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Sellbrite is a professional service that allows people to sell their unwanted items on its platform. Sellers can get cash for their goods in exchange, and the company supports all major cards. Here’s what we thought of it!

Sellbrite is a digital marketing company that offers various services to help businesses grow. They offer a variety of packages, and their pricing starts at $99 per month. The “sellbrite review – pricing, features, and verdict” offers an overview of the company’s services.

Anyone may choose to sell items online in today’s environment. Entrepreneurs and amateurs are taking advantage of this possibility to earn some additional cash or perhaps a full salary now more than ever before!

This form of selling has become very popular because to online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, and as more individuals join on board, more tools are developed to make the process simpler and more effective.

Sellbrite is just one of the numerous apps designed to help you manage your Amazon FBA company. We’ll go over more about Sellbrite in our review, as well as whether we believe it’s the perfect FBA solution for your company.

What exactly is Sellbrite?


Sellbrite is an online service that lets sellers advertise their items on some of the top online marketplaces. It was founded in 2011.

This software offers a one-stop shop for all of a brand’s and retailer’s listing and selling requirements, making the whole process considerably more efficient than maintaining several accounts for each marketplace. This tool enables businesses to sell across various platforms while controlling everything from one central location — it actually streamlines the process and speeds up sales across all platforms.

Sellers may reach a broader audience of prospective purchasers than ever before by utilizing this sort of service! Now you can submit a product in one place and have it advertised to consumers of all of the main online marketplaces — Sellbrite’s core benefits are efficiency and productivity.

If you’re a store or brand that sells on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or another comparable online marketplace, you should absolutely check into the tools and features that Sellbrite has to offer!

Pros and Cons of Sellbrite

To begin our Sellbrite review, we’ll go through some of the site’s primary advantages and disadvantages.


1. Convenient to use

Who doesn’t appreciate a simple-to-use tool that gets the job done? Sellbrite is designed to make things easier for you, as seen by the site’s user-friendly features.

To get started with this application, you’ll need to connect all of your internet shops together. You must ensure that your items are listed and accounted for via this site, whether you are an Amazon FBA seller, have an eBay store active, or have a customized Etsy shop.

You can rapidly connect your accounts by following easy directions in the “settings” page, and all of your shops will be featured in your Sellbrite account!

Then you’ll want to import all of your items that you’re selling. After that, you’ll be able to sync your inventory so that it’s updated on a regular basis when you sell items in your shop.

After all of your items have been imported, you will be able to manage your listings, which means you will be able to alter or change them with only a few clicks.

Sellbrite was created to make some of the most time-consuming aspects of online shopping easier, so it’s no surprise that it’s so user-friendly.

2. Increase Order Fulfillment Efficiency

Another fantastic benefit provided by Sellbrite is that sellers and merchants can now fulfill orders much more quickly than previously.

You will be alerted instantly when an order has to be completed since all of your items and listings are in one location, and your accounts are linked up via this application.

Rather of returning to the individual site to complete a purchase, you may do it directly from the Sellbrite application!

3. Customize and filter your listings

The ability to filter and modify all of your listings is a vital tool that will help you make your online businesses stand out.

If you intend on selling things one by one on Sellbrite, you will realize that the procedure takes a long time. Fortunately, Sellbrite eliminates such time-consuming chores! You may build product and listing templates to keep for later use and apply to new posts as needed.

This tool is exclusive to the Sellbrite app and will save you a significant amount of time. It will also assist you in getting your items out and into the marketplace much quicker than if you had to go through each one individually and upload it.

4. User-Friendly Listing Options

Sellbrite provides a variety of easy-to-use listing capabilities in addition to personalized filtering. By uploading a large number of goods to your shop at once, you may swiftly submit listings in bulk.

Again, since your accounts are all connected, your items will appear promptly on all of the marketplaces where you sell!

You won’t have to spend as much time producing individual listings for each site, and you won’t have to learn how to utilize all of the varied features and interfaces on each one.

Sellbrite makes it simple for you to succeed by using these simple-to-use tools designed with the sellers’ best interests in mind.

5. Expand Your Audience

You’ll reach a broader and more diversified audience if you offer your items on many distinct online marketplaces at the same time.

This is a positive for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the more people who see your product listings or shop, the better. Better foot traffic is usually typically associated with higher sales, therefore just adopting Sellbrite will likely result in favorable improvements in your sales.

You’ll also have a better chance of reaching a varied audience. You may be asking why this matters in an online situation, but the fact is that online consumer behavior isn’t all that different from offline behavior. You want to reach a wide range of people since your items could appeal to someone who isn’t in your target demographic.

Sites like Etsy attract a different sort of customer than eBay, but marketing your wares to both types of purchasers won’t harm. Using Sellbrite increases your chances of reaching the appropriate customer on the right platform, which leads to more sales.

6. Have a central location for all of your products.

This benefit is significant for many reasons. The apparent advantage is that you will be able to view all you are listing in one place. This is excellent for organizing and may help you stay focused on the goods that are outperforming the competition.

Another advantage of having all of your items in one location is that your inventory will be updated on a frequent basis!

You won’t have to worry about overselling a product again since Sellbrite updates in real time. This means that if one of your goods sells on a marketplace, your online inventory will instantly adjust to reflect the proper amount of products still available.

This makes things more obvious for you as the seller and ensures that you don’t overfill orders due to low inventory. You’ll be pleased, and your customers will be pleased — a win-win situation!


1. A Limited-Time Free Trial

If you’re interested in using Sellbrite but aren’t convinced, you may take advantage of a brief free trial to test out all of the features.

While this is wonderful for individuals who want to try out all of the features, the free trial only lasts thirty days before you have to pay for the membership.

Furthermore, the Sellbrite trial is only free if you sell less than 30 orders each month. If you’re a tiny store just starting out, you generally won’t have to worry about this constraint too much.

If you’re a bigger business wishing to streamline your operations by using this software, the free trial may expire sooner simply because you’ve sold more goods in a shorter amount of time.

2. Significant Investment by Smaller Retailers

In the grand scheme of things, the price packages for the various tiers of the app are rather reasonable, but it may be a significant expenditure for those smaller merchants.

You could think the program is a touch too pricey for your requirements if you just sell your items on one or two sites or if you specialize in a very tiny, specialized market.

The features may still be useful, but you must decide if the cost is justified for your particular firm.

3. Smaller retailers may face difficulties.

Following up on what was previously said, Sellbrite may not be the ideal fit for certain smaller merchants.

If you do any research on this software, this is likely to be one of the most common complaints. This is because the features are most useful when a large number of product listings are present.

Small businesses may only stock one or two of the same item. They will not be able to resupply those items after they have sold out. Because your items are always changing, it might be tough to employ those specific listing styles and sorting tools.

Small businesses may use Sellbrite, but we highly advise you to try the free trial before committing to one of the bundled offers.

Breakdown of Costs


If you’re thinking about using Sellbrite for your online shop, or if your free trial period is coming to an end, have a look at the many price options available.

Sellbrite offers a few different packages and pricing points to pick from to suit sellers of all shapes and sizes.

Sellbrite 1

“Sellbrite” is the name of the basic subscription option. This package is designed for sellers to utilize across all of their multiple marketplaces, making it the more comprehensive of the two alternatives.

If you pick this bundle, you will be given the option of selecting from a number of alternative price choices.

If you’re thinking about getting this bundle, think about how many orders you typically complete each month. These plans vary in price from $29 to $179 per month – just make sure you’re not overpaying for a bigger bundle!

2. Shopify’s Sellbrite

“Sellbrite for Shopify” is the other option given. This bundle is a little more specialized and is specifically linked with Shopify Vs Amazon FBA.

This option may be more suitable for Shopify merchants. It’s also less expensive on a monthly basis. This service has a price range of $19 to $99 a month, depending on how many orders you complete in that period.


Sellbrite is a tool that may help you take your online selling to the next level. If you’ve ever sold across several platforms, you’ve probably experienced the difficulties that Sellbrite alleviates; it’s excellent for companies that need to sell across various platforms but don’t want to deal with maintaining a million accounts.  

We examined how this program performs in a variety of online marketplaces and believe that, despite being tailored at bigger merchants, it performs well. 

We believe that this user-friendly application is ideal for any online vendor who wants to become more organized and productive. The site’s features were created to assist merchants in making the most of their items and listings. Sellbrite has earned its spot in the online selling world, in our opinion!

The “sellbrite alternative” is a new website that allows users to sell their unwanted items for cash. It’s a great way to make some extra money, especially if you’re moving or just want to declutter your life.,

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