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Amazon is opening up their Early Reviewer Program to the public. This allows anyone to leave a review of products they have recently reviewed and earn an Amazon gift card in return.

The “amazon vine program” is a service that Amazon has released to help their customers. It allows people to leave reviews for products they have bought before the release date.

The Amazon early reviewer program attempts to foster trust within Amazon’s online community while also assisting merchants in taking advantage of the possibilities accessible to them. Without reviews, a product will struggle to compete with Amazon’s best-selling items. As a result, getting those initial few evaluations, even if they’re just two or three, is critical.

Due to constraints in the past, getting early reviews on Amazon was more difficult. However, Amazon has launched the Early Reviewer Program, which makes things simpler than ever to submit early reviews.

This Early Reviewer Program will be discussed in this blog article. We’ll explain what it is, how it operates, how sellers may participate, and the advantages of participating in this program.

What is the Amazon Early Reviewer Program, and how does it work?

It might be challenging to get the initial reviews for a freshly listed product on Amazon. With thousands of goods on the marketplace, a new item has a little chance of attracting notice right away. Sales will suffer as a consequence.

The Amazon Early Reviewer Program was created to assist new sellers in getting a head start on sales. It’s a simple way to get your first reviews, which can assist improve your early income.

Amazon Early Reviewer Program What is it

What is the Process of the Program?

The Early Reviewers Program is a company-wide initiative that encourages people who have previously purchased something to post a review. Reviewers are chosen at random by Amazon. Those chosen must, however, match Amazon’s qualifying requirements and have never left a bad review before.

Amazon may purposely remove a prospective reviewer from the random selection process if they have an unfavorable past. Customers get little reward tokens worth $1-$3 from Amazon in return for posting a review.

The Early Reviewer Program costs $60 to join, but it is well worth it since it enables Amazon to advertise products to early reviewers. Sellers are not charged unless they have received at least one review or until one year has elapsed.

The submitted items should get five reviews on average, however this varies depending on the product and reviewers chosen. To distinguish them, all goods with early reviews are tagged with an orange badge.

What sets this program apart from others?

The lack of trust that Amazon’s initial, incentivized review system established with consumers was one of its biggest flaws.

Customers cannot see a seller’s involvement in this new method while they are making a transaction. As a consequence, the gift card incentive will not be able to persuade the consumer to write a biased review. Customers are only informed about incentive options once they have bought a product.

All of these variables work together to promote genuine evaluations. While there is no certainty, Amazon has complete control over the program, making fake reviews very unlikely.

A product has a far greater chance of making a successful sale with this closely knit network of vendors, purchasers, and reviews.

How Do Sellers Get Involved?

Joining the Early Reviewers Program and submitting a product for evaluation is a pretty straightforward procedure for vendors. The following are the four key stages to take:

Step 1: Register the product.

The product must be part of Amazon’s Brand Registry to be eligible for the Early Reviewers Program. You will be able to access the seller portal after you have completed the seller registration process.

Prepare a CVC template in Step 2.

Under the advertising tab on Amazon Seller Central, you’ll find the Early Reviewer Program portal. A total of 100 Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) may be uploaded at once, but goods must have less than five reviews to qualify.

Also, to be admitted into the program, things must cost more than $15. Although you, as a seller, have control over what you want to enroll, you will not have control over who evaluates your goods.

Step 3: Put the product online.

You may now add your items after the template is ready. Amazon will run the promotion until five reviews have been submitted.

Step 4: Update the seller’s status.

Sellers may check their status by refreshing the website once the template has been submitted. Amazon will either approve or deny your request. You must agree to Amazon’s terms and conditions and wait until the first review is received or a year has elapsed before making a payment.

Is it Worth It to Join the Early Reviewer Program?

Although the Early Reviewer Program does not guarantee favorable reviews, it does increase the likelihood of getting them. Working with a program increases the likelihood of positive feedback significantly more than just letting the product sell itself.

Getting reviews for a well-known product is difficult enough. It’s considerably more difficult for a new product. The reviewer program, according to many merchants, is an effective technique to build momentum.

While reviewers get gift cards in exchange for their involvement, vendors profit from an early review. Despite the fact that you will have to spend in the program, product reviews tend to drive more sales, and any initial expense is effectively offset by the results obtained.

Although early evaluations are a valuable resource, there are several disadvantages to Amazon’s scheme. It’s hard to guarantee a good rating, and many vendors don’t want to take that chance. If you do decide to offer a product, keep in mind that good feedback is not assured, and ratings may take some time to arrive.


  • Customers have access to impartial feedback.
  • It’s less expensive to use than other providers like Amazon Vine.
  • Sales are boosted for new items or those that are struggling to get momentum.


  • Reviews aren’t always forthcoming.
  • A positive review is not guaranteed.
  • Sellers must be prepared to put money into the program.

Making the Program Successful

Concentrate on High-Quality Products

The more remarkable a product is at the beginning, the more likely it is to get higher reviews and sales. As a result, think about the items you want to offer and make sure the descriptions and photographs are as good as possible. Sellers that sell a poor product should not anticipate a lot of good comments or reviews. So the more labor that goes into polishing and selling the product, the better.

Set Goals

While the Early Reviewer Program, which was established in 2019, makes it more difficult for sellers to get reviews, it is a more successful way than the initial incentivized reviews system. The new initiative allows all sorts of consumers to provide feedback. Amazon hopes to get the most legitimate feedback by concentrating on individuals who have previously purchased the goods.

The rise in sales will become more obvious as you reach 10 reviews. Aiming towards a specific objective like this can assist boost product sales. You’ll have very little influence over the result. However, the better the product and the more professionally you show it, the more likely it will sell and produce positive feedback.

Intelligent Pricing

Understanding Amazon SEO and correctly pricing your things are critical to your product’s success. Matching your pricing to that of other merchants can help you stand out.


More clients will visit your website if you use the right SEO search phrases to make your goods more searchable. The product description, photos, and specifications must then retain them on the website and turn them into purchasers.

A poor SEO ranking may have a significant impact on sales. The lower your product ranks in the rankings, the less likely it is to attract prospective purchasers’ attention. Positive reviews are the quickest method to get up the rankings.

The more five-star ratings you have, the more likely buyers are to purchase your goods. Because so much of selling and purchasing is dependent on reviews, partnering with a service like Early Reviewers may help you climb the ranks and build a stronger client base.

Additional Assistance

Along with the reviewer system, merchants may try to increase external traffic and conduct Promotions to assist promote the selected product. These systems are more expensive and more difficult to operate, but they may boost the pace of purchases and reviews.


Amazon has millions of users, both customers and sellers, making it difficult to stay ahead of the competition. The corporation does provide advertising channels where vendors may advertise their items to Amazon shoppers explicitly. This is an additional expense, but it may complement the Early Reviewer Program to help boost sales.

Skills in Digital Marketing

To be a successful Amazon seller and Reviewer Program participant, you must be a skilled writer, marketer, and salesman. Customers must first purchase the goods in order for the reviewer program to create reviews. Increase customer demand and get those reviews flowing in by using advertising tools, promotional aids, and social media.


Most purchasers have little time for reviews, and many consider them pointless. It is critical to capture their interest with a product that is worth their time and a five-star review. As a result, we urge that you join the program when you are completely prepared to get the most out of it.

Last Thoughts

Finally, early evaluations are effective techniques to drive attention to a certain product. The reviewer program is a terrific method to get started whether you’re a new seller providing a product or if you’re having trouble selling. Reviews are straightforward and typically complimentary about your stuff.

Not only can Amazon reviews improve the appearance of a product, but they will also comfort the seller that the product they invested in is getting positive feedback and producing sales.

To ensure you get the most out of this program, make sure you follow this guide before signing up for the program. Bring your Skills in Digital Marketing and the right attitude to the Amazon Early Reviewer Program and you’ll walk away with positive reviews and more sales from your product.

Send us an email if you have any further questions about joining the Early Reviewer Program. We’ll be pleased to provide you some further advice on getting started.

The “amazon early reviewer program cost” is a program that allows users to review products before they are released. Amazon has an Early Reviewer Program, which is only available for Prime members. The program offers early access to new releases, discounts on pre-release products, and other perks.

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