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Amazon is revamping a little-used button on the product page, adding a request for customer reviews. The move comes as Amazon continues to ramp up its e-commerce presence and compete with other retailers, but some shoppers question whether it’s an effective tool or just another way for Amazon to get more feedback from consumers.

The “amazon request a review button automation” is a new feature that was released on July 25th, 2015. The new feature allows users to send reviews of products they have purchased to Amazon without having to leave their browser and enter the site.

Request a review on Amazon. Many vendors and others may have questions regarding this button and what it does. You’ll need to connect into your seller central account to see the Amazon review request option. You must then locate and choose the Manage Orders page. You will be able to pick any order for which you would like a review on this page. This is a fantastic strategy to increase your Amazon sales. Before buying an item, many shoppers depend on high-rated reviews.

You should be able to reach the review button with just a single click. After you’ve logged onto your seller central account.

Button to Request a Review on Amazon

The option to request a review may be found in the top right corner of your screen. Amazon will immediately submit a feedback request on behalf of the vendor to the customer. Once the customer receives the link, they will be able to leave feedback if they so want. Requests for feedback may only be addressed to the customer between 4-30 days of the purchase being delivered. Once the initial request has been submitted, no more requests are permitted. The seller should also be aware that this is done manually via Amazon. The vendor does not allow personalized notes.


Sellers should make use of the seek a review option since it may have a significant influence on their company. Customers that are content and delighted give a positive image on your company. Other consumers who are doing their research depend on these reviews to make their decisions. If a buyer finds an item they truly want but it has terrible ratings, they are less inclined to buy it. If it were the other way around, the same would apply. Regardless of price, a consumer is more likely to purchase a higher-rated item on Amazon. Customers and successful companies both value positive feedback. Because Amazon is such a competitive business, reviews and ratings are very important.

In the past, one of the disadvantages of utilizing this button for sellers was that there was no way to send the email to all vendors at once. For vendors, having to send out one request per order per consumer at a time was a little depressing. It is now possible for vendors to send out review requests in bulk. There is a Jungle Scout extension integrated straight into your browser that enables you to do so with a single click. You must first log in to your seller account in order to see this option. Click on “orders” and “manage orders” after you’ve arrived. A button titled “JS” may be seen on your toolbar. You’ll do the identical steps as if you were going to launch an extension. You’d want it to allow for more permissions. A button that says “Click here for fast access” will appear, followed by a demand for further permissions. That permission will need to be “allowed.”


Many orange buttons will show on your browser toolbar immediately after opting for more access. Your orders page will also automatically reload. “Request reviews on all pages” will be written on one of the orange buttons. A review is asked for every eligible order. Another useful feature of this extension is that you may now submit requests straight from the manage orders page, rather than through the individual order’s page. This will almost certainly save you a few of clicks. Another thing to keep in mind is that the button will not appear if the order is not yet ready for a review or if you’ve previously requested an Amazon review.

Sellers will not be allowed to use deceptive language or cherry-pick reviews on Amazon. This feature is quite useful since some merchants have trouble receiving feedback on particular things. It’s worth it to click a few additional clicks to send out the review request since it might pay off in the long term. The customer receives a review email from Amazon rather than the vendor. This will also enhance the chances of customers submitting feedback. If consumers notice the email is coming straight from the vendor, they may feel compelled to leave one.

Another thing to consider is that the Jungle Scout addon does not enable the vendor to modify the message. It’s the same as if the seller made the request directly via Amazon’s seller account page. The main difference is that the Jungle Scout plugin makes requesting them more easier. The Jungle Scout addon will also not allow you to send an infinite number of messages. Sellers may only send one message to a consumer using this function.

The button to seek a review has two functions. The button enables vendors to solicit product reviews as well as receive comments from customers. This is something that all sellers, particularly those with Amazon companies, should take advantage of. “Did your recent Amazon purchase fulfill your expectations?” will be the topic of an email from Amazon asking for feedback. “Please leave a review on Amazon.” After that, there will be a statement that says, “Your opinion counts.” Amazon vendors should follow certain communication requirements. Amazon encourages merchants to interact with a customer about an order inquiry or to provide a review using the prepared request. Amazon, on the other hand, prohibits vendors from sending the same consumer several feedback requests. Amazon also forbids vendors from sending any marketing or promotional communications to buyers. If sellers follow these criteria, they will be successful.

When utilizing the request a review option, sellers should remember to keep a few things in mind. They are unable to contact a vendor after a few days. They can’t even personalize the message. You can’t completely automate the review requests, but the Jungle Scout browser extension can help you get close. If you want to automate the process, Helium 10 offers a Seller Assistant extension that you should look at. The button works for Amazon B2B sales, but you’ll need to register your brand with the Amazon Brand Registry before you can start seeking reviews.

It can be very frustrating to have great products but without any sales. This is why all sellers that sell on Amazon should take advantage of the wonderful Button to Request a Review on Amazon. Please don’t forget to read the latest Amazon seller response policy on the A to Z guarantee. It can either be found directly through the seller account or it can be added to your browser extension through Jungle Scout. Reviews are great for providing seller feedback and for product reviews. Buyers tend to rely heavily on great reviews and great products. Reviews do matter. They can substantially create a positive or negative impact depending on the type of review a customer leaves. This is why it is important to also sell great products because in the end great products always equal excellent reviews. This is turn will increase revenue and flourish businesses on Amazon. Sellers have the option to send the review requests in bulk or do them individually by order.

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The “amazon request review” button is a new feature that was added to the Amazon website. The purpose of this button is to allow customers to ask for reviews on their products and services. Does it work?

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