The Best YouTube Channels for Amazon Sellers

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Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and has been a mainstay for many years. The Amazon marketplace has allowed sellers to reach a massive audience, but it isn’t without its drawbacks. Anyone who wants their product to succeed on Amazon must not only produce quality merchandise but also have great marketing materials in order to get their products seen by customers across the globe.

Amazon sellers are a huge part of the Amazon marketplace. In order to be successful, you need to know how to find and work with the best YouTube channels that are relevant for Amazon. Here is a list of the best YouTube channels for Amazon sellers.

You may be searching for a means to grow your Amazon FBA company, whether you’re just starting started or have been in the field for a few years.

It might be challenging to follow in the footsteps of successful Amazon FBA sellers like Dan Vas, Stefan James, Derrick Struggle, and Greg Mercer. As you start or continue selling on Amazon, you should compile a list of the best YouTube channels for Amazon sellers to assist you make selections.

Many YouTube channels and websites provide excellent guidance for Amazon goods sellers. Unfortunately, some of them are ad-heavy and propagate erroneous advice.

You should watch and learn from renowned YouTube channels if you want to succeed on Amazon. Take a look at these 6 life-changing YouTube channels that every Amazon FBA seller should subscribe to.


Myles Dunphy is no stranger to putting in long hours. He is an Amazon FBA company owner and consultant who was once an engineer. He is the owner of the Nomad Millionaire YouTube channel, which has over 40,000 followers. His greatest achievement is becoming a billionaire in three years with his Amazon FBA company.

He utilizes his channel to provide Amazon merchants with tips and in-depth case studies. He highlights typical blunders to avoid, as well as specific Amazon selling methods for those outside the United States.

Private Label Masters is a fast-growing YouTube channel for Amazon FBA merchants, with over 35,000 subscribers and approximately 2,000,000 channel views. Tim Sanders’ channel is dedicated to assisting sellers in growing their FBA companies in a predictable and orderly manner. He is an 8-figure entrepreneur, thus the information he has to provide is actually life-changing for those who are prepared to listen.

If you’re interested in further education and turning Amazon into your job, you can visit his website and navigate to the contact menu. Here, you can provide your name & email, and gain access to a thorough training video and newsletter.

Helium 10’s YouTube channel is unusual in that it only produces material regarding one sort of software. Its purpose is to familiarize viewers to Helium 10’s updated form. This program has grown from a single tool to a whole platform, with the goal of educating users on all of its functions.

Several hosts appear on a regular basis. Subscribers enjoy video from Cassandra Craven and Vince Montero, among other recognizable characters on the channel. Aside from discussing Helium 10 techniques, the gang offers basic sales advice for anything from T-shirts to dog collars.

Anthony Biu Tran, Fernando Campos, and Nick Young own Seller Tradecraft, a three-man enterprise. They collaborate to create movies on private label, product launches, product development, supply chain, and social media marketing.

Their channel’s purpose is to assist viewers in growing their companies and passively earning money so they can concentrate on what important to them in life.

The men cover specialist issues like initiating and resolving Amazon cases, as well as the best browser extensions and research tools to employ.

You may get to the trio’s website by clicking on a link on YouTube. You may put your name, email address, as well as any comments or questions, in this box.

Are you looking for a fun channel to watch? Samer Brax is one of the most entertaining Amazon FBA-related YouTube channels. To keep his audience’s interest, Samer uses a mix of interview, sit-down, and on-the-go vlog-style videos. His focus on remote employment benefits viewers’ overall quality of life.

He concentrates on step-by-step lessons for establishing PPC ads and provides viewers with powerful tools for finding the right keywords. Samer can help you optimize your campaign, whether you’re selling a piece of apparel or the newest technology product.

His past experience selling private branded and online arbitrage items on Amazon FBA qualifies him as a YouTube authority figure.

Tim Jordan built Hickory Flats, a full-service logistics, sourcing, and storage company for e-commerce companies, to continue his success. He moved on to create videos on his AM/PM Podcast YouTube channel to give his advise and stimulate learning in the e-commerce sector.

This YouTube channel has a different format than the others we’ve looked at so far. The AM/PM Podcast is a collection of videos with Tim discussing with various guests regarding Amazon tools, tips, techniques, and news. The hosts chat directly to the camera in severely edited footage on the other YouTube channels.

The show’s purpose, as the name suggests, is to assist Amazon sellers in creating recurring cash streams at all hours of the day. Despite Tim’s versatility as a presenter, the program is constantly looking for new faces to fill in for a video or two.

Manny Coats, a co-founder of the Amazon seller software Helium 10, for example, previously featured a video on the program on how to use rival reviews to differentiate your items on Amazon. Seth Kniep, the brain behind his own YouTube channel, Just One Dime, was at his side as he explored the subject. Manny and Seth provided helpful ideas on how to rank better on Amazon and increase sales in this episode. The gentlemen’s suggestions were well received in the video’s comments.

Best YouTube channels for Amazon sellers: Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll want to know the answers to a few commonly asked questions.

How Can a YouTube Channel Aid My Amazon FBA Business?

These educational YouTube channels will cover subjects such as:

  • What are the greatest browser addons for doing business?
  • Dropshipping
  • Implementation of keywords
  • Analytical sales tracking
  • Inventory control
  • Requesting reviews automatically

You may learn a lot about areas you didn’t know much about before by viewing YouTube channels like the ones we mentioned. You may also utilize this information to assist your business choices.

Should I Avoid Certain YouTube Channels?

Be aware of channels run by persons who have no track record of accomplishment. A channel managed by a young husband and wife from a small town may not be the ideal resource to utilize. You may be able to benefit from their experiences, but don’t follow their counsel blindly.

Should I take all of the advice I’m given?

It’s possible that what works for someone else won’t work for you. No one has a one-size-fits-all answer for every merchant. To select what to accept with a grain of salt, consider your unique circumstances. Too many videos and channels rely on clickbait to attract views and earn money, with little consideration for the safety of their viewers.

Do not anticipate immediate results. Even if the advice given in a video is sound, you may not be able to accomplish large-scale outcomes quickly. Consider your specific company strategy to evaluate whether following the advice you’ve received makes sense.


Subscribing to the six YouTube channels listed above is a surefire way to start your Amazon adventure. Becoming an Amazon FBA seller is a difficult task, but having a solid support structure to guide you is critical to your success.

To progress as an Amazon seller, you must join like-minded communities such as Facebook groups, Reddit forums, or even an Amazon FBA course to be encouraged and acquire insights into what is working for advanced sellers.

The “derrick struggle youtube” is a channel that provides tips and tricks for Amazon sellers. The content of the video is very helpful for entrepreneurs who are just starting out, or those who want to expand their businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

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