on investment and profit margin.
  • Information stream that is detailed and self-explanatory.


  • It is only compatible with Google Chrome.
  • First-time Amazon sellers may find it difficult to comprehend the tool or appreciate its advantages.
  • The extension is not compatible with phones or tablets.
  • For some new vendors, the cost may be prohibitive.

Questions Frequently Asked

Is RevSeller compatible with many computers?

Under one account, you may use the RevSeller addon on several machines. If you log in with the same account you used to pay for your yearly membership, there will be no fee for a new computer.

To turn on all of your devices, go to:

  • Sign in to your account at RevSeller.com on your new device.
  • Navigate to the “My Account” area. 
  • “Download Extension” should be selected.

You’ve now added a new device to your RevSeller account. The number of devices you may utilize on one account with RevSeller is unlimited.

Is this compatible with my tablet or smartphone?

You can’t use the Chrome extension on your smartphone or tablet right now. Google’s mobile browsers do not presently permit the installation of extensions.

Given the amount of merchants who would want to access RevSeller’s unique data while on the go, this may be a huge disappointment.

Is it compatible with other Amazon marketplaces?

The extension is currently only available on the Amazon.com marketplace. This implies that marketplaces with extensions like co.uk,.ca, and others are unable to use the RevSeller software.

Is it compatible with browsers other than Google Chrome?

The RevSeller addon is only compatible with Google Chrome. You won’t be able to utilize the Google Chrome Extension if you use browsers like Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

Is there a discount code for RevSeller?

Merchants who signed up for the free trial or who are frequent customers to the service may get discount coupons from the RevSeller team on occasion. Before your trial time ends, you could get fortunate and acquire a discount coupon.

What is the accuracy of the charge estimates?

The Amazon Seller Central API is closely integrated with the Chrome addon. This ensures that fees, returns on investment, and selling prices are calculated directly from Amazon’s data. This greatly decreases the margin of error.

However, the RevSeller team recommends that merchants use the Amazon Calculator to make final decisions.

Because data from the Amazon API might be restricted at times, causing estimates to be inaccurate, you can double-check your assumptions and facts using other Amazon sources before making your final decision.

Is it necessary to finish the MWS configuration before utilizing RevSeller?

Yes, before utilizing the Chrome extension API to access Amazon’s database on behalf of a seller, all merchants must first sign up and allow MWS access.

Can I create an account for my virtual assistant?

Your VA(s) may acquire another Chrome extension using your RevSeller account. As previously said, as long as people check in with the same account they used to subscribe, there should be no issues.

Set it up for the VA by going to RevSeller.com on the VA’s computer and logging in with your account information. Click the “Download Extension” radio option under “My Account.”

Is this product useful for both new and seasoned sellers?

The RevSeller team feels that the technology may benefit both sorts of sellers equally. However, we believe that experienced merchants will benefit more from it. Unless they are experienced sellers launching a new business, novice Amazon sellers are likely to be overwhelmed by the tool’s data.

It may, however, be useful for novice merchants. The ROI calculator is a simple approach to understand your product’s stats and profitability ranges.

What is the procedure for canceling my yearly subscription?

It’s simple to cancel your membership if you change your mind. Go to RevSeller.com’s landing page and click “My Account” in the upper right corner. The “Cancel” button is located at the bottom of the page.

Your subscription will be terminated after you click that and confirm by clicking the pop-up button. Your paid membership is not cancelled if you remove the extension or disable access to MWS in Seller Central. You must go to the website to cancel. Once the trial time is over, free trial accounts just expire.


Without a question, the RevSeller addon is one of the most useful tools available to Amazon merchants. It allows you to save money while looking for a new product while also avoiding the time-consuming task of sorting through hundreds of product variants.

It’s no surprise that many FBA sellers consider it one of their most useful tools. Many good evaluations of the product may be found on the Internet and on the RevSeller website. The support crew is incredibly helpful, always willing to help you with any issues you may have while using the program.

RevSeller is a no-brainer if you’re searching for a solid yet economical product search and ROI solution. It’s simple to set up and utilize, and you’ll see an immediate difference in your Amazon selling approach and bottom line.

Get your FREE 30-day trial now!


The “rev seller chrome extension” is a must have for Amazon sellers. The extension allows users to track their sales, see what items are selling the best and more.

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