Many entrepreneurs are taking their stores online for a wider client-base and more sale opportunities with literal stores featuring many limitations. Over a million stores from various industries have set up camp on Shopify, a multinational e-commerce company that provides a platform for selling products.

While the pressures of life never seem to relent, some Shopify stores have thrived and attained recognition despite having a humble start. So, here’s a list of Shopify store examples that can serve as an inspiration to your online ventures and what it takes to be the best. So, let’s hit the ground running.

The Top 8 Shopify Store Examples

1. Gymshark

The best Shopify store example in this piece is Gymshark, a creation of Ben Francis and a couple of his high school friends. The sports apparel brand recently reached a valuation of over a billion dollars.

With a target market of 18 to 25-year-olds who prioritize fitness, the clothes created at Gymshark are specifically designed for athletes. One of the ways the brand has built a larger following is by documenting the journey in detail.

With videos and images displaying every step Francis and his buddies took, customers can feel like they are a part of the company.

2. Taylor Stitch

The second company on our list of successful Shopify store examples is Taylor Stitch. There are so many clothes that end up in landfills yearly, and Taylor Stich is built on the concept of inventing new clothes from recycled textiles. Finding their target audience played a crucial role in skyrocketing this Shopify store.

Taylor Stitch makes their products for customers who prioritize preserving the environment and the well-being of the community. Their brand then provides a means for their customers to communicate this concern with the clothes they wear.

While they began with shirt making, they are now developing high-quality products for multiple categories in menswear. Starting with no experience or money, Michael Armenta, Barrett Purdum, and Michael Maher, the co-founders of Tylor Stitch, had to learn the fundamentals of their business from an established shirt-making company.

In only three years, the business had achieved a steady growth rate in the customer base. This is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs everywhere, showing it’s possible to start from the bottom and attain success.

3. Happiness Abscissa

Our next Shopify store example is responsible for establishing Ha, the subjective measure of a person’s happiness. This online store is built on optimizing a person’s sensory and neurobiological elements to promote a healthy feeling of well-being.

The Ha products feature a combination of pleasant scents that can stimulate a positive emotional response to help customers make happier memories. This company demonstrates how an eCommerce shop can provide colorful and thorough product lists that lead to conversion.


One of the best Shopify store examples that show how to harness the power of social media is SKINNYME TEA. With more than 1.3 billion people using Facebook Messenger worldwide, customers are daily seeking out updates and news from various brands and online stores.

The homepage of this Shopify store features a small blue Messenger icon at the bottom right section of the screen. This option offers visitors and shoppers the chance to chat with the SKINNYME TEA team directly. The seamless transition from the website to Facebook Messenger ensures that users have a smooth online experience which they can enjoy.

The integrated platform allows customers to learn more about your Shopify store or purchase the item with a touch instantly. Shopify’s Messenger channel provides a “Shop Now” option, which displays the product list and lets you handle the purchase process within the platform without redirection. This is an excellent demonstration of how a Shopify store can easily improve its site functionality and sales using social media.

5. Glam Seamless Hair Extension

The founder of this Shopify store example was influenced by a passion for helping women look and feel better. Having worn hair extensions for more than a decade and with her experience in the modeling industry, she used the secrets of glamor to start the online business.

They made their first sale with a detailed blog post on hair extension. As the post was shared and reshared by interested people, they established a customer base that has only grown ever since. Today, this Shopify store still uses articles and videos in product descriptions as the main sales generation strategy.

Since Shopify has partnerships with high-quality app makers, they can provide reliable product shipping to the customers. Another benefit Glam Seamless Hair Extension has received from Shopify is the SEO tools that you can use to optimize site content on the product pages.

6. ToyShades

ToyShades is the next successful Shopify store example on our list. This online store began by identifying the lack of stylish, affordable frames for prescription and non-prescription customers. As a result, they took a unique approach to the design options, pricing, and optical services.

This eCommerce store uses Instagram influencers to sell their products since celebrities can affect the buying decisions of their fans. By making famous people brand ambassadors, they can market your product and increase your customer base. ToyShades is one of the online businesses that have grown due to finding their niche and focusing on the customer’s needs.

7. Urban Sacs

With 15 years in retail and hospitality design, the Founder of Urban Sacs began by designing a porcelain espresso set which led to the discovery of leather-like paper fabric. The Urban Sacs washable paper is a lightweight fabric that is made from fiber blends and recyclable materials.

These versatile bags can carry anything from popcorn to living room decor. This online store has realized growth through marketing its products on high-quality websites. With a good website design and clear product images, you can get the attention of your shoppers and increase sales.

8. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics, originally founded by Kylie Jenner, who was, in 2019 and at 21 years old, was recognized as the youngest self-made billionaire. Kylie has over 150 million followers on Instagram and is considered the ultimate social influencer in glamor and skin products.

She used her own face to showcase her makeup collection to her wide audience. Additionally, the bundle options and gift sets are also popular among young people. This beauty brand openly demonstrates the power of social platforms in promoting an online business. Young entrepreneurs can find inspiration to strive in the beauty industry from this Shopify store.

What Makes Successful Shopify Stores

1. Optimize Your Content

Content marketing is a sales strategy that involves creating and distributing product ideas and other information on your website. Shopify stores use it as a way of stimulating interest in your customers for your products or services. In contrast to traditional marketing, this technique can be more effective in increasing sales.

One form of providing content is using product descriptions since they tell the customer how you can help them achieve a particular goal. A Shopify store can achieve the same goal with high-quality images that show your product in use. The better the images you use in your site look, the higher the chance of a positive response from visitors.

2. Improve Your Website Design

Having a website is a step in the right direction, but it doesn’t guarantee your success. Much more goes into making an effective site for your Shopify online store. You’ll want to make sure that your product page, landing pages, and home page feature an attractive design that appeals to the interest of your target audience.

You’ll realize that most Shopify eCommerce stores on this post use this strategy to sell more products and increase sales. The site design can strongly impact the first impression your visitors get from you at a glance. So, you’ll want a website that virtually represents your personality, drive, and aspirations. You could start with free page templates and modify them into something unique for your online store.

3. Customer Retention

In eCommerce businesses, more than half the sales come from previous clients. So you could easily grow your Shopify store by retaining the customers you’ve already attracted to your products. It is a more effective strategy than trying to acquire new clients who you might lose shortly after.

One of the ways to keep in touch with your audience is with Email marketing. By taking the email address of your clients and following up with product updates, special offers, and holiday messages, you can become a regular part of their lives. Only with a high level of engagement can Shopify stores remain at the forefront of the customer’s mind when they want to make a purchase.

4. Use Testimonials

You’d think that all you need is high-quality products and an excellent website; however, you might need a little more. The most effective way of marketing your products is through word of mouth, and the online equivalent of this is the customer reviews and testimonials. Successful Shopify stores provide a platform for the users to comment on the performance of the product.

Most buyers want a personal connection with your brand, which makes them rely on the experience of previous clients. By providing the reviews of users on your product, you’ll let the prospects see the product from the eyes of fellow customers. With some success stories from several individuals who used your product, you will establish credibility and gain more clients.

You Can Also Be a Shopify Store Example!

By observing what makes an exceptional Shopify store, you can implement steps to make you the next big thing. Remain consistent and take deliberate actions for marketing your brand and products, and in no time, you could be on the next list of great Shopify stores.

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