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Amazon has made it easy for anyone to run split tests on their Amazon product listing. I took a look at the tool, and found that it was difficult for me to execute my desired test because of its limited options. Does Splitly work?

Splitly is a tool that allows you to split test different versions of your affiliate links. It has been reviewed by the Splitly team, who have found it to be effective.

Split Testing on Amazon

One sad situation that Amazon sellers may be acquainted with is investing hours upon hours, as well as precious time and money, creating fresh content, designing new graphics, and changing product pricing only to discover that the whole attempt was a waste of time. Split testing is used to reduce the level of uncertainty in data listing optimization in order to maximize page conversion, sales, and rank.

And there’s more. Split testing is much simpler with a tool like Splitly, to be honest, and it’s easy to see why Splitly intends to become every FBA seller’s favorite Amazon Virtual Assistant, particularly because it does these tests with minimum user participation. Splitly, unlike other split testing tools that compare existing data and let you to make decisions, such as a listings calculator, looks for ways to enhance the techniques and descriptions you’re using.

Splitly conducts tests using its algorithm to compare varying values of all the different elements of your listing – keywords, prices, descriptions, images, highlights, titles, and so on – and scientifically evaluates the best combination that will boost your rankings and sales on Amazon’s ranking system (dubbed A9).

Apart from its unique split-testing technique, Splitly offers a number of additional intriguing solutions geared at ensuring that your sales profile continues to develop. Among them are:

Tracking Amazon Keyword Rank

The intricacy of reports available via this function exemplifies Splitly’s significant impact in the Amazon scene. With the keyword rank tracker, you can keep track of the ups and downs of your keyword rankings, as well as the keyword rankings of your competitors, while also identifying what factors contributed to any changes, whether favorable or bad, via historical reports.

When used in conjunction with the other Splitly platform capabilities, this function becomes much more effective, as it directly assists you in determining which listing improvements influence your Amazon ranking and in what manner. By doing so, you not only keep your customer interaction metrics positive, but you also gain Amazon’s ranking system’s favor by planting the most effective keywords and reaping greater conversion rates.

By analyzing the depressions in your ranking charts, you may split test the variables surrounding that incident in order to produce superior alternatives in the future.

Profit Peak: Amazon Price Optimization

Change is continual, and as a result, the market is always volatile. You will fail no matter how high your Amazon listing rank is if you do not capitalize at the correct time or do not know when to compromise. Splitly makes that fact a lot less frightening by promising to take care of the choice of when to modify your pricing.

Because of how much it influences the day-to-day operation of the business model, some individuals consider this function even more important than split testing. You may elect to stop split testing after you’ve achieved an acceptable level of optimization, but you should not stop changing your pricing in response to market fluctuations. Splitly guarantees that the price at which your product is supplied to clients has no impact on your earnings while still retaining the attention of your customers. That is why, if you’re utilizing Splitly, it’s best to have Profit Peak turned on.

Of course, part of the allure is that you are no longer need to participate in the data collection, analysis, or computations that you might otherwise fear. Rather, the simple-to-use Splitly analyzes the data it has on stock availability for you and your competitors to identify the ideal pricing that will increase sales while minimizing profit.

Furthermore, the information acquired on available stock on demand and availability of your items is useful in inventory management.

The “jungle scout split testing” is a tool that Amazon has released to help their affiliates test out their products. This review will be about whether or not the product works.

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