Shopkeeper Review – Details, Pricing and Features

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You’ve undoubtedly heard of Shopkeeper if you’re an Amazon merchant. It’s a sort of management software that allows sellers to quickly analyze key information about their marketplace so they can better understand their overall revenues, features, and expenses.

Managing an Amazon company may be tough due to the many elements you must know in order to maximize profit and sales. It’s a lot simpler after reading our Shopkeeper Review, especially if you’re new to selling on Amazon and need an easy-to-use solution to help you out.

Shopkeeper on Amazon

The product may help you run your company and sales more effectively. You may enhance company management in four areas by using the program.

Dashboard for Business


This tool is ideal if you have trouble understanding certain of your eCommerce numbers. It enables you to track and analyze your shop’s growth, top-selling goods, inventory value, and profit margins.

This data enables you to determine which goods bring value to your website and which generate less purchases. That manner, you may optimize your site for Amazon marketplace sales and ratings.

The dashboard, best of all, stores all of this information in one place. To understand product performance or competition trends, you won’t have to comb through pages of graphs and reports.

Forecasting Inventory

Predicting which things in your business will sell at what moment is one of Shopkeeper’s most beneficial features.

This forecast makes it simple to maintain your inventory supplied and avoid product shortages. It also assures that you do not purchase useless products and squander money.

The forecast also has an indirect benefit. It helps you get a 5 stars rating from your Amazon customers as it ensures they won’t have a long wait time because you’ve accidentally run out of a product. With the Forecasting Inventorying, you can streamline operations and ensure you’re not playing catch-up—you’re ahead of the market trends.

Profit Monitoring

This feature will assist your shop if you struggle to grasp how sales impact profit. It enables you to track sales and earnings over time, allowing you to compare items and determine which ones perform best for you.

It’s much simpler to maximize Amazon sales if you know how to search for patterns. If you want assistance in this area, Shopkeeper is an excellent choice.

Resources for Learning

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Shopkeeper is that it aids in the development of your knowledge about Amazon marketplaces and business. It provides you with a fantastic free list of podcast and software suggestions that will help you dig deeper into problems and enhance your customer interactions.

Finally, these resources assist you in increasing overall profit. It provides you with the kind of insights that would otherwise take years of trial and error.

This is a terrific option for you if you want to boost your company knowledge and acquire hundreds of 5-star ratings.

Features and Functions of a Shopkeeper

After learning about Shopkeeper’s primary capabilities, you’re certainly curious about how it may help you improve your Amazon markets. This tool is a good alternative for any seller because of its many settings and options:

Plotting Sales

Shopkeeper compares your current sales and profit to previous company numbers. You may use these reports to make data-driven choices regarding inventory adjustments, pricing, new product launches, seasonal sales, and more. It allows you to see how your company is doing and how it is changing.

Profit Margins in Real-Time

This is one of the better solutions available for swiftly determining your eCommerce revenues. The items give easy-to-understand live profit and sales data, so you can instantly detect whether there is a problem with one of your Amazon products on your dashboard.

Simple to Use

Shopkeeper is a tool that anybody can use, even if they are new to eCommerce. The application is ideal for even the most inexperienced Amazon sellers, thanks to its simple web interface.


If you wish to utilize Shopkeeper, you don’t need to buy an expensive computer. All of the information about your inventory and website is accessible from your phone in whichever currency you like.

Dashboard that is easily accessible

If you wish to go through more information, you may do so on the main Shopkeeper website. Navigate the Shopkeeper dashboard quickly to get additional tools and numbers regarding your company’s particular operational data.

Excellent Customer Service

Shopkeeper features a variety of ways for you to contact their courteous staff if you have a problem with your site, in addition to helping you become a better seller. They provide a free support email address and even a live chat function that is accessible at all hours of the day if you want assistance.


It may rapidly communicate the most up-to-date information with you if something noteworthy occurs to your store or items. Simply enable notification settings to get helpful information at any moment.

Costs and Pricing Strategies for Shopkeepers


You’re probably anticipating Shopkeeper’s price to be expensive due to all of the useful information it will provide. The product, however, includes various price choices and a Trial Offer, making it perfect for small and medium-sized businesses.

Trial Offer

One of the coolest things about Shopkeeper is that they offer a fourteen-day Trial Offer, so you can use the dashboard and support tools and see if it gets a yes from you.

Many users have awarded the product five stars, so you’ll immediately discover how it may help you increase your profitability and get a better knowledge of your company.

Plans for Pricing

After this, there are four main Plans for Pricing. The tiered pricing allows you to see which one you like most, depending on what level of input you need.

If you have any questions, share them with the Shopkeeper team during your Trial Offer, and they can help you decide which plan will be most useful to you and your page.

The Inexperienced

This choice is for you if you want a lot of control over your website and need some tools to help you grasp it better. It is the lowest option and includes numerous important features:

  • Dashboard for Business
  • Sales and sellers’ inventory
  • Sales, seller, and inventory levels notifications
  • Monthly orders range from one to 250.
  • Reports in summary

If you operate a tiny store and want relevant data, the entry-level grade is a perfect choice.

Intermediate level

This level is one of the most useful options if you have a medium store and desire efficient service that will help you gain 5 stars reviews. It has all the features of The Inexperienced, but with one difference:

  • Monthly orders range from 250 to 1,000.

It is ideal for sellers who require software to share figures and financial information but don’t have a massive sales amount. It’s slightly more expensive than The Inexperienced but still reasonably priced.

The Tutor

If your business is doing well and making lots of sales, this is a great option for you. Like Intermediate level and The Inexperienced, it has lots of 5 stars feedback for improving customer experience and sales. It has one main difference, however:

  • Monthly orders range from 1,000 to 5,000.

This volume indicates that your business is doing well, and you’d want to see and share more comprehensive information.

Out of Control Balling

This plan is for 5 star sellers that earn a lot of money and need software that will offer precise information to make their business even more successful, as you could have guessed from the title. It has one distinguishing element that sets it apart from other plans:

  • Monthly orders are unlimited.

As a result, if you’re a high-volume seller, this is the best solution for you and your company.

Competitors for Shopkeepers

Helium 10, Jungle Scout, Manage by Stats and Viral Launch are the top Competitors for Shopkeepers on the market.

Questions Frequently Asked

Now that you’ve learned everything about how Amazon Shopkeeper may help your website succeed, you’re undoubtedly curious about the most common inquiries from individuals who want to learn and share more. We’ve found a way to satisfy your curiosity. Continue reading to learn about some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the tools, website, and how they’re utilized.

What Does the Word Shopkeeper Mean?

The program assists you in managing your website by providing relevant information on expenses, settings, and user money in the same way that a real shopkeeper would.

Shopkeeper also allows you to dig deeper into the feedback from consumers who have used your website, assisting you as you build your product and site and encouraging more 5-star ratings from everyone who purchases anything from your page.

How Can I Become a Successful Shopkeeper?

One of the most typical 5 star evaluations for the items is that it makes it much simpler for you to be a nice shopkeeper and enhance your whole customer interaction.

The dashboard makes it simple to see which goods and features on your website are popular with visitors. That way, you can figure out the most cost-effective approach to target them.

Check out Shopkeeper’s amazing features to learn about fresh methods to boost your success on Amazon Marketplaces every day.

How Can a Shopkeeper Assist Us?

If you wish to sell your items on Amazon, you’ll have to handle a lot of various aspects of your company. Even the most financially savvy individual would be perplexed. Shopkeeper is a computer program that allows you to evaluate all of your key things in one place.

Will the Shopkeeper Assist Me With My Customer Service?

If you want to enhance your customer service, Shopkeeper is a great tool to employ. The program will provide information about popular goods so that you can keep them well-stocked at all times. It implies that no consumer would have to wait weeks for their merchandise.

Advantages and disadvantages

Now that you’ve heard about all of this product’s wonderful qualities, you’re probably attempting to figure out whether it’s the appropriate fit for your firm. We’ve put together this quick list of the product’s advantages and disadvantages so you can determine whether it’s perfect for you.


  • An simpler method to look at crucial figures including profitability, sales, and best-selling items
  • It aids in the differentiation of your brand across the many markets you want to utilise.
  • Four Plans for Pricing, so you can choose the deal that’s most effective for you.
  • It works well on a variety of devices and is compatible with smartphones.
  • It makes it far simpler to comprehend the crucial details regarding your shop that you desire.
  • You may check out all of the features for free for two weeks to see whether it’s a good fit before committing.


  • If you’re having trouble increasing revenues or your firm is fresh new, you may choose a package with more features.


Take a look online for hundreds of favorable reviews if you want to learn more about what this has to offer and how it has benefited others just like you. With so many features and a customizable price plan, it’s easy to understand why this tool is used by everyone from the largest sales to the newest employees.

Should Amazon sellers make use of Shopkeeper?

Using Shopkeeper, you can take your online shop and transform it into a full-scale operation. It’s the ideal solution for those who wish to take keeping shop to the next level. It offers so many helpful tools, including Notifications of crucial statistics and a range of Plans for Pricing. Ultimately, it’s ideal for sellers who aim to be better informed about what’s going on without having to use a complicated or stressful program.

Now that you know all there is to know about Shopkeeper, all you have to do is put it to use and watch your business grow.