The 7 Best Amazon Seller Facebook Groups To Join [2023]

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Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces in the world, and its ecosystem continues to grow. You can get just about anything from Amazon, but be careful: not all sellers are working on behalf of you as a customer. There are plenty of Facebook groups that work with Amazon products and make it easier for buyers like yourself to find good deals. These groups have been around for years so they’ve got some experience under their belt!

The “best amazon fba course 2023” is a great source for people who want to start an Amazon business. The 7 best groups are as follows: FBA Forum, FBA Mastermind, Amazon Seller Facebook Group, FBAdvisor, AMZ Tracker, Sellers on the Street and FBA Success.

Do you want to increase your Amazon sales? Why not participate in seller forums?

Amazon FBA seller forums are a great way to meet other Amazon FBA merchants. You may ask questions, pick up new skills, and improve your marketing strategy. You may also create valuable business contacts and even close pals.

You may locate seller forums in a variety of areas. However, Facebook is by far the finest social networking tool for finding them. Amazon seller Facebook groups are small, close-knit communities of merchants eager to help one other.

Continue reading for a comprehensive overview of the greatest Amazon seller Facebook groups! We explain why you should join, what to look for in a forum, and which groups to join.

Why Should You Join a Facebook Group for Amazon Sellers?

Joining a discussion forum may help you acquire suggestions on how to gain more reviews, identify items, and other business-related duties.

The greatest social media channel for an Amazon seller forum, in our view, is Facebook. It’s the ideal location for sharing ideas and assisting one another. Unlike Twitter, which gives real-time information, Facebook enables you to connect with others.

It Will Jumpstart Your New Business

It’s terrifying to start a new e-commerce firm. You’re putting money into something you’re not convinced will work out. Worst of all, you’ll be up against millions of Amazon e-commerce shops that have already established themselves.

Consider joining an Amazon seller Facebook community if you want to give your FBA ecommerce company a boost. These organizations provide everything you need to have a fighting chance. They provide you with the greatest marketing advice for a successful launch. They’ll also show you how to collect product reviews, link your ecommerce site with Shopify, and optimize your listings, among other things.

The groups, maybe most importantly, allow you to connect with other Amazon FBA sellers. You could even discover a more seasoned company owner eager to advise you. So, if you’re completely new to Amazon FBA, join a page! You have absolutely nothing to lose.

It will assist you in bettering your current listings.

Even if you’ve been selling on Amazon for years, Amazon seller Facebook groups may help you. Why? For starters, they keep you up to date on the most recent ecommerce trends. You must keep up with current trends if you want your things to sell.

You will also profit from the fact that you will gain new knowledge. You can learn from others regardless of your level of expertise. Facebook groups may introduce you to new ways of doing things that you hadn’t considered previously. They could also be able to assist you in solving an issue.

If you’ve been hesitant to join Facebook groups, now is the time to put your pride aside. Find the proper ecommerce support group for you and enter with an open mind.

It Encourages Collaboration in Your Company

Amazon sellers have it made since they get to live the life of an entrepreneur. You can be your own boss and choose your own hours, which is fantastic. Above all, you only have to answer to yourself.

The benefits of becoming an entrepreneur are many. However, it also means that sellers may feel alone at times. It’s possible that sellers don’t have somebody to bounce ideas off of. They may not have a business partner with whom to share the burden of operating a company.

If you’re feeling lonely, Amazon seller Facebook groups could be the answer. They are a simple and free way to interact with other businesses. This feeling of belonging and cooperation is critical to the success of your shop.

It allows you to assist other business owners.

Last but not least, joining a Facebook group will allow you to assist other Amazon FBA sellers. You may discuss how you get reviews, affiliate link optimization, and other best practices. You may also share your experiences with other Amazon sellers to help them avoid making the same errors you did.

You may assist other Amazon sellers regardless of how new you are to the Amazon FBA community. You will always be able to offer something to the discussion. Even if it’s only asking questions, your contribution will undoubtedly benefit other Amazon sellers, resulting in a more successful seller community.

What Should You Look for in a Facebook Group for Amazon Sellers?

There are hundreds of Amazon seller groups to join if you put “Amazon seller groups” into the search box.

It’s fortunate that there are so many choices. However, it makes finding the correct Amazon sellers group for you a little more difficult. Here are a few things to be on the lookout for.

How many people are in your group?

How big would an ideal Facebook group for Amazon merchants be? It everything comes down to individual taste.

Some individuals wish to be a part of a huge community with a lot of people. They may engage with Amazon vendors from all around the globe as a result of this. You’ll get access to a far wider pool of Amazon vendors.

Others, on the other hand, like smaller ones. You may form more personal ties when a gathering is less packed. You could also notice that you receive more prompt and useful replies.

What Is the Group’s Activity Level?

We’ve all joined a Facebook group only to discover it’s no longer active. You could receive one post every month if you’re fortunate.

It is critical to choose an active group. They should provide a lot of useful and interesting stuff.

However, there is such a thing as having too much material. Going through hundreds of posts every day might be tedious. As a result, when you join a group, go through the postings. Take notice of how busy it is and decide whether or not you want to remain.

What Kind of Information Is Disseminated?

Active groups are beneficial, but you should avoid those that prioritize number over quality. Every post should be beneficial to readers. If an administrator is continually reviewing postings, you get bonus points.

You probably don’t want to be a member of that marketplace community if the postings are spammy or include irrelevant/inaccurate information.

What Types of Amazon Sellers Does the Group Target?

The majority of Amazon seller groupings are quite generic. They will provide helpful guidance to everyone who is a member of Amazon Seller Central. This covers things like how to acquire reviews and where to buy your stuff.

However, certain Amazon seller groups target particular categories of vendors. Some may advise you on dropshipping or Amazon FBA best practices. Other sites may put you in touch with Amazon vendors that specialize in FBM or private labeling.

Whatever the situation may be, choose a Facebook group that corresponds to your company’s structure.

How simple it is to join the group

Only a few groups are really exclusive. They make you pay for access to a product or service.

You should never pay for a product or service only to join a Facebook group. There are many of other wonderful clubs with helpful hints and free memberships. To stay in the group, you may be required to supply an email address in certain situations. But this isn’t a major issue. What marketing firm doesn’t have your email address at this point?

Best Amazon Seller Facebook Groups

The greatest techniques for identifying the finest Facebook group for Amazon sellers were described above.

Looking for suggestions? We have you covered. Check out the following list:

Members of Helium 10

You should absolutely join the Helium 10 Amazon seller tool’s Facebook page if you utilize it. Join our community of over 48,000 people to receive answers to all of your pressing questions. There’s lots of advice on how to improve your product listings, affiliate marketing, and other topics.

This is NOT the place to seek customer service from Helium 10. Please click here to contact a representative.

2. Selling Techniques

Our next stop is Seller Tradecraft. The website promises to be a location where Amazon merchants can learn business secrets, and it is operated by experts Nick Young, Fernando Cruz, and Anthony Bui-Tran. To participate, all members of the community must first complete a free Private Label MBA Masterclass. You may connect with Amazon merchants after you’ve logged in. Over 24,000 Amazon marketplace vendors are members of the club. They’re kind, competent, and willing to assist one another.

3. No Gurus Allowed for Amazon FBA Sellers

Amazon FBA Sellers – No Gurus Allowed has been a go-to resource for the greatest marketing advice and information since 2017. The comparatively big community of 51,000+ people will assist you in getting all of your queries addressed.

Another fantastic feature of this group? A service may be promoted by sellers. Just double-check with an administrator first.

4. Data Collectors

Selling on Amazon is made easier with Data Hunters. Amazon FBA vendors may access all the newest ecommerce statistics in our Viral Launch group. This assists vendors in listing things in a manner that appeals to buyers and generates sales.

Data Hunters is the smallest group on our list, with roughly 10,000 members. You may make close friends and obtain tailored advise for your Amazon company.

5. Invincible FBA

Over 11,000 people have joined the Unstoppable FBA group on blank. You’ll learn how to assist Amazon shoppers find your items via search, as well as the best locations to source your products.

Troubleshooting Amazon PPC

The Amazon PPC Troubleshooting page is a terrific resource, with over 21,000 Amazon merchants following it. It assists Amazon merchants in obtaining information about their PPC advertising. You can also use it to learn how to browse your account and find out where to get things.

7. FBA High Rollers on Amazon

This group has been the go-to spot for listeners of Manny Coats’ AM/PM Podcast since 2015. It is the biggest organization on our list, with over 75,000 members. People may discuss what they learned on the presentation and ask questions regarding Amazon, private labeling, and other topics.

Facebook Group for Project FBA

It would be impolite not to include our Project FBA Facebook page.


Have additional concerns? Check out these Amazon seller FAQs:

How Do I Become a Member of an Amazon FBA Facebook Group?

The majority of groups are private. This is beneficial since it guarantees that not just anybody can join and answer questions. You must make a request to the page owner to join a group.

On an Amazon FBA Facebook Forum, How Do I Find a Mentor?

Successful vendors are frequently eager to assist newcomers. Putting yourself out there might be frightening, but don’t be frightened! Begin by asking the group specific questions about your company. You may go from there if an experienced seller responds.

What Is Good Amazon FBA Facebook Forum Etiquette?

You must obey community rules as a member of any social media site (including a Facebook group). Each organization has its own set of rules, so make sure you read them properly. Follow the rules to the letter and don’t give the administrators any excuse to suspend your account.

The rules are similar in most groupings. For example, you often cannot ask for product reviews. You will be banned if you solicit reviews. However, you may apply the techniques in the group to organically enhance your reviews.

Additional reading:


Joining an Amazon seller Facebook group or a reddit forum is one of the best decisions you can make for your Amazon company. It’ll keep you informed about the most recent Amazon marketplace trends. It will also show you how to gain a large number of product reviews, how to optimize your listings, and much more.

Do you want to start receiving tips from Amazon’s top sellers? Today, join one (or more) of the Amazon seller Facebook groups we suggested!

The “best selling groups on facebook in usa” is a question that asked for the best Facebook Groups for Amazon Sellers. This article will list 7 of the best Facebook Groups to join.

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