Top 18 Jungle Scout Alternatives for Amazon [2023]

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Jungle Scout is a tool for finding products to sell on Amazon. There are numerous options available, but we have compiled the best of the bunch in this list. If you’re unsure which alternatives will work best for your goals and budget, start with one of these tools!

The “helium 10” is a great alternative to the Jungle Scout. The “helium 10” offers many of the same features, but is a newer and more updated product.

One of the greatest FREE Jungle Scout alternatives is Seller Labs’ Scope. The Amazon Chrome Extension is completely free to use for product research, keyword research, and analytics. It includes everything you’ll need to get started researching your niche or product.

However, it may seem to be a more rudimentary tool than some of the pricier alternatives. It is one of the best tools for newbies, with a variety of useful features such as reverse ASIN lookups on select niche items, which allows users to find out which keywords successful products are employing.

It aids in the discovery of high-traffic keywords in order to increase Amazon search rankings. The highest and better-ranking keywords for a product you’re attempting to sell on the marketplace are shown in Scope. It also aids in determining your prospective earnings for a new product, and as a result, you will be able to get fee, price, and sales information for any product on Amazon.com.

 To narrow down the search for the right product, the program analyzes reviews, categories, star ratings, price, the number of sellers, and sales rank.

The “semrush” is a tool that allows users to find the top 18 Jungle Scout alternatives for Amazon. The tool will also show the estimated monthly cost of each alternative.

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