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Sellics is an online health, wellness and weight loss company that offers customers a variety of discounts, benefits and incentives on their products.

Sellics is a website that has been around for about two years. The site offers various health-related services, including a weight loss program. Sellics also offers discounts through coupons and special deals.

Customer feedback is the most important item that sellers must control.

Monitor Customer Feedback – Take control of your star ratings and the way your brand and organization are perceived on Amazon. Keep track of all new Amazon product reviews and queries in one location.

React to New Reviews — Get alerted when you get a bad product review and respond quickly to minimize the impact. Get personalized email alerts when new reviews and questions are posted. Use the Sellics Vendor Edition review management system to easily and consistently handle all of your reviews and inquiries. With review modifications and extra questions/comments, you may simply follow up. Sellics reviews might help you improve your customer service. 

Answer Customers’ Questions – To improve your brand’s reputation, actively connect with your consumers and develop a favorable relationship. Get a fast snapshot of feedback status and trends across all of your goods, then dig deeper for more detailed analysis if necessary. Get quick access to your whole review and inquiry history for use in content development, marketing, and quality assurance, as well as product management.

Everything suppliers need to improve their Amazon rankings is content and SEO.

Content Analysis and Check — Use the automated and extensive content check to quickly find content optimization opportunities throughout your whole product line.

Identify the most important keywords – For optimal effect, research relevant keywords and arrange them by Amazon search volume. Use the Sellics VE review management system to keep track of all of your reviews and inquiries in one place. Allow Sellics Vendor Edition to help you create top-ranking product listings with an easy-to-use optimization methodology. Use keyword data from consumers and rivals, as well as content insights from competitors. Create an optimal list of backend keywords automatically to swiftly improve your rankings and organic exposure.

Boost Your Rankings by Optimizing Your Listing – In a straightforward optimization procedure, tap into deep keyword data as well as content insights from consumers and rivals. Keep track of your keyword ranks and evaluate the effectiveness of your optimization efforts. Data on rankings may be exported for in-depth study and reporting. Maintain control over your Amazon listings by receiving automated notifications if third parties, such as Amazon, make unlawful changes to your listings.

Maximize Your Amazon Advertising Success with AMS Campaigns.

Sponsored Product Campaigns Can Be Automated – Manually maintaining and tweaking bids, negative keywords, and other parameters might take a long time. By automating these activities, Sellics saves you a lot of time and work. Manually managing your bids and keywords might be time-consuming. By automating these activities, Sellics saves you a lot of time and work.

Easy Campaign Analysis & Reporting – Access all your important KPIs at a glance. Visualize and compare your KPI trends. Make smarter decisions with historical data using our Change Log. Get an overview of your PPC performance within seconds. Easily compare the efficiency of different ad types and campaigns. Find out how your campaign performance evolves over time. Visualize and compare your KPI trends over your entire PPC history using individual time frames and display settings.

Efficient Campaign Management & Optimization – Manage your Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brand campaigns easily with Sellics. Save time and perform campaign optimization measures in bulk. Integrated with the Amazon Advertising API. Set up and manage your campaigns comfortably with Sellics. Efficiently perform campaign adjustments in bulk, move keywords between campaigns, use negative keywords, and more. Understand What Drives Your Campaign Performance. Precisely measure the success of your optimization efforts and learn from the past. Sellics automatically tracks all changes to your PPC campaigns and visualizes them – enabling you to obtain valuable insights.

Everything suppliers need to succeed on Amazon is Buy Box Monitoring.

Buy box monitoring – Find out who sells your items on Amazon and when and why the Buy box is disappearing. Maintain control over your Amazon items. Find out who offers your items on Amazon and what their pricing are. Determine which goods aren’t selling since Amazon isn’t dominating the Buy Box. Find out who is losing Amazon’s Buy box and why.

Notifications for the Buybox – Get alerted through email if Amazon loses the Buybox or runs out of stock so you can respond immediately.

Stock Monitoring – Determine which goods are going out of stock on Amazon.

Get a deeper grasp of your Amazon sales growth using retail analytics.

Compare your sell-in and sell-out statistics directly — No more graphs in Excel: Your ARA/ARAP data will be retrieved daily and kept in your Sellics account using our Chrome Plug-in.

Sales performance data visualizations — Your sales and inventory data is shown for you, making it much simpler to monitor and assess your Amazon sales performance.

View your sales data across all Amazon markets – Review your sales statistics by ASIN, country, product group, brand, and more to get a rapid snapshot of your worldwide marketplace success.

Sellics is a company that offers weight loss products and services. The company offers a wide range of health, fitness, and beauty products to help you achieve your goals. Their affiliate program is one of the most popular in the industry. Reference: sellics affiliate program.

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