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Seller Labs is an Amazon seller software that allows sellers to manage their inventory and shipping flow. The app includes its own marketplace with a wide selection of products, including dropshipping options for ecommerce. It also offers multiple different support channels and quick account management tools to make the process easy.

Seller Labs is a software solution that allows Amazon sellers to manage their Amazon accounts and products. The software includes features such as inventory management, order management, reporting, and more.

The figures on the Seller Labs website are rather amazing. For example, at the time this piece was published, they claimed that year-over-year growth for seasonal products had climbed by a stunning 147 percent, or more than double.

Even more striking are the figures for the growth in monthly units sold for an electronics manufacturer, which are up 338 percent.

Of course, the skeptics among us will see that these are only highlights, and would assume that the platform isn’t as good elsewhere. Is it wise to trust the hype? That is the issue at hand.

So, in this post, we’ll dissect everything Seller Labs has to offer, and by the Conclusion, we’re certain that you’ll have a much better understanding of if Seller Labs is ideal for your company.

We’ll start by going over the fundamentals before diving into the various features.

We’ll also construct a brief overview of its different advantages and disadvantages, as well as discuss What Others Have to Say About Seller Labs.

We’ll also talk about their Plans for Pricing and if they’re worth it. We’ll also discuss other prospective Seller Labs alternatives.

Then we’ll wrap it off with a part where we’ll address some of your most often asked questions about the topic, followed by a Conclusion.

What Is Seller Labs Pro, Exactly?

Seller Labs is a relatively new company compared to Amazon. It has been around since 2013, so they have had plenty of time to master their craft.

The Seller Labs platform is centered on an Amazon dashboard. The goal of this dashboard is to provide all of the most critical data and KPIs about your Amazon company on an one page.

What Exactly Is Seller Labs Pro

But it’s the value of this data and how it can be utilized on a daily basis to guide how you can best run your company in order to improve sales and bring in more money where it truly shines.

You may use this dashboard to track your progress toward any objectives you set, examine sales data, get important alerts, and keep track of your company’s day-to-day activities.

The data is presented not only in numerical form, but also in a visual manner, with bar graphs and pie charts, which serve to emphasize the facts. It’s really simple to use and understand.

You may then go to additional comprehensive reports from this dashboard if you want to learn more.

But the significance of Seller Labs does not stop there, which takes us beautifully into the following area.


Seller Labs Features

Allow for immediate response to changes in Amazon’s algorithm or inventory policies.

With Seller Labs, you’ll be alerted right away if Amazon’s algorithm changes that might influence your product listings. And you can respond swiftly and adjust when you have this knowledge. 

Suggestions from AI

On your dashboard, your revenue for the previous day, week, and month is clearly highlighted. And, for any patterns that are visible, you may utilize Seller Labs’ artificial intelligence to analyze and manage any emerging tendencies.

Seller Labs Review

Monitor customer satisfaction.

The most recent client reviews are also shown on your feedback genius dashboard. This means you’ll be able to reply quickly to any bad customer comments, which is critical for keeping your Amazon Seller reputation.

If the consumer has been using the product wrong, you may explain why and provide a replacement. Alternatively, take additional corrective measures.

Keep track of your ad spending.

Amazon Advertising Cost of Sales is also tracked by Seller Labs (ACoS). And you’ll be able to see whether your PPC advertisements are costing you more than they’re worth, so you can adjust them or even abandon them if they’re not working.

Product Revenue Enhancement

Seller Labs does more than track income. It also keeps track of your stock profitability at the unit level. This might help you with catalog level management as well as selling methods.

Notifications sent automatically

Important alerts from Seller Labs are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Product Reviews Are Managed Centrally

The Seller labs platform also allows you to automate requests for product reviews and may even help you if a negative review is received.

Assistance with Keywords

Admittedly Assistance with Keywords is not Seller Labs’ best or most prominent feature, and there are better platforms out there for this if this is what you are looking for.

It may, however, monitor the organic success of both your items and those of your rivals, as well as reveal which search phrases drive the most traffic and purchases.

Plans for Pricing

Seller Labs Pricing

Small-Scale Sellers’ Pricing

The cost of a Seller Labs membership is now fully determined by your Amazon Annual 3P sales. Starting with relatively modest sales of up to $50,000, which costs about $50 per month at the time this article was published, the prices rise in seven phases.

However, if you pay yearly rather than monthly, you may save a significant amount of money (over $100) and pay $10 less every month, thus receiving two months for free.

At Scale Pricing

On the other hand, if your annual 3P sales are $10 million or more, the monthly cost might reach $1000. (correct when this article was written). 

If you pay yearly rather than monthly, you’ll save nearly $2000.

Trial Offer

One of the great things about Seller Labs is that it offers a lengthy 30-day Trial Offer. That way you can try out all the features of the plan without having to pay a cent. You can see exactly how well it works for you before you commit to spending any money on it.

Money Well Spent

So, the question here is whether Seller Labs is good Money Well Spent…

We believe that correlating membership fees with the seller’s yearly 3P sales is a fantastic method to keep expenses reasonable at all pricing points. Because the more money you make, the more cash you should keep on hand to cover such costs.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Streamlined, uncomplicated, and simple to comprehend Dashboard for Amazon sellers
  • Your sales information is shown both numerically and visually.
  • All of your most relevant info is shown on a single screen.
  • Allows you to respond quickly to bad evaluations, which helps your reputation.
  • Allows you to track your progress toward your sales targets.
  • Allows you to keep track of your ACoS and the Money Well Spent you’re getting from your PPC campaigns
  • It shows you which keywords bring in the most visitors and sales.
  • The program and all of the related tools need very little technical skills to operate.


  • We believe that people who are just starting started as Amazon sellers should have a more modest price choice.
  • There have been a few really bad customer reviews regarding the platform elsewhere on the internet, but they don’t seem to be consistent and are most likely one-offs.
  • Seller Labs Alternatives exist that provide some capabilities that Seller Labs does not, and we would advise any Amazon seller to investigate these options before determining which platform or set of tools is ideal for their company. 

What Others Have to Say About Seller Labs

As you would expect, Seller Labs’ website is full with positive client testimonials. However, they have received a lot of appreciation elsewhere on the internet.

Many individuals have successfully utilized Seller Labs’ many tools to provide results, increase sales, and improve their reputation.

However, discussing solely the positive evaluations would not be telling the complete picture…

Webretailer.com user reviews

So, here’s where we’ll be honest with you: Seller Labs user feedback is really mixed. For example, there were 18 reviews for Seller Labs on webretailer.com, but none of them were four stars, three stars, or two stars; instead, they were all five stars or one star. Everyone who posted a review seems to either like it or dislike it.

However, it’s only fair to note out that these evaluations are a little out of date, and seem to have been published when the Seller Labs platform’s numerous products were known by other names.

And, as we said earlier, Seller Labs has had plenty of time to work out its kinks since its inception in 2013.

Trustpilot.com user reviews

On trustpilot, user feedback for Seller Labs is considerably worse, with an average rating of only 2.6 stars (at the time this article was written). However, considering this rating is based on just four reviews, we would not recommend taking it too seriously.  

Featuredcustomers.com user reviews

There’s an even greater depository of Featuredcustomers.com user reviews, where user feedback has been remarkably more positive.

It has over 400 user reviews, over 200 case studies, and over 200 testimonials, garnering an average customer rating of 4.8 stars out of 5, which is quite promising. 

What Others Have to Say About Seller Labs

To summarize, customer response on this platform has been overwhelmingly good, with significantly more positive ratings than negative ones. Although there have been some bad reviews, they seem to be few and far between.

Seller Labs Alternatives

Now, Seller Labs is a fantastic platform, but it isn’t the only one out there, and there are numerous others that are just as good. 

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Software is one of our preferred solutions. It’s especially useful for merchants that want to utilize numerous suppliers instead of simply Amazon. 

If you’re especially searching for Amazon-based tools, you may also be interested in Hellium10 and/or Jungle Scout. Both of these systems provide Amazon merchants with a set of tools.


If Seller Labs appeals to you after reading this post and you find a membership plan that fits your budget, there’s no harm in arranging a free trial. Instead than merely reading about the platform, you can watch it in action.

And if after the demo, it’s still looking promising to you, that sounds like an excellent argument for taking up a Trial Offer.

Just make sure you evaluate its worth to your company before the 30 days are up, so if it’s not as useful as you hoped, you may cancel without losing any money (so long as you remember to cancel). 

If you decide to stay using Seller Labs, we suggest setting aside about an hour each day to check your dashboard and other reports, so you have time to not just monitor what’s going on, but also to act on what you discover, particularly when it comes to negative customer feedback.

Apart from this, we urge that you invest in additional Amazon tools. For example, MerchantWords is a fantastic tool for putting up your Amazon keyword strategy and optimizing your listings.

Check out our Merchant Words Coupon And Review post on this link, as well as our Merchant Words Free Alternative article on this page.

It is beyond the scope of this essay to go over all Seller Labs has to offer, so we recommend visiting their website to learn more.


The “viral launch” is a new Amazon Seller Software Solution. The software allows sellers to build their own apps, and sell them on the Amazon App Store. It also includes tools for managing inventory, shipping, and more.

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